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1945 : 824
A total of 824 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
01 Jun 45 Liberator VI BZ998 Flt Lt Arthur Howard*(88643) 322 MU, India 5m SSW of Chakeri, ac port inn ...More
02 Jun 45 Thunderbolt II KL174 Plt Offr George Alexander STEWART*(C90340) 79 SqdnMyingyan North, Burma In the afternoon five aircraft ...More
02 Jun 45 Hurricane IV LF432 Plt Offr V Y Korgaokar(3060) 151 OTUPeshawar, India hit a tree during practice div ...More
02 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII JG608 F Sgt D G Patten(1585344) 81 SqdnAmarda Road, India Aircraft flying at 50ft agl ra ...More
02 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LE164 2 Sqdn IAF, Stalled off turn and crashed n ...More
02 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LB800 Plt Offr R C Adams(2972) 3 Sqdn IAFSt Thomas Mount, India St Thomas Mount - Pilot told t ...More
02 Jun 45 Thunderbolt I HB984 F/Sgt Ronald John TEBBY*(1586928) 5 SqdnNazir, India Kyaukpyu eng failure on approa ...More
03 Jun 45 Harvard IIB FE789 Fg Offr Frederick David IRVINE*(178975)
Sqn Ldr Robert William Stanley MARSHALL*(63386)
17 SqdnAkyab, missing in bad weather. Missin ...More
03 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII MT888 WO John Ernest Farrell(413364) 607 SqdnMingaladon, Burma Aircraft tyre burst on TO run ...More
04 Jun 45 Thunderbolt II KL284 8 RFUYelahanka, India Mettupalam - eng failure at 25 ...More
04 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII NH623 Fg Offr K G Raman(1767) 9 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India Port tyre burt on TO, became a ...More
04 Jun 45 Thunderbolt II KL204 34 Sqdn, Engine cut in circult, BL Kinm ...More
04 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LD414 Fg Offr Khemendra Nath Kak*(2004) 1 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India Crashed during auth aerobatic ...More
05 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LD957 7 Sqdn IAF, Ran out of fuel and BL at Okar ...More
05 Jun 45 Hurricane IV KZ909 Sgt Wicks(1586366) 3 RFUPoona, India Engine caught fire, belly land ...More
05 Jun 45 Thunderbolt II KJ296 Fg Offr Fraser(BVAF1037) 146 SqdnMyingyan, Burma Air test carried out by Fraer ...More
05 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII MT909 Flt Lt John Alfred ROUND DFC*(138653) 607 SqdnMingaladon, Burma ac lost in a non operational s ...More
05 Jun 45 Liberator VI KH389 Fg Offr Frederic Vincent Brennan 99 Sqdn, part of 8 formation , went int ...More
05 Jun 45 Liberator VI EW111 Kolar, India Tail hit ground landing at Kol ...More
05 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC KZ352 Plt Offr Richard John LOWRY(181794) GATURanchi, India Lost power on take off and hit ...More
05 Jun 45 Hurricane IV LE398 Fg Offr Sam HINCHLIFFE(162161) GATURanchi, India Ran out of fuel and belly land ...More
06 Jun 45 Harvard IIB FS990 155 Sqdn, Chittagong ac swung to port on ...More
06 Jun 45 Hurricane IV LD797 F Sgt Colin Campbell Meikle*(1604174) 8 FU, India Ran out of fuel. Stalled on ap ...More
06 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LE958 Fg Offr Victor Srihari(1624) 151 OTUPeshawar, India ac caught fire at 9000ft, pilo ...More
06 Jun 45 Vengeance IV FD314 WO D N BOOTH 22 AACUDrigh Road, India Drigh Road, Premature Pull out ...More
06 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII MT570 1331 CURisalpur, India Risalpur - heavy landing after ...More
06 Jun 45 Liberator VI KH326 Flt Lt Arie Frank Timmermanns*(J/12779) 357 Sqdn, India Missing from Operations in And ...More
07 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII MD236 WO L E Sampson 607 SqdnMingaladon, A weather test was flown at 09 ...More
07 Jun 45 Spitfire PR.XI T PL841 Flt Lt Thomas WOODHOUSE*(55003) 681 SqdnAlipore, Burma Failed to Return from sortie n ...More
07 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII MT617 10 FU, India Bhivperrim pilot got lost and ...More
07 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII JF276 F Sgt William Allan HESLOP*(1333324) 131 SqdnDalbumgarh, India Died in an accident practice s ...More
08 Jun 45 Thunderbolt II HD279 308 MUBamrauli, India Bamrauli - ac belly landed aft ...More
09 Jun 45 Harvard IIB FS935 FLt Lt Roy RAINE(134134) 228 GpCFRanchi, UC Collapse - Ranchi on landin ...More
09 Jun 45 Liberator III BZ950 Plt Offr John Patrick Hynes*(421734) 160 SqdnMinnerya, Ceylon Cr 5m E of Minnerya Ceylon Cr ...More
10 Jun 45 Spitfire VIIIc JG171 Plt Offr John Jasper Bouche(2938) 8 Sqdn IAF, India Overshot landing without flaps ...More
11 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII MT840 Fg Offr Janmast Afridi(2879) 9 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India Engine fialure, force landed C ...More
12 Jun 45 Liberator VI KH350 W/O Kenneth Mayo HODGSON*(1493778) 358 Sqdn, India Jessore ac crashed after take ...More
12 Jun 45 Harvard IIB FE298 Plt Offr David Charles Martin ELIAS*(181247)
FSgt Andrew John COLEMAN*(576820)
60 SqdnThedaw, Missing on flight from Thedaw ...More
12 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC HL865 Plt Offr C T Mutayah(3044) 151 OTUPeshawar, India Peshawar, aircraft blown off t ...More
12 Jun 45 Liberator VI EW150 Fg Offr Floyd Reginald Ross*(J/28564) 356 Sqdn, 12 June 1945. Further loss inf ...More
12 Jun 45 Liberator VI KH316 Fg Offr Floyd Reginald Ross*(J/28564) 356 Sqdn, India Nowgong Assam Flew into cloud ...More
13 Jun 45 Liberator VI EV864 356 Sqdn, India Santa Cruz Bombay ...More
13 Jun 45 Liberator VI KH252 WO Geoffrey Edwin Staines*(1541974) 358 Sqdn, India Ac crashed into ground returni ...More
14 Jun 45 Hurricane LD433 Plt Offr H S Gill(2862) 151 OTUPeshawar, India U/C Extended due to pull out. ...More
14 Jun 45 Hurricane IID HW725 Plt Offr D Neves(3070) 151 OTUPeshawar, India failure of brake. aircraft swu ...More
14 Jun 45 Liberator VI EW215 358 Sqdn, India Ramree Island - ac fl after cl ...More
15 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII MT740 Fg Offr Kenneth Albert Prumridge(177842) 152 SqdnHmwabi, Burma Diverted to Hmawbi - forclande ...More
15 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII MV402 Flt Lt W Pitchford(127912) 152 SqdnThedaw, Burma Defensive Patrol. Arrived at b ...More
15 Jun 45 Liberator VI KH361 Fg Offr C W Wheeler 99 Sqdn, India Damaged by Ground fire over ta ...More
15 Jun 45 Liberator VI KG878 99 Sqdn, Burma dam by GF over targets in Bob ...More

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