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Date of Crash: 22 Jan 43 Aircraft Type: Hurricane Serial Number:  Unit: 615 Sqdn
Pilot details: Gp Capt James Winter Carmichael MORE (26161)Source: http://www.rafcomman
Details: On the 22nd of the month he went to Maungdaw airfield to brief crews for an attack on Prome and other targets. On impulse, he decided to fly with 615 Squadron on the sortie, taking the aircraft of a Flight Sergeant. In the attack More's Hurricane was hit by ground fire and crashed on the opposite side of the river tram Prome itself. He was seen to be standing by his aircraft and was later reported captured by the Japanese. After making a nuisance of himself to his captors, More was sent by sea to Japan in 1944. His ship, the Rakuyo Maru, was torpedoed and sunk by the US submarine Sealion on 12th September 1944. 615ORB: six ac went to Ritz yesetrday and took off at 0800, nojoined up with 607 to to set off to Rhubarb Prome aerodrome and comms. At last minute before take off Gp Capt More SASO of 224 gp arrived and took F SGt Leonards place in the formation. 12 ac arrived over aerodrome and from then on the op was a glorious beat up. ...Unforunately Gp capt More did not return. He was seen to forceland near PADAUNG and to get out of his machine. There was considerable machine gun fore over the town and it is probably his engine was hit.

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