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A total of 44 Accidents and Losses are listed.

Date AircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnitLocationRemarks
09 Jul 43 Blenheim IV N6183 Sgt George Frederick REGAN*(409448)
Sgt Merville Keith SMITH*(973479)
11 SqdnFeni, India shot down by ground fire in ra ...More
30 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LE446 WO Edward Lloyd HOLMES*(1239974) 11 SqdnSinthe, Burma hit by ground fire .Tried to f ...More
22 Apr 42 Blenheim IV Z7506 Sqn Ldr John Theodore BOUWENS*(37552)
F Sgt David FISHER*(973934)
11 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon flew into hill in bad weather ...More
12 May 44 Hurricane IIC KZ832 WO William Thomas COCHRANE*(1381974) 134 SqdnRamu, Night Rhubarb sortie - Cochran ...More
10 Dec 42 Hurricane BG863 Fg Offr John Wyatt MONK*(101097) 135 SqdnDum Dum, Burma Seven Hurricanes scrambled to ...More
12 Mar 42 Hurricane I Z5575 Plt Offr Ian ADAMSON(111997) 136 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon Struck Blenheim on TO at Ratma ...More
15 Mar 43 Hurricane BM936 WO Albert Joseph DE CRUYENAERE*(R59761) 136 SqdnChittagong, Burma Air Combat Rathedaung - Shot d ...More
17 Mar 43 Hurricane BN169 Fg Offr Ian ADAMSON(111997) 136 SqdnReindeer, Burma L H Lecraw and Adamson were ta ...More
05 Apr 43 Hurricane HV906 Fg Offr Vivian Kenneth Jacobs(59742) 136 SqdnChittagong, Burma air combat Damaged Safe. Jumpe ...More
17 Apr 45 Thunderbolt II KL194 Sqn Ldr Michael Wintworth HUBBLE*(49742) 146 SqdnWangjing, India 12 Thunderbolts bombed and str ...More
30 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LD831 Plt Offr R G Buchanan(2973) 151 OTUPeshawar, India Belly Landed due to distorted ...More
10 Nov 42 Mohawk IV BB929 Plt Offr Roy Colvin James McCLUMPHA*(109781) 155 SqdnAgartala, Burma KIA Air Combat.Shot down in se ...More
07 Dec 43 Liberator V BZ885 Fg Offr Douglas Gordon Davie*(130997) 160 Sqdn, Ceylon (MPoole) BZ885: Further loss i ...More
03 Jun 45 Harvard IIB FE789 Fg Offr Frederick David IRVINE*(178975)
Sqn Ldr Robert William Stanley MARSHALL*(63386)
17 SqdnAkyab, missing in bad weather. Missin ...More
09 Jul 41 Wapiti IIA K1257 Plt Offr Dara Phirozesha Majoo(97)
AC Hasmi
2 Sqdn IAFRazmak, India Crashed at Razmak due to bad w ...More
07 Jun 44 Hurricane IID Fg Offr William Philip BRITTAIN*(159748) 20 SqdnLankpatti, India killed attacking a tank at sou ...More
22 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LE461 WO Leonard Francis Andrew CLOSS*(1335597) 22 AACUPoona, India flew into Hill near Poona aero ...More
26 Nov 43 Hurricane IIC HW878 F Sgt Russell Keith PRECIANS(413097) 22 FCDelhi, India Firozpur, Pirgani, injured in ...More
12 Mar 42 Hurricane II Z5557 Plt Offr Ian ADAMSON(111997) 258 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon Collided with a Blenheim on ta ...More
14 May 45 Spitfire VIII JF830 WO E Trusler(429731) 273 SqdnMingaladon, Burma Aircraft E Mingaldon 14.5.45 1 ...More
17 Jun 46 Spitfire XIV RM994 WO Robert Christopher PHILLIPS*(1336497) 28 Sqdn, Malaysia Missing on ferry flight en rou ...More
10 Jun 42 Lysander II P9070 Sgt Nigel SINCLAIR-HILL?(771974) 28 SqdnRanchi, India Undershot landing in dust stro ...More
01 Nov 43 Hurricane IIB HV418 Sgt Nigel SINCLAIR-HILL(771974) 28 SqdnImphal, India Returned form sortie - pranged ...More
07 May 44 Hurricane IIC LD904 F Sgt Nigel SINCLAIR-HILL*(771974) 28 SqdnJorhat, India Four aircraft mission bad weat ...More
13 Jul 45 Hurricane IV KW910 Plt Offr William Marshall Ross (181797) 3 RFUPoona, India Hit tree during exercise and b ...More
16 Jul 45 Hurricane IIC LB837 Fg Offr William Marshall Ross (181797) 3 RFUPoona, India Slight damaged - To 1344 Flt ...More
02 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LB800 Plt Offr R C Adams(2972) 3 Sqdn IAFSt Thomas Mount, India St Thomas Mount - Pilot told t ...More
12 Oct 43 Hurricane IIC 651 WO John Albert POLLOCK*(P9780) 30 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon Missing.. later recovered buri ...More
05 Apr 42 Hurricane IIb Plt Offr Herbert Kenneth CARTWRIGHT(89775) 30 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon Wounded, hit a tree and wrecke ...More
04 Jan 43 Vengeance I AN907 Sgt HETHERINGTON(1325596)
Sgt HAGGER(929741)
319 MUJodhpur, India Overshot landing and overturne ...More
15 Feb 45 Hurricane IIC LD627 Sgt Clifford John PETTITT*(1397619) 34 SqdnOnbauk, Burma One target of the day was on s ...More
16 Sep 44 Liberator VI EV902 Flt Lt Ernest Philip Jeffrey Gray*(297176) 355 Sqdn, Of ten aboard, seven died. Thr ...More
13 Jun 45 Liberator VI KH252 WO Geoffrey Edwin Staines*(1541974) 358 Sqdn, India Ac crashed into ground returni ...More
28 Jun 45 Spitfire XIVe ?? Plt Offr Rodney Godfrey Buchanan*(2973) 4 Sqdn IAFYelahanka, India Cr in Air to ground firing ran ...More
25 Apr 44 Hurricane II LB953 Fg Offr Arthur Singleton BOYES*(119706) 5 SqdnLanka, India Rolled over after strafing a s ...More
19 Jan 43 Mohawk IV Fg Offr Arthur Singleton BOYES(119706) 5 SqdnImphal, Escort mission for Blenheims t ...More
15 Mar 43 Blenheim IV V5587 Sgt H C Allsop (1179763) 60 SqdnDohazari, India 0825-1040 Hours damaged by ene ...More
10 Mar 45 Hurricane IIC LF325 Fg Offr Herbert Abner Barnes(160697) 60 SqdnMonywa, Burma Hit by Ground Fire and crash l ...More
16 Dec 42 Hurricane Plt Offr William Douglas James(113097) 607 SqdnJessore, Burma Air Combat, Crash landed hurri ...More
10 Nov 43 Spitfire Vc LZ973 F Sgt Guy Bertram Christopher GRENIER*(771978) 615 SqdnChittagong, India We regret to record that one p ...More
23 Aug 43 Hurricane HV648 Sgt Guy Bertram Christopher Grenier(771978) 615 SqdnAlipore, India 1635hrs Engine cut, belly land ...More
05 Dec 43 Hurricane LB569 WO Aubrey Fraser BOND*(R102971) 67 SqdnAlipore, India At 10.50hrs, squadron was scra ...More
06 Apr 44 Vengeance II AN828 Plt Offr B FINNIE(J19791)
Plt Offr Ronald Eric GABRIELSON(407150)
84 SqdnMambur, India Not a write off - but a bale o ...More
26 Jun 44 Vengeance III FD105 Plt Offr B FINNIE(J19791)
Fg Offr John Frederick ELLIS*(136727)
84 SqdnMambur, Burma An unfortunate occurance in on ...More

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