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A total of 243 Accidents and Losses are listed.

Date AircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnitLocationRemarks
24 Feb 44 Blenheim V BA844 21 FC, India belly-landed at Allahabad on f ...More
30 Mar 44 Blenheim V EH418 Fg Offr WEST 21 FCMauripur, India Airtesting for 317 MU was unab ...More
24 Sep 44 Blenheim V BA658 Plt Offr A B Thistlethwayte
Fg Offr Thomas John DAVIS(134574)
22 AACUBairagarh, India tyre burst on landing at Baira ...More
15 Feb 44 Blenheim V EH508 22 APCAmarda Road, India belly-landed at Amarda Road. ...More
16 Jul 43 Blenheim V EH448 Sgt H B STEANE(1430311)
Sgt G Clark(1365136)
22 FCAsansol, India Overshot runway end and into m ...More
20 Jul 43 Blenheim IIA BA964 Fg Offr BECA(39985)
22 FCDum Dum, India Overshot landing and ran off r ...More
25 Aug 43 Blenheim V AZ942 Fg Offr BECA(39985)
Flt Lt MacKenzie
22 FCJessore, India Force landed in Paddy field at ...More
21 Jun 44 Blenheim V EH381 F Sgt J W RUTLEDGE(A46692) 22 FCSanta Cruz, India abandoned take-off, u/c raised ...More
04 Apr 41 Blenheim I L6667 Fg Offr John MANSEL-LEWIS*(42248)
Sqn Ldr Charles Desmond HACKETT*(33165)
27 Sqdn, Burma Sergeant Denis BEAMAN (542557) ...More
28 Jun 41 Blenheim I L6632 Flt Lt Francis Gerald Oldfield BOX *(39060)
F Sgt Thomas Harry White SEAWARD*(564282)
27 Sqdn, Burma dived into ground near Akyab, ...More
20 Jan 42 Blenheim I L4912 3 CD Flt IAFMoulmein, India Dam in Air Raid on Moulmein AC ...More
21 Feb 42 Blenheim I L4915 3 CD Flt IAFBassein, India Dest by Jap air raid on Bassie ...More
04 Mar 42 Blenheim I L8448 Flt Lt Hem Chaudhury(1565)
Wg Cdr John KERR
3 CD Flt IAFChittagong, India ditched 100 miles off Chittago ...More
08 Jun 44 Blenheim V BA682 3 RFUPoona, India tyre burst on landing at Poona ...More
01 Jul 44 Blenheim V BA334 F Sgt John Chalmers LYLE*(1387955) 3 RFUPoona, India hit ground low-flying 10 miles ...More
04 Jul 42 Blenheim IV V6465 Sgt S W Turner(927096)
301 MUDrigh Road, India out of fuel, crashed in attemp ...More
13 Jul 42 Blenheim IV V5528 Fg Offr Jack TRENBERTH*(407756)
Flt Sgt Benjamin WALMSLEY*(561830)
308 MUAllahabad, India dived into ground miles from A ...More
30 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Z7596 308 MUAllahabad, India swung on take-off at Bamrauli, ...More
18 Jan 43 Blenheim V BA289 Sgt R BLAIR 308 MUDrigh Road, India crashed during emergency appro ...More
21 Jan 43 Blenheim V AZ392 308 MUDrigh Road, India crashed when tyre burst on tak ...More
15 Sep 43 Blenheim V BA871 315 MUNagpur, India based at Nagpur, crashed in fo ...More
03 Oct 43 Blenheim V EH351 315 MU, India crashed in forced landing at K ...More
24 Dec 43 Blenheim IV Z7976 or WO John Staulton LOONEY(406507) 315 MU, India overshot landing at Hasnangaba ...More
09 Oct 43 Blenheim V BA456 326 MUGaya, India engine cut, crashed in forced ...More
20 Mar 44 Blenheim IV V6307 F Sgt E WOOSLEY 326 MU, India engine caught fire, belly-land ...More
10 Apr 43 Blenheim V BA166 WO A Williamsen
Sgt W Crowe
34 SqdnKumbirgram, India Gunner Sgt GE BURNS . 1 aircr ...More
12 Apr 43 Blenheim V BA650 Sgt G W DAY
34 SqdnKumbirgram, India AG - Flt Sgt S P Tsicalas . ...More
28 Apr 43 Blenheim V BA579 Plt Offr K LISTER
Plt Offr A J A Sherrott
34 SqdnImphal, India AG - Sgt R G PILOE - One ac da ...More
04 May 42 Blenheim IV Z9742 34 SqdnAllahabad, India stalled on approach to Bamraul ...More
12 May 42 Blenheim IV V6254 Flt Sgt Harold KAY*(404377)
34 SqdnAllahabad, India engine cut, crashed in forced- ...More
30 May 42 Blenheim IV Z7316 Plt Offr George Albert MOCKERIDGE(45431) 34 SqdnAllahabad, India stalled on overshoot at Bamrau ...More
29 Jun 42 Blenheim IV L9397 Flt Lt Charles Philip Nelson NEWMAN(41453)
F Sgt Hard
34 SqdnAllahabad, India Sgt A Jaffray (AG) injured. Ai ...More
10 Jul 42 Blenheim IV Z9583 WO Williams 34 SqdnAllahabad, India Crashed 10 m SE of Allahabad o ...More
18 Aug 42 Blenheim IV L9027 Flt Lt Charles Philip Nelson NEWMAN(41453) 34 SqdnDum Dum, India propeller detached, crash-land ...More
20 Aug 42 Blenheim IV Z6333 Sgt John Phillip Reginald JULIAN(1018129)
Plt Offr John Henry THWAITS(1259996)
34 SqdnAsansol, India engine cut, u/c collapsed atte ...More
30 Aug 42 Blenheim IV Z7943 Sgt John Phillip Reginald JULIAN*(1018129)
Plt Offr John Henry THWAITS*(80219)
34 SqdnAsansol, India Crashed in river near Ruhiar v ...More
12 Oct 42 Blenheim IV Z7421 Sqn Ldr Peter Langley KEEBLE*(76585)
Flt Lt Charles Laurence Norton JOHNSON*(80559)
34 SqdnOndal, India Three aircraft on operations t ...More
10 Nov 42 Blenheim V5925 Fg Offr Alexander Maxwell HOWE*(406249)
Fg Offr John Douglas HAY*(408066)
34 SqdnOndal, Burma Three ac took off from home ba ...More
10 Nov 42 Blenheim IV Z7705 Sgt Harold Alexander ELLIOT*(R68262)
Flt Sgt Edward HYLAND*(966813)
34 SqdnOndal, Burma Three ac took off from home ba ...More
24 Nov 42 Blenheim IV Flt Lt Reginald Arthur BURROWS(106213)
34 SqdnDum Dum, India 4 aircraft went out on bombing ...More
27 Nov 42 Blenheim IV Fg Offr P S VOSS
34 SqdnDum Dum, India 7 ac took off to attack PAKOKU ...More
15 Mar 43 Blenheim V BA617 WO Gordon Roger JEFFREYS*(406358)
Sgt John HEARNE*(1153169)
34 SqdnKumbirgram, India 8 aircraft flew from Silchar t ...More
10 May 42 Blenheim IV L6650 Fg Offr KALYAN RANJAN DASS*
Sgt William Charles Thomas BROWN*(617867)
353 SqdnBamrauli, India crashed at Bamrauli soon after ...More
09 Aug 39 Blenheim I L1546 Wg Cdr Burton ANKERS*
Cpl Samuel Gilbert*
39 Sqdn, India control lost in storm, dived i ...More
19 Mar 43 Blenheim V BA655 Fg Offr De SOUZA
42 SqdnRajeswarpur, India tyre burst by bomb splinters d ...More
19 Mar 43 Blenheim V BA684 Fg Offr Grant KERR(61629)
42 SqdnRajeswarpur, India crashed in flames during raid ...More
06 Apr 43 Blenheim V BA169 --- ------- 42 SqdnAgartala, India destroyed on ground by Japanes ...More
01 May 43 Blenheim V Sgt DINNIE
42 SqdnKumbhirgram, India Bisley V Crashed at Kumbhir gr ...More
09 May 43 Blenheim V Sgt HAMILTON
42 SqdnKumbhirgram, India Aircraft R Swung on landing an ...More
30 May 43 Blenheim V Sgt VINER
42 SqdnKumbhirgram, India Six aircraft airborne only one ...More

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