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Date of Crash: 16 Jan 45 Aircraft Type: Spitfire VIII Serial Number:  Unit: 155 Sqdn
Pilot details: WO Roy Arthur BROWN*(903692)Source: ORB
Details: Patrol over MEIKTILA . Strafing run made on airfield. WO brown was hit by intense Light aA coming up in accurate box form and crashed downwards in flames. He was reported missing believed killed. Flight led by FL Brown. decided at end of the patrol to strafe MEIKTILA. No.2 was hit by barrage , glycol streamed from amchine, but he was seen to pull up at 1000 feet roll over on to his back as if to bale out. The machine went into an inverted spin and crashed but he was not seen to bale out. He was with the Squadron for just over a month. Incorrectly shown as 15 Sqdn in CWGC Database

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