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1942 : 405
A total of 405 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
18 Jul 42 Blenheim IV Z5680 11 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon U/c unserviceable. after faili ...More
19 Jul 42 Lysander II R1991 Sqn Ldr Fred Frank LAMBERT 20 SqdnTezpur, India Crashed at Tezpur during dogfi ...More
19 Jul 42 Lysander II L4787 Sgt GREY 28 SqdnPalam, India Cr on Takeoff from Palam. Two ...More
23 Jul 42 Blenheim IV V5506 Not11Ratmalana, Ceylon collided with Z7434 (Mk IV), a ...More
24 Jul 42 Blenhiem IV Z7647 Wg Cdr Charles Brian Berry WALLIS*(37236)
Plt Offr D PAGE*
60 SqdnDum Dum, India Cr Taking off from Dum Dum. fa ...More
25 Jul 42 Wapiti IIA K1290 Plt Offr G E Sequira*(218)
Plt Offr Nasir-Ud-Din*(285)
5 CD Flt IAFCochin, India Crashed in Bay of Bengal P/O N ...More
26 Jul 42 Lysander II N1217 Flt Lt Denis MILNE*(80070)
20 Sqdn, India Flt Lt Milne with Colonel Stev ...More
26 Jul 42 Hurricane II BG699 Sgt W H Chrystal 261 SqdnChina Bay, Ceylon Four ac returned from scramble ...More
26 Jul 42 Lysander II N1217 Sgt RIDLEY 28 SqdnRazmak, India Photo in Ketchil. Crashed 26 J ...More
26 Jul 42 Hurricane BN565 F Sgt Peter MITCHELL*(932483) 79 SqdnKanchrapara, India Stalled avoiding tree and hit ...More
26 Jul 42 Blenheim IV Z7768 Not113Asansol, India engine cut on take-off at Asan ...More
26 Jul 42 Hurricane IIB Sgt Wilson 146 SqdnDum Dum, India Crash landed 5 miles from aero ...More
27 Jul 42 Lysander II P9075 Flt Lt Robin Eustace Brittain WHITE*(41228)
Sgt Francis Gordon ELLIS*(1108093)
28 SqdnDatta Khel, India Destroyed in FL 27-7-42 Datta ...More
28 Jul 42 Hurricane IIb BG748 Sgt Peter Brian KEMBER*(1314908) 30 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon Hit mast of a ship during dumm ...More
30 Jul 42 Hurricane II BN898 155 SqdnDrigh Road, India Hit ground avoiding another hu ...More
30 Jul 42 Hurricane IIC Sgt Robert W. Rondel(404411) 67 SqdnAlipore, India FL in Paddy field. Aircraft ba ...More
30 Jul 42 Mohawk IV LA160 Sgt William B Goode(1198767) 151 OTURisalpur, India Flew into Kabul River rescued ...More
31 Jul 42 Harvard IIB Sgt Valkhoven
Sgt Hubble
151 OTURisalpur, India straight into ground and burne ...More
06 Aug 42 Lysander II P9179 301 MU, India Previously pranged by padam gi ...More
11 Aug 42 Hurricane Flt Lt Guy Joseph Charles Hogan(40912) 79 SqdnKanchrapara, India 1748 Hrs, Blue 1 FL 15m NE of ...More
13 Aug 42 Mohawk IV LA164 Plt Offr Hector William MACKELVIE?(67111) 151 OTURisalpur, India flipped over on back after hea ...More
16 Aug 42 Hurricane F Sgt H.R. Preece(R70881) 67 SqdnAlipore, India Forcelanded 10 miles from Jess ...More
16 Aug 42 Hurricane BN693 Flt Lt Kenneth George HEMINGWAY(63089) 67 SqdnAlipore, India Force landed with Glycol Leak, ...More
17 Aug 42 Hurricane Z4370 Flt Lt Carvell 151 OTURisalpur, India CrL at RE lines after engine c ...More
18 Aug 42 Blenhiem T2245 Sgt Stanley Arthur GOSS*(R77142)
Sgt Charles Alexander WHITESIDE*(1181362)
113 Sqdn, India Crashlanded at Kotihar, Goss k ...More
18 Aug 42 Blenheim IV L9027 Flt Lt Charles Philip Nelson NEWMAN(41453) 34 SqdnDum Dum, India propeller detached, crash-land ...More
20 Aug 42 Blenheim IV Z6333 Sgt John Phillip Reginald JULIAN(1018129)
Plt Offr John Henry THWAITS(1259996)
34 SqdnAsansol, India engine cut, u/c collapsed atte ...More
20 Aug 42 Hurricane BD724 Plt Offr Noel Ruxton Clarke Murcott(1717) 151 OTURisalpur, India Crashed the only Hurri II - en ...More
21 Aug 42 Blenheim IV V5642 60 SqdnAsansol, India take-off abandoned at Asansol ...More
23 Aug 42 Hurricane Plt Offr William Edward JAMES(R74782) 607 SqdnAlipore, India 1300hrs, port wheel brake seiz ...More
23 Aug 42 Hurricane BG869 F Sgt Charles G. Beale(403560) 136 SqdnVizagaptam, India Engine Cut near Sompeta. Crash ...More
24 Aug 42 Hurricane BN495 17 SqdnAlipore, India Hit vulture and spun into grou ...More
26 Aug 42 Mohawk IV AX896 5 SqdnDinjan, India Undercarriage collapsed on lan ...More
26 Aug 42 Hurricane IIB BG152 Plt Offr J M Granstone 146 SqdnDum Dum, India 1915 Hrs, crashed during night ...More
28 Aug 42 Hurricane Fg Offr Roy David May(402204) 79 SqdnKanchrapara, India Fg offr May and Plt Offr Gray ...More
30 Aug 42 Blenheim IV Z7943 Sgt John Phillip Reginald JULIAN*(1018129)
Plt Offr John Henry THWAITS*(80219)
34 SqdnAsansol, India Crashed in river near Ruhiar v ...More
02 Sep 42 Hurricane IIC 615 SqdnJessore, India One pilot went low flying. clo ...More
02 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Sqn Ldr Harley Charles STUMM(70656) 11 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon S/L Stumm took off from Ratmal ...More
02 Sep 42 Hurricane AG201 Plt Offr P S Gill(1656) 151 OTURisalpur, India IAF Cr L on Aerodrome after en ...More
03 Sep 42 Lysander II Sgt JENKINS 20 Sqdn, India Crashed on a ferry flight to K ...More
05 Sep 42 Hurricane BH169 Flt Lt Robin A Hedderwick(61291) 607 SqdnJessore, India 1700 Scramble take off, struck ...More
05 Sep 42 Lysander II N1314 Sgt W V BEADLE(771964) 20 Sqdn, India On one such policing flight on ...More
08 Sep 42 Vengeance I AN851 Wg Cdr John Hubert McMICHAEL(37759) 82 SqdnDrigh Road, India UC Jammed BL Drigh Road 8.9.4 ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim IV V5938 Fg OFfr Owen Lawrence LOANE*(402514)
Sgt Thomas BELL*(402184)
113 SqdnAsansol, India lost on same raid on Akyab; BA ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim IV V6507 Flt Sgt John Phibbs Ferguson REID(404362) 113 SqdnAsansol, India shot down in same raid on Akya ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim Fg Offr G W N Bassingthwaitte(404619) 113 SqdnAsansol, India Fg offr Bassingthwaite of 113 ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim Z9798 Plt Offr J A McMillan 60 SqdnChittagong, India Four ac on a shipping strike. ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim IV V5425 Plt Offr George Albert MOCKERIDGE*(45431)
Sgt D H BROWN*(754217)
60 SqdnAsansol, India crashed into sea off Akyab dur ...More
12 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Z7985 Flt Sgt M FOSTER
F Sgt Lawrence Charles TATTON*(960120)
113 SqdnAgartala, India two light bombs fell off on ta ...More
14 Sep 42 Lysander II L4770 Plt Offr Salahuddin(1734)
Cpl R N Sahai
2 Sqdn IAFTrichnopoly, India Crashed . Crew injured and adm ...More

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