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Date of Crash: 19 Jan 43 Aircraft Type: Mohawk IV Serial Number:  Unit: 5 Sqdn
Pilot details: Fg Offr Arthur Singleton BOYES(119706)Source: ORB
Details: Escort mission for Blenheims to a town NE of Akyab Ilsand. Dogfight with enemy aircraft. AFter damaging one aircraft Fg Offr BOYES fired at the tail of an enemy ac which was attacking another Mohawk. Just as he was bout to break away the e/a dived abruptly and its tail swung up and struck FO BOYES starboard wing and a lgnth of aobut 4 feet was removed from teh wing tip. and a piec eof the tail unit of the e/a was left embedded in the broken end. Aircraft badly damaged but flown back. Fate of ac not recorded.

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