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Date of Crash: 17 Jan 42 Aircraft Type: Buffalo I Serial Number:  Unit: 67 Sqdn
Pilot details: Sgt C Vic BARGHSource: Neil Frances
Details: Neil Frances on Warbirds Forum: Vic was responsible for one write-off, that of W8239 (camera equipped), on 17 January, 1942. He flew a long recce to Chiengsen and Ben Chong (in Thailand). On the return flight, he staged through Namsang ,but damaged his undercarriage on take-off, on a bank at the end of the strip. He flew slowly to Mingaladon, where Geoff Sharp carried out a mid-air inspection. Vic landed, with Buffalo bits flying in all directions. He noted in his logbook "39's last trip". I don't know which of Bingham-Wallis' references would be this crash - the undercarriage write-off could be it, but certainly not at Mergui, which by this time would have been under threat by the Japanese Army. Note: W8239 is also shown as being flown by D J C PINCKNEY six days later. Its unlikely the aircraft was repaired in six days.

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