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Date of Crash: 09 Sep 42 Aircraft Type: Blenheim Serial Number:  Unit: 113 Sqdn
Pilot details: Fg Offr G W N Bassingthwaitte(404619)Source: http://discovery.nat
Details: Fg offr Bassingthwaite of 113 sqn led a raid of three aircraft. turned into attack at 10.15 hours. just after the attack, leading gunenr reported fighters, V5425 was lagging behind. Leader throttled back and formation was tighta nd flew out to sea at low level. Four fighters were making attacks from astern adn ahead. An area was reached when suitable cloud covre was availabe. Leader climbed towards cloud. Fighters put in two more attacks. V5425 broke formation and apparently tried to eencholn right, then left formation. never seen agian. Bassingthwaite landed the badly damaged ac at dum Dum

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