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A total of 770 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
16 Mar 44 Hurricane V7749 Plt Offr Chater(2382) 151 OTURisalpur, India engine cut due to rich fuel mi ...More
16 Mar 44 Spitfire VIII JF808 Fg Offr George Dunlop BROWN*(J21132) 155 SqdnBaigachi, India Missing from practice scrambl ...More
17 Mar 44 Spitfire VIII Fg Offr William James COULTER*(139992) 81 SqdnBroadway, Burma Broadway was the airfield behi ...More
20 Mar 44 Hurricane IIC KZ702 F Sgt Kenneth Predy Hill(1575395) 11 Sqdn, India Engine cut, overshot FL on str ...More
23 Mar 44 Hurricane II LB546 WO Kenneth Arnold NEVILLE*(J90361) 5 Sqdn, Lost in a storm - never found ...More
23 Mar 44 Hurricane II BN782 F Sgt Leonard Shelton FLAMER-CALDERA*(1396941) 135 SqdnMinneriya, Ceylon Spun into ground during aeroba ...More
24 Mar 44 Harvard IIB FE973 Flt Lt Derrick CONSTAN*(45063)
Sgt Henry Alan MARSHALL*(1333647)
124 RSUSilchar, Hit trees on approach, Silchar ...More
25 Mar 44 Hurricane HV874 F Sgt William McInroy DALZIEL*(1340605) 21 FCMauripur, India Stalled off turn and crashed, ...More
25 Mar 44 Hurricane HV432 Plt Offr E J D'Souza(2369) 2 Sqdn IAFKohat, India Engine failure during Road Rec ...More
27 Mar 44 Hurricane II BN671 Flt Lt William John Newton LEE*(112434) 5 SqdnPatharkandi, Died in a Flying accident doin ...More
01 Apr 44 Vengeance II AN797 Fg Offr EDULJI HORMUSJI DADABHOY*(2383)
Fg Offr Jamshed Dordi(1846)
7 Sqdn IAF, India Cr in Valley W of Imphal, Kill ...More
02 Apr 44 Liberator VI EV870 F Sgt Raymond A Quaife(1321484)
F Sgt Jock McKinnon(1550526)
159 SqdnAlipore, Documentation in the RAAF casu ...More
04 Apr 44 Hurricane Z5603 Plt Offr M M Seth*(2390) 2 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India Road Recce at 0900Hrs. Engine ...More
06 Apr 44 Hurricane Plt Offr Bhimrao(2431) 151 OTURisalpur, India FL after fuel cut ...More
07 Apr 44 Spitfire VIII JF287 F Sgt Richard Charles James BERRY*(1390084) 152 SqdnChittagong, India Near chin hills, into storm cr ...More
07 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LB737 F Sgt Kenneth Alfred Edward DRAYCOTT*(1385688) 28 SqdnImphal, India Tac R Sortie of Kohima Road to ...More
09 Apr 44 Hurricane AG252 Plt Offr Blake(2630) 151 OTURisalpur, India Cr L after failing to switch f ...More
11 Apr 44 Spitfire VIII Fg Offr Charles James CHEVERTON*(133430) 155 SqdnAcorn, India Flying Offr Cheverton while ai ...More
12 Apr 44 Hurricane HV586 F Sgt Edward Richard GRIFFITHS(1334202) 146 SqdnSt Thomas Mount, India While trying a new method of P ...More
12 Apr 44 Hurricane AG135 Plt Offr Masih(2453) 151 OTURisalpur, India swung off runway and hit truck ...More
12 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC KZ652 Fg Offr Andrew STEWART*(130642) 123 SqdnPatharkandi, Failed to return from offensiv ...More
13 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC PJ685? F Sgt J R P REMILLARD(135096) 22 FCBalam, Taxied into Hurricane JS441 wh ...More
13 Apr 44 Vengeance II AN810 Flt Lt James Walter SANDILANDS*(402405)
LAC Thomas George WOOTTON*(936154)
82 SqdnJumchar, India Flt Lt J W Sandialnds and LAC ...More
18 Apr 44 Hurricane II LD580 Flt Lt Lloyd Duncan THOMAS*( J5473) 5 SqdnLanka, India ac hit by LMG Fire, dived stra ...More
19 Apr 44 Spitfire VIII JG348 F Sgt Samuel STRINGER *(1339204) 81 SqdnKangla, India Crashed in padi field on appro ...More
19 Apr 44 Liberator V BZ864 Sqn Ldr John Frederick Percival*(42378) 160 Sqdn, Ceylon Cr ...More
19 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LD300 Fg Offr Douglas Alexander Buzza McPHERSON(C25630) 28 SqdnJorhat, India Detailed for recce of Kohima J ...More
21 Apr 44 Hurricane II HV546 Flt Lt James GILLIES(47317) RAF CSF, India Force landed enemy territory A ...More
21 Apr 44 Vengeance FB929 WO W C VEALS(R129223) 22 FCBishnupur, India Crash landing due to failure o ...More
23 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LE436 Flt Lt John Ernest BRANDON*(1425593) 34 SqdnDergaon, Dived into ground during bombi ...More
23 Apr 44 Hurricane IID KW798 Plt Offr J D McPhail(414314) 20 SqdnLankpatti, India Near Imphal - Force landed at ...More
25 Apr 44 Vengeance II AN678 Fg Offr N J Duggan(1743) 7 Sqdn IAF, India CrL near Shillong, Crew OK Flt ...More
25 Apr 44 Hurricane IID KX246 F Sgt William Henry WHITEHALL*(1434984) 20 SqdnHove, India While flying with F/O R W Parr ...More
27 Apr 44 Hurricane II B Plt Offr Arun Roy*(2389) 1 Sqdn IAFImphal, India Shot down over Ukhrul ...More
28 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC KX135 Fg Offr Owen Arthur Parry(134128) 11 SqdnLanka, Tyre burst on landing, swung a ...More
28 Apr 44 Hurricane LD303 WO Bernard Michael PRITCHARD*(413660) 60 Sqdn, Abandoned enroute to target, T ...More
29 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LD829 Plt Offr Harold Mervyn BROWN*(2367) 9 Sqdn IAFKulaura, India Engine cut in circuit, BL Path ...More
01 May 44 Hurricane IIC F Sgt Philip John ADAMSON*(1334388) 258 SqdnReindeer, India Night rhubarb sortie at 2315 h ...More
05 May 44 Hurricane IIC LB606 Fg Offr Randhir Singh(2135) 3 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India Tyre Burst on take off, BL at ...More
08 May 44 Vengeance II AN709 Flt Lt R C TOPLEY
Fg Offr David George CUMMIN(105133)
110 SqdnKumbhirgram, India Not a write off. Pilot diverte ...More
08 May 44 Hurricane II B Fg Offr Theodore Alex Manuel Andrade*(1703) 1 Sqdn IAFImphal, India SD in flames near Homalin ...More
11 May 44 Hurricane IIC LD185 WO John George Henry MAGILL*(J86399) 11 SqdnLanka, Six aircraft attacked Japanese ...More
11 May 44 Hurricane II BE571 Fg Offr John Denison McCLURE*(402384) AFTUAmarda Road, India Hit Trees during forced landin ...More
12 May 44 Hurricane IIC KZ832 WO William Thomas COCHRANE*(1381974) 134 SqdnRamu, Night Rhubarb sortie - Cochran ...More
12 May 44 Hurricane IIC LD808 F Sgt Arthur Wragg(1239357) 28 SqdnImphal, India Tyre burst on take off, swung ...More
13 May 44 Hurricane AG136 Plt Offr Alwyn Joseph CLARKE*(2631) 151 OTURisalpur, India Collision with Z4229 2m W of P ...More
14 May 44 Hurricane IIC Plt Offr K N Bulsara(2334) 9 Sqdn IAFKumbhirgram, India Belly landed hurricane on runw ...More
15 May 44 Hurricane IIC LD615 Plt Offr G M King(IND2386) SLAISRanchi, India Belly Landed . Serious injury ...More
16 May 44 Hurricane IIC LB726 F Sgt James SMITH*(1388428) 21 FCRanchi, India Crashed in forced landing in f ...More
16 May 44 Hurricane IIC LB726 F Sgt J SMITH*(1388428) 22 FCKodarma, Killed in belly landing of Hur ...More

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