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1942 : 405
A total of 405 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
19 Sep 42 Lysander II L4740 Sgt WALLACE 20 SqdnAsansol, India On 19th September, at Asansol, ...More
21 Sep 42 Hurricane BG973 135 Sqdn?Cuttack, India Crash landed after colliding w ...More
22 Sep 42 Lysander II Plt Offr P N Katrak(1803)
Sqn Ldr Babner
4 Sqdn IAFFort Sandeman, India Forcelanded 40m SW of Fort San ...More
25 Sep 42 Hurricane II BP234 301 MUDrigh Road, India Engine cut on take off DBF ...More
25 Sep 42 Lysander II N1315 28 SqdnHyderabad, India Cr on TO - Hyderabad Sind. No ...More
26 Sep 42 Mohawk IV Sgt Donald Gordon KALKHOVEN(169414) 151 OTURisalpur, India Course 4A overshot landing end ...More
27 Sep 42 Hurricane Fg Offr A A Narayanan(1607) 151 OTURisalpur, India BL on Aerodrome after wheels f ...More
28 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Z7369 Sgt TAYLOR 113 SqdnAsansol, India collided with Z9749 (below) ha ...More
28 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Z9749 Sgt Walter Scott MCLELLAN (402246)
Sgt James Reginald VERNON (407143)
113 SqdnAsansol, India collided with Z7369 (above) ha ...More
30 Sep 42 Hurricane IIC BN698 Fg Offr Christopher Garland Ford(67659) 615 SqdnJessore, India Flew into High Tension wire of ...More
30 Sep 42 Mohawk IV AX895 Sgt William Geoffrey THOMAS*(655563) 5 Sqdn, Burma 12 ac took off from Feni to at ...More
30 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Z7596 308 MUAllahabad, India swung on take-off at Bamrauli, ...More
02 Oct 42 Hurricane II AG283 Plt Offr K Raghunathan*(125) 1 Sqdn IAFBangalore, India Demonstration Flight at Bangal ...More
03 Oct 42 Mohawk IV BS735 Sgt P Cutfield 5 SqdnAgartala, India Crashed in forced landing near ...More
06 Oct 42 Hurricane F Sgt William Logan Seitz(J16219) 607 SqdnFeni, Crashed on landing due to a st ...More
06 Oct 42 Hurricane BG684 Sgt Lawrence BANIKHIN*(798501) 136 SqdnKanchrapara, Burma STalled and dived into ground ...More
07 Oct 42 Mohawk Sgt E R Worts 5 Sqdn, India Pranged? ...More
08 Oct 42 Mohawk IV BB974 5 SqdnDinjan, India Undercarriage collapsed on lan ...More
11 Oct 42 Hurricane BN484 17 SqdnCalcutta, India Swung on landing and hit wall ...More
11 Oct 42 Blenhiem V Z9598 Sgt Harold Edward PETERS*(R56236)
WO Bowyer Frederick PEARCE*(406168)
113 SqdnAsansol, India Crashed into tree shooting up ...More
12 Oct 42 Blenheim IV Z7421 Sqn Ldr Peter Langley KEEBLE*(76585)
Flt Lt Charles Laurence Norton JOHNSON*(80559)
34 SqdnOndal, India Three aircraft on operations t ...More
13 Oct 42 Hurricane BN695 67 Sqdn, Engine cut, ditched off Cannin ...More
18 Oct 42 Hurricane II BN464 17 SqdnCalcutta, India Bounced on landing and overtur ...More
18 Oct 42 Hurricane I AF960 Fg Offr P S Gill(1656) 1 Sqdn IAF, India Engine lost power during aero. ...More
20 Oct 42 Hurricane IIC BN781 Plt Offr Hedley Joseph Everard(J6222) 17 SqdnAlipore, India Engine cut on approach. Ac wre ...More
20 Oct 42 Hurricane II Z3375 F Sgt Peter Ireland HICKES(161277) 258 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon Crashed into sea, Pilot baled ...More
23 Oct 42 Hurricane II BG763 Sgt Jack Vincent WILLBEE(R93429) 261 SqdnChina Bay, Ceylon Hurri ballooned on landing and ...More
23 Oct 42 Hurricane II BG699 Plt Offr C G Robinson 261 SqdnChina Bay, Ceylon Collided with Z5146 on landing ...More
23 Oct 42 Hurricane II Z5146 261 SqdnChina Bay, Ceylon BG699 (P/O Robinson) Collided ...More
24 Oct 42 Blenheim IV R3689 Plt Offr Michael DUNCAN(102140)
60 SqdnDum Dum, India tyre burst on take-off at Dum ...More
25 Oct 42 Lysander II P1734 --- ---------- 20 SqdnDinjan, India Destroyed at Dinjan on 25.10.4 ...More
25 Oct 42 Blenheim IV Z9752 SGt TAYLOR
113 SqdnChittagong, India Sgt Taylor landed at Chittagon ...More
26 Oct 42 Hurricane BN897 79 SqdnKanchrapara, India DBR in heavy landing at Kanchr ...More
26 Oct 42 Hurricane IIC BM922 3 PRUDum Dum, India Engine cut, undershot during l ...More
27 Oct 42 Vengeance I AN944 Fg Offr Edward Loughrey REIS*(400291)
Sgt Charles MARKLEW*(946993)
82 SqdnBegumpet, India Reis was the fourth in the for ...More
28 Oct 42 Blenheim IV L7756 Sgt F K SYKENS(1378809)
Sgt David Clyde OLIPHANT(405101)
60 SqdnChittagong, India damaged by flak on recce to Bu ...More
29 Oct 42 Blenheim Z9745 Sgt K H Minchin(406488)
60 SqdnAgartala, India Damaged by Enemy ac , bl , bro ...More
30 Oct 42 Hurricane BN684 Sgt Roger Ralph SCHWAIGHART*(1803053) 17 SqdnCalcutta, India Crash landed on Red Road, Cart ...More
30 Oct 42 Hurricane BN482 Sgt D COXON 79 SqdnKanchrapara, India Ran out of fuel while lost bel ...More
31 Oct 42 Hurricane IIB BG675 Plt Offr J E T YENDALL 258 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon Crashed on landing - Form 765c ...More
31 Oct 42 Blenheim IV Z9590 Sgt Walter Scott MCLELLAN (402246)
Sgt James Reginald VERNON (407143)
113 SqdnAsansol, India Sgt McCLELLLAN were to proceed ...More
01 Nov 42 Lysander II DG445 Sgt W V BEADLE(771964) 20 Sqdn, India Sgt Beadle pranged it with 3 A ...More
01 Nov 42 Hurricane IIC BN700 615 SqdnJessore, India Lost ht on overshoot and BL ...More
01 Nov 42 Hurricane BN697 Sgt Neville Francis Davis SIMPSON(400664) 79 SqdnKanchrapara, India Hit trees during air combat pr ...More
03 Nov 42 Vengeance I Plt Offr W B BERRY 82 SqdnCholavaram, India Crash landed aircraft breaking ...More
04 Nov 42 Liberator II AL531 Sqn Ldr John Leighton Beck
Plt Offr Jack Evans
159 SqdnKarachi, India CrL in Karachi Undercarriage j ...More
05 Nov 42 Hurricane IIC BN676 Sgt Edmund Cheley HOFFMAN*(1803052) 17 SqdnAlipore, India Spun into Ground 1m E of Alipo ...More
05 Nov 42 Hurricane II BN863 Fg Offr Albert Alexander HORVATH*(108635) 615 SqdnJessore, India Stalled at low altitude Cr 8m ...More
07 Nov 42 Hurricane BN692 Sgt Charles Henry BARTON*(1111461) 79 SqdnKanchrapara, India Spun into ground during aeroba ...More
10 Nov 42 Mohawk IV AX898 Fg Offr John Clive Dawson SQUIBB*(85951) 155 SqdnAgartala, Burma KIA Air Combat ...More

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