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1945 : 824
A total of 824 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
17 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC LB658 9 FU, India Lost power on Ferry flight and ...More
17 Jan 45 Hurricane HV914 Fg Offr John 1 Sqdn IAF, Engine cut, FL at Bawli Bazar ...More
18 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC LE791 9 Sqdn IAF, UC leg collapsed on Landing at ...More
18 Jan 45 Vengeance II AN747 1331 CURisalpur, India Engine lost power, BL, Risalpu ...More
18 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC KZ771 Fg Offr J S Ingle 10 Sqdn IAFRamu, India Engine cut, BL at Tippie near ...More
18 Jan 45 Hurricane LE257 Fg Offr Eric Stewart ALEXANDER(160703) 60 SqdnTaukkyan, Burma At 1005 Hours - 12 ac raid on ...More
18 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC LB655 F Sgt J.D. Avery(1586494) 113 SqdnYazagyo, 0935-1130Hrs. Swung on landing ...More
20 Jan 45 Hurricane IID HW539 WO Reginald James HOLMAN*(1387923) 20 SqdnSapam, India Crashed into ground during att ...More
21 Jan 45 Thunderbolt II KJ268 F Sgt W D Chapman 79 SqdnWangjing, India 11 aircraft under Sqn Ldr May ...More
21 Jan 45 Liberator VI KG974 WO Percy Norman Sayer(1378229) 99 Sqdn, The colliding bombers were not ...More
21 Jan 45 Liberator VI KH254 Plt Offr Noel Thalman Biccard*(410044) 99 Sqdn, The colliding bombers were not ...More
22 Jan 45 Spitfire VIII LV670 WO H Batchelor 67 SqdnAkyab, Burma Collided with JG550 on landing ...More
22 Jan 45 Spitfire VIII JG550 Flt Lt L A Thorgood 67 SqdnAkyab, Burma Engine cut on landing run into ...More
22 Jan 45 Liberator VI KH215 Flt Lt Kenneth Hartle Brailsford*(139520) 358 Sqdn, KH215 was one of three Liberat ...More
22 Jan 45 Hurricane LE559 Plt Offr Bob Kumar*(2010) 2 Sqdn IAFMambur, India Failed to return - sortie over ...More
22 Jan 45 Thunderbolt II KJ157 30 SqdnJumchar, India Not in ORB - last flown by WO ...More
23 Jan 45 Spitfire VIII LV680 F Sgt A H MIlne 136 Sqdn, Ceylon Taxied into pile of metal stri ...More
23 Jan 45 Liberator VI KH277 Sqn Ldr Anthony Stanley Mortimer Pim*(60566) 358 Sqdn, KH277 was one of three Liberat ...More
23 Jan 45 Liberator VI KH278 Flt Lt Stanley Douglas Mayhew*(63404) 358 Sqdn, KH278 was one of three Liberat ...More
23 Jan 45 Hurricane LD828 Fg Offr Harbans Singh BAHIA*(2446) 2 Sqdn IAFMambur, India 1730 Hours crashed during slow ...More
23 Jan 45 Hurricane IID HV670 A/Plt Offr D S Legha 1 SFTSAmbala, India 1645 Hrs. Overshot runway and ...More
23 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC LF173 Plt Offr Bradshaw (RAF) 4 Sqdn IAFMadhubania, India FL at Madhubania after ole leg ...More
24 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC HW855 Plt Offr Bernard Oliver Eugene Read(184888) 113 SqdnOnbauk, India 1635-1715Hrs. Crashed on take ...More
24 Jan 45 Vengeance IV FD259 Fg Offr G M Young(J19275) 320 MUDrigh Road, India belly landing at fair weather ...More
25 Jan 45 Spitfire VIII Fg Offr P Chuckerbutty(1611) 8 Sqdn IAFNidania, India Crashed western side of runway ...More
25 Jan 45 Thunderbolt II HD281 WO R Mackenzie(1393402) 134 SqdnRatnap, India Two close support missions wer ...More
26 Jan 45 Liberator VI KH112 356 Sqdn, India Dhubalia Undershot landing, ba ...More
26 Jan 45 Spitfire VIII WO Jacques Lucien Jean ENGINEER*(1330410) 81 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon While low flying in hilly coun ...More
26 Jan 45 Harvard IIB FT123 3 RFUPoona, India landed wheels up at night. Mai ...More
27 Jan 45 Thunderbolt II KJ239 --- ------- 123 SqdnNazir, India Accident to KJ239, whilst bein ...More
28 Jan 45 Hurricane PJ719 F Sgt T K Parkes 60 SqdnTaukkyan, Burma In M Aircraft obliged to make ...More
28 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC LD956 Fg Offr Geoffrey Laurence HISCOX(162244) 28 SqdnKalemyo, Burma Developed Hydraulic Trouble an ...More
29 Jan 45 Harvard IIB FE889 A/P/O K D F Menezes 1 SFTSAmbala, India Landed heavily on port wheel c ...More
29 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC BN877 Sgt Alfred John Vaughan CRANE*(1809343) 3 RFUPoona, India Spun into ground during aeroba ...More
29 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC HW659 A/Plt Offr Zafar Mahmud 1 SFTSAmbala, India Forcelanded near Hansi after P ...More
30 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC LE459 Plt Offr Muthuveera Veerasamy Sheeta Raman*(2780) 151 OTURisalpur, India cr at bombing range due to div ...More
30 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC LF276 Plt Offr S P Sen(2636) 4 Sqdn IAFMadhubania, India forcelanded on beach 2 miles f ...More
31 Jan 45 Spitfire VIII Fg Offr G R Piper(151209) 273 SqdnKyaukpyu, Burma FO G R PIper ran off the runwa ...More
31 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC LE980 - 9 Sqdn IAF, DBR when JS423 blew up at Ramu ...More
31 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC LF171 - 9 Sqdn IAF, DBR when JS423 blew up at Ramu ...More
31 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC JS423 - 9 Sqdn IAF, blew up at Ramu while being se ...More
31 Jan 45 Vengeance III FB996 356 MURisalpur, India Crashed on airfield. Pilot and ...More
31 Jan 45 Liberator V BZ938 Sqn Ldr Bradley
F Sgt Leslie Bellingan*(
354 Sqdn, Burma (MPoole) The pilot was S/Ldr B ...More
01 Feb 45 Spitfire VIII --- ---- 17 SqdnTaukkyan, Burma [607 ORB] At 0410 hours that m ...More
01 Feb 45 Spitfire VIII JG561 Sgt J Barlow 273 SqdnKyaukpyu, Burma Taxied onto soft ground and ov ...More
01 Feb 45 Spitfire VIIIc JF778 8 Sqdn IAFNidania, India engine cut, undershot runway, ...More
01 Feb 45 Thunderbolt II KJ179 Plt Offr Ronald Leonard REES*(177417) 261 SqdnWangjing, India 12 thunderbolts visited MEIKTI ...More
01 Feb 45 Thunderbolt KJ300 308 MUBamrauli, India Overshot landing and hit trees ...More
02 Feb 45 Spitfire VIII JG667 Not67Akyab, Burma Hit tree during attack and cra ...More
02 Feb 45 Spitfire VIII JG694 WO Clark 155 SqdnTabingaung, Burma Hit tree on take-off Tabinggau ...More

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