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Date of Crash: 04 Dec 44 Aircraft Type: Hurricane IIC Serial Number:  Unit: 113 Sqdn
Pilot details: Sgt G B SkinnerSource: 
Details: 12 sorties to bomb bunkers near Hmangon. Crash landed in paddy near our own troops after his bombing run. The aircraft broke up but the pilot was unhurt and taken to the ARmy HQ and very well treated.. F541: Bombing done, no straffing done at RU916777. One aircraft, pilot Sgt Skinner called up the leader saying his elevator control has become u/s, just after he pulled away after bombing. The aircraft crash landed in paddy at RU906826, just north of the target, near or own troops. the aircraft broke in two and the engine fell out forward. The pilot was seen to get out of his aricraft also circled the crashed aircraft. A signal was received that forward troops - skinner had been picked up by them safely. Ac identity possibly LD964 that is reported in AB Serials as missing on 30.11.44

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