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Date of Crash: 15 Jan 45 Aircraft Type: Spitfire VIII Serial Number:  Unit: 273 Sqdn
Pilot details: WO Trevor John PRICE*(1338833)Source: ORB
Details: 1510-1530 WO A Lemair and WO TJ Price were asked to go up and give a display of aerobatics for the benefit of some army visitors. They both put over a superb display which most unfortunately ended in the death of WO T J Price. He was seen to compelte a slow roll and pull out at 1000 feet and turn teh aircraft towards teh strip following his leader WO A Lemair but instead of pulling up he was seen to continue down in a smooth course into the ground! When FO A E Haswell, who was first on the spot, arrived at the rash he found several villagers standing 50 yards from the aircraft strewen over a wide area. WO T J Price was lying a few feet away fro m the aircraft cockpit unconcious and badly burned. Haswell covered his body with the silk of the parachute which was suflated. Doc Gorodon and CO then arrived and attended to the burns. They were second degree burns and price was unconious from teh shock and blow on the temple. CO had gone back to strip to organise an L5 to take price to the hospital, but Price died soon after reaching teh amin road . There was no sign of engine trouble and no eviden to say why tehe accident occurred.

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