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A total of 770 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
17 May 44 Hurricane IIC KZ877 Plt Offr E S D N Sparkes RAF(132135) 10 Sqdn IAFRisalpur, India Bounced on landing at night an ...More
18 May 44 Hurricane IIC HW171 Plt Offr Shroff(2391) 151 OTURisalpur, India overshot on landing at risalpu ...More
18 May 44 Spitfire VIII JG201 F Sgt William Geoffrey GOODWIN*(953856) 607 SqdnImphal, India Missing presumed shot down by ...More
20 May 44 Hurricane II LD388 F Sgt Joseph Willie Yvon BIBEAU*( R135134) 5 SqdnLanka, India 0925 Rhubarb Pinlebu, Wingtho. ...More
20 May 44 Hurricane IIC LE366 WO Kenneth Andrew MacKENZIE(1314319) 11 SqdnImphal, India 17.25 Hours. Cat B Ran off the ...More
21 May 44 Hurricane II B Fg Offr N S Masih*(2453) 1 Sqdn IAFImphal, India SD by Oscars over Bishenpur Ar ...More
23 May 44 Hurricane IIC LB797 WO Noel Oswald BOWDEN*(412307) 11 SqdnImphal, India Bowden and Flt Lt V D Page wer ...More
23 May 44 Hurricane IIC LB778 WO Martin Leland Fairles(R123039) 11 SqdnImphal, India Overshot landing and U/C Colla ...More
28 May 44 Spitfire VIII F Sgt Ronald Balfour HENDERSON*(1346430) 136 SqdnChittagong, India F540 missing. F541 page missin ...More
29 May 44 Spitfire Vc MH640 Sqn Ldr David William McCORMACK(400232) 615 SqdnPalel, India Air Combat Glycol Leak Crash l ...More
30 May 44 Hurricane IV KZ323 F Sgt Arthur Russell HOGWOOD*(1337629) 42 SqdnPalel, Stalled on approach and hit gr ...More
30 May 44 Hurricane IV LD290 WO Gerard Francis McMillan*(1371004) 42 SqdnPalel, 1125Hrs Hit hill while attacki ...More
30 May 44 Spitfire VIII JG621 F Sgt Ronald LYNN*(1451341) 273 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon Collided with JG565 nr Colombo ...More
31 May 44 Hurricane IID KW869 Fg Offr Frank PEGG*(54313) 20 SqdnChiringa, India Aircraft A At 14:45 Failed to ...More
31 May 44 Hurricane LD785 F Sgt Kenneth Charles Melville TAYLOR*(1339169) 60 Sqdn, India Crashed in Forced landing at K ...More
02 Jun 44 Hurricane IID HW670 Flt Lt Roger George COBLEY (119836) 20 SqdnChiringa, India Aircraft T, Forcelanded at Bea ...More
05 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC LB714 WO Berry Lemington ULRICK*(413048) 146 SqdnYelahanka, India Travelling from Yelahanka to M ...More
05 Jun 44 Thunderbolt HB977 Flt Lt Elton Budd HART*(J7903) 135 SqdnMinneriya, Ceylon Day was marred by fatal accide ...More
06 Jun 44 Hurricane HW309 Plt Offr J H V Smith*(3440) 2 Sqdn IAFKohat, India Hit telegraph wires and crashe ...More
08 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC LB992 Plt Offr Alan Earnest WILLIAMS*(163023) 28 SqdnImphal, India Started out on sortie , radioe ...More
14 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC LD742 Sgt B L TAMPLIN(1417329) 22 FCKhurta, Engine cut, belly landed Khirj ...More
15 Jun 44 Liberator VI EV837 WO Robert Douglas Stow*(938440) 160 Sqdn, Ceylon Skipper: 938440 W/O Robert Dou ...More
15 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC LD665 F Sgt R E S MAIDMENT(1587537) 22 FCMianwala, Crashed on take off due to tak ...More
15 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC PJ779 F Sgt E G Matta(1317853) 134 SqdnArkonam, India Five ac airborne. F/Sgt Matta ...More
15 Jun 44 Spitfire Vc MA694 F Sgt James Bordro McKay*(1387314) 615 SqdnPalel, India one of ten aircraft detailed o ...More
17 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC LB738 Lt E R MORRIS(328454V) 22 FCBairagarh, Landed in a strong wind, made ...More
17 Jun 44 Spitfire Vc MA284 W O J E PAYNE(409953) 615 SqdnPalel, India Missing presumed shot down by ...More
21 Jun 44 Spitfire Vc MA654 Flt Lt K F Gannon(404563) 615 SqdnPalel, India Hit a tree but bought back dam ...More
24 Jun 44 Vengeance II AN725 F Sgt Bernard Henry POTTER*(1582117)
Thomas William ETCHELLS*(1432992)
1581 Flt, India Missing on calibration flight ...More
26 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC LD860 WO George Frazer KINGSBURY(R135940) 5 Sqdn, Hit trees in bad weather on fe ...More
26 Jun 44 Vengeance III FD105 Plt Offr B FINNIE(J19791)
Fg Offr John Frederick ELLIS*(136727)
84 SqdnMambur, Burma An unfortunate occurance in on ...More
27 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC KZ894 F Sgt Robert George BISHOP*(1430156) 11 SqdnImphal, India Hit by AA fire and Crashed. Mi ...More
28 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC HV427? Lt M H DELPOT(205593) 22 FCGhushkara, Made a succesful forced landin ...More
29 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC LD855 F Sgt D G Axford(1321775) 134 SqdnArkonam, India Struck a tree while caryring o ...More
01 Jul 44 Blenheim V BA334 F Sgt John Chalmers LYLE*(1387955) 3 RFUPoona, India hit ground low-flying 10 miles ...More
07 Jul 44 Hurricane IIC LD779 WO Henning William Holman KERBEY*(184573) 34 SqdnDergaon, Stalled recovering from dive a ...More
08 Jul 44 Hurricane IIC KX951 F Sgt Kenneth Albert WHITE*(1320549) 60 SqdnKumbhirgram, Missing in cloud during sweep ...More
08 Jul 44 Hurricane IIC LD998 F Sgt Robert Percy SWEET*(1384630) 60 SqdnKumbhirgram, Pulled up into icloud after at ...More
12 Jul 44 Hurricane IIB AM293 Fg Offr J I S Bir(1993) 151 OTURisalpur, India FL at Fort Jobindargh, Amritsa ...More
17 Jul 44 Thunderbolt I HD101 Fg Offr A L W Kerr(J26379) 146 SqdnYelahanka, India A very unfortunate day for the ...More
19 Jul 44 Hurricane IIC LE335 WO J MARSHALL(938156) 21 FC, India Engine lost power, hit tree du ...More
21 Jul 44 Hurricane IV LD446 F Sgt Harold Oliver WILLIAMS*(657362) 42 SqdnPalel, Missing from attack on Bridge. ...More
27 Jul 44 Thunderbolt I FL767 Sgt Peter Rowland Challen LAPSLEY*(1474375) 1670 CUYelahanka, India Dived into ground on fire near ...More
29 Jul 44 Harvard IIB FE961 F Sgt Ernest Reginald CRAMP*(1388442)
F Sgt Allan Patrick BRANIFF*
3 RFUPoona, India Cr low flying 10m ENE Poona, h ...More
29 Jul 44 Hurricane IIc LD651 Fg Offr Antonil Chuyil Prabhakaran*(2342) 1 Sqdn IAFImphal, India FTR from Tamu/Sittaung Area. L ...More
01 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC LD739 LT CHATER(329077) 21 FC, India Lost power on Ferry flight and ...More
04 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC LD956 Fg Offr Sundaram Jayaram*(2371) 9 Sqdn IAF, Last reported position, betwee ...More
04 Aug 44 Hurricane IIB JS338 Fg Offr J I S Bir(1993) 151 OTURisalpur, India soft ground taxi, uc collapse ...More
04 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC HV419 Fg Offr H K Bose(2348) 2 Sqdn IAFAhmedabad, India Taxied into a stationary HV419 ...More
04 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC HL772 Flt Lt H S Ratnagar(1538) 2 Sqdn IAFAhmedabad, India Ac badly damaged when HV419 fl ...More

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