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Date of Crash: 09 May 42 Aircraft Type: Buffalo I Serial Number:  Unit: 146 Sqdn
Pilot details: Flt Lt Ian Lionel Baber AITKENS(33777)Source: Chris Shores
Details: Crashed at Jessore. ac wo, Pilot injured. On May 8 F/L Ian Aitkens was slightly injured when he crash landed his Buffalo on arrival at Jessore. Ian Aitkens: Half way across Bengal my Buffalo started chucking out oil thick and fast, all over the windscreen, etc. One could only push back the cockpit canopy, put on goggles, and peer out into the oil, feeling rather like a First World War aviator in Hell's Angels. I was going to try a forced landing at Jessore before the engine failed. Over Jessore, my wheels came down all rught, but the flaps failed to drop on the approach which meant coming in too fast. I wondered what would give up next, and soon found out. After touch-down, I would keep the a/c straight enough while the tail was up and the rudder worked. After the tail subsides, however, brakes are usually essential for keeping control. My brakes failed entirely and the a/c started a swing to port ( at about 60 knots ). One could only wait for the inevitable ground loop. The swing tightened up until the sideways pressure on the u/c legs made them give way. The a/c crunched on its belly and bits started flying off in all directions until the slithering halt. I bashed my head and face and was a bit shook up. " The Brewster was a write-off.

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