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Date of Crash: 27 Feb 42 Aircraft Type: Lysander II Serial Number:  Unit: 28 Sqdn
Pilot details: --- -----Source: ORB
Details: Destroyed by Japanese Air Raid. Of the three Lysanders left behind at Mingaladon, one was destroyed in a Japanese raid on the 27th of February. C D C Dunford-Wood recalls: “I am sitting in Watch office and we see 12 Jap bombers come over. Then like a bucket of gleaming fish we see the bombs falling, then the whistle, and as they seem to be using the Watch office as their aiming mark, I think my last minute has come. C.O.’s Lysander and a Blenheim burnt” Possible Ids: L4756, L4784, N1262, N1293, P9139

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