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1944 : 956
A total of 956 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
09 Apr 44 Hurricane AG252 Plt Offr Blake(2630) 151 OTURisalpur, India Cr L after failing to switch f ...More
10 Apr 44 Hurricane IIB HM126? Plt Offr Neelkantan 6 Sqdn IAFRatnap, India Forcelanded at Chota Maung ...More
11 Apr 44 Vengeance II AN727 Sgt Fotheringham 8 Sqdn IAFMambur, India Failed to take off - insuffice ...More
11 Apr 44 Hurricane IID KW700 20 SqdnHove, India Flew into ground on overshoot ...More
11 Apr 44 Vengeance I AN924 F Sgt R T DEVORSON 21 FCMauripur, India Lost power on TO, hit bank and ...More
11 Apr 44 Spitfire VIII Fg Offr Charles James CHEVERTON*(133430) 155 SqdnAcorn, India Flying Offr Cheverton while ai ...More
12 Apr 44 Hurricane HV586 F Sgt Edward Richard GRIFFITHS(1334202) 146 SqdnSt Thomas Mount, India While trying a new method of P ...More
12 Apr 44 Hurricane AG135 Plt Offr Masih(2453) 151 OTURisalpur, India swung off runway and hit truck ...More
12 Apr 44 Spitfire Vc MH638 F Sgt J Hill 615 SqdnTulihal, India Tyre burst on take-off swung a ...More
12 Apr 44 Spitfire VIII JF695 F Sgt W D Bennett 81 SqdnTulihal, India 10 ac scrambled from Tulihal a ...More
12 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC KZ652 Fg Offr Andrew STEWART*(130642) 123 SqdnPatharkandi, Failed to return from offensiv ...More
13 Apr 44 Hurricane P3515 Plt Offr SREEDHAR PADUKONE*(2624) 151 OTURisalpur, India Cr during LL flight ...More
13 Apr 44 Spitfire VIII JF833 Fg Offr Raymond Jack CROSSFIELD*(J21577) 136 SqdnChittagong, India Engine trouble caused another ...More
13 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC WO Farrel 113 SqdnPatherkhandi, India Wheels up landing at Patherkan ...More
13 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC PJ685? F Sgt J R P REMILLARD(135096) 22 FCBalam, Taxied into Hurricane JS441 wh ...More
13 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC JS441? 22 FCBalam, Got hit by PJ685 ...More
13 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LD371 Fg Offr M E D'Eca(1998) 3 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India Collided with LA128. Baled out ...More
13 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LA128 Fg Offr P Lall Singh*(1711) 3 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India Returning from bombing raid on ...More
13 Apr 44 Vengeance II AN810 Flt Lt James Walter SANDILANDS*(402405)
LAC Thomas George WOOTTON*(936154)
82 SqdnJumchar, India Flt Lt J W Sandialnds and LAC ...More
14 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC KZ920 Flt Lt B T Shannon 34 SqdnDergaon, Burma Abandoned after cannon barrel ...More
14 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC 950 Fg Offr Edmund Maurice BERRY*(150222) 11 SqdnTulihal, India 2ac rhubarb sortie to Kalemyo. ...More
14 Apr 44 Vengeance I AN954 22 AACUDacca, India Cr during TO from Dacca - eng ...More
14 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC Flt Lt Kenneth Cornwell ROLLS(104416) 113 SqdnTulihal, India Crosswind landing, blown off i ...More
15 Apr 44 Vengeance WO Lamb 8 Sqdn IAFMambur, India Failed to take off in P run. A ...More
15 Apr 44 Vengeance I AN966 F Sgt Nash 22 AACUAlipore, India Attempted to take off from Ali ...More
17 Apr 44 Hurricane IIB JS405 Fg Offr Harbans Singh Thapar*(1609) 6 Sqdn IAF, India Hurricane collided with other ...More
17 Apr 44 Hurricane IIB JS408 Fg Offr G C S Babra*(1690) 6 Sqdn IAF, India Hurricane collided with other ...More
17 Apr 44 LIberator VI EV922 Sgt Frank Noel ELLIS*(1425498) 308 MUPhaphamau, India Sqn Ldr Harris OC 20CMU and 6 ...More
17 Apr 44 Spitfire VIII JG488 F Sgt P E D Moore 607 SqdnRumkhapalong, India Forcelanded at Momba soon afte ...More
18 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LB780 Flt Lt James Henry WHALEN*(J15005) 34 SqdnDergaon, Hit by Light AA, Dived into gr ...More
18 Apr 44 Hurricane II LD580 Flt Lt Lloyd Duncan THOMAS*( J5473) 5 SqdnLanka, India ac hit by LMG Fire, dived stra ...More
18 Apr 44 Harvard IIB FE595 Fg Offr Poonen
S/L Ritchie
151 OTURisalpur, India Swung on landing - uc dam ...More
18 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LD891 Flt Lt Robert Gordon JOHNSON(J7810) 28 SqdnJorhat, India FL Wheels up at DImapur at 10. ...More
19 Apr 44 Hurricane BG995 Plt Offr Khan 151 OTURisalpur, India failed to switch tanks - Force ...More
19 Apr 44 Spitfire Vc F Sgt C M Watson 615 SqdnSilchar West, India Burst a tyre on take off and p ...More
19 Apr 44 Spitfire VIII JG348 F Sgt Samuel STRINGER *(1339204) 81 SqdnKangla, India Crashed in padi field on appro ...More
19 Apr 44 Spitfire VcT MA670 , India Tyre burst on take-off swung a ...More
19 Apr 44 Liberator V BZ864 Sqn Ldr John Frederick Percival*(42378) 160 Sqdn, Ceylon Cr ...More
19 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LD300 Fg Offr Douglas Alexander Buzza McPHERSON(C25630) 28 SqdnJorhat, India Detailed for recce of Kohima J ...More
20 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC 3 RFUPoona, India Forcelanded in mangrove swamp ...More
20 Apr 44 Hurricane V6882 Plt Offr Misra 151 OTURisalpur, India failed to switch tanks BL ...More
20 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LD398 4 Sqdn IAFFeni, India Swung on landing and UC Collap ...More
21 Apr 44 Hurricane II HV546 Flt Lt James GILLIES(47317) RAF CSF, India Force landed enemy territory A ...More
21 Apr 44 Hurricane LD347 60 Sqdn, India undercarriage damaged during r ...More
21 Apr 44 Vengeance FB929 WO W C VEALS(R129223) 22 FCBishnupur, India Crash landing due to failure o ...More
22 Apr 44 Liberator VI EV813 Plt Offr Cecil Harold Cox*(175021) 1673 HCUKolar, (MPoole) 175021 P/O Cecil Haro ...More
23 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LE436 Flt Lt John Ernest BRANDON*(1425593) 34 SqdnDergaon, Dived into ground during bombi ...More
23 Apr 44 Hurricane IID KW798 Plt Offr J D McPhail(414314) 20 SqdnLankpatti, India Near Imphal - Force landed at ...More
24 Apr 44 Hurricane AF996 Plt Offr Poonen 151 OTURisalpur, India BL after forgetting to lower U ...More
24 Apr 44 Seafire Colombo, Ceylon Collided over Sea 4 m from Col ...More

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