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Date of Crash: 30 Jul 45 Aircraft Type: Spitfire VIII Serial Number:  Unit: 155 Sqdn
Pilot details: Flt Lt BaxterSource: ORB
Details: [ORB] Nine Spitfires bombed and strafed YE-E and rhubarbed the track leading SW from it. ON the way back to base, Flt Lt Baxter seemed to be in trouble and crash landed in a paddy field half way from home. The aircraft sank down into the water till oly the engine and the top of the fuselage was above the surface. Flt Lt Baxter was seen to crawl out on to the top and it was decided that a dinghy would not be necessary after all. He came back the next day. Evidently eh had bee nhit though he had no notion at that time. A party of Burmese National ARmy types waded out across the field and escorted him back to their village where there were a couple of English ARtillery obervers. They fed and clothed him and managed to collect the odd souvenir. [F541] Aircraft E 14730-1525 Hours.

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