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A total of 770 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
28 Mar 45 Hurricane II Z3888 F Sgt P C Mastin(1622039) GATURanchi, India Failed to take off - prop cont ...More
29 Mar 45 Hurricane IV LF467 Plt Offr Khan(3006) 151 OTUBasal, India took off from Basal af to Pesh ...More
30 Mar 45 Hurricane IIC LF211 Fg Offr P B Pawar(2123) 3 Sqdn IAFDabaing I, India Cr on Elizabeth island between ...More
31 Mar 45 Vengeance I AP122 Sgt John WRIGHT*(1452337)
AC2 W M BHASKAR *(16526)
22 AACUChakulia, India Crashed near Chakulia, in a vi ...More
31 Mar 45 Vengeance I EZ807 Fg Offr Louis Vincent Chester FABIAN(150653) 22 AACU, India Not a Write Off. Tipped over t ...More
01 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LE740 Fg Offr T N Ghadiok(2354) 4 Sqdn IAFKyaukpyu, Burma FL in friendly territory 0820- ...More
03 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LD184 Fg Offr Prem Sagar Gupta(2335) 1 Sqdn IAF, Control lost in cloud, flew in ...More
05 Apr 45 Hurricane Fg Offr Salahuddin(1734) 2 Sqdn IAFAkyab, India Crash landed in enemy terriotr ...More
07 Apr 45 Thunderbolt I HD112 F Sgt Philip ANSON*(1623027) 5 SqdnNazir, India Blew up in air after dropping ...More
10 Apr 45 Thunderbolt II KJ218 WO G F Walden(1317873) 134 SqdnCox Bazaar, India 1045-1215 Hrs. On official sch ...More
12 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC KW767 Flt Lt David Lessels Williamson(131037) 28 SqdnMeiktila, Burma EAST PYINAMA 1300 Hours. Force ...More
14 Apr 45 Hurricane IIc KX853 Fg Offr Jagdish Singh Kochar*(1739) 7 Sqdn IAF, India Cr at XXX III Corps HQ at Paga ...More
14 Apr 45 Thunderbolt II KJ192 F Sgt Donald Oliver GRADY*(1607363) 261 SqdnWangjing, India Reported missing following a s ...More
14 Apr 45 Hurricane IID KX421 A/Plt Offr Y K Williams(3065) 1 SFTSAmbala, India Landed Heavilly, bounced on la ...More
15 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LB732 Fg Offr H D Jarman RAF(53573) 10 Sqdn IAFKyaukpyu, Burma Offensive recce over Irrawadi. ...More
15 Apr 45 Thunderbolt I HD148 F Sgt David Greig DENNETT*(1048316) 113 SqdnWangjing, Burma Training trip near Pinlebu - m ...More
15 Apr 45 Hurricane Plt Offr A K Sahgal(2830) 2 Sqdn IAFAkyab, India Forcelanded East of Mybong due ...More
16 Apr 45 Thunderbolt II KL313 WO K MEDCALF(1320945) 34 SqdnKwetnge, Burma Squadron converted to P47 in M ...More
18 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LB556 Plt Offr I S Brara(3045) 151 OTUPeshawar, India engine overheated. forced land ...More
20 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LE769 WO A D BROWN(423615) GATURanchi, India aircraft hit lorry with port i ...More
21 Apr 45 Thunderbolt II KL231 Plt Offr Russell Stuart JACK*(410340) 79 SqdnMyingyan North, Burma Cabrank sorties patrolling THA ...More
23 Apr 45 Hurricane IV LD165 Fg Offr Bernard Hobart(171213) 28 SqdnMeiktila, Burma Sortie to Toungoo - Engine cut ...More
24 Apr 45 Spitfire VIII JF829 F Sgt James Myles WHYTE(1565823) 81 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon Abandoned take-off overshot an ...More
25 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC HW492 Plt Offr Surinder Singh(3009) 151 OTUPeshawar, India part of fuselage torn away dur ...More
25 Apr 45 Thunderbolt II KJ325 WO Donald Dudley WESTGARTH*(413463) 146 SqdnWangjing, India Returning to base from sortie ...More
26 Apr 45 Spitfire VIII JG646 WO John Ernest Farrell(413364) 607 SqdnMeiktila, Burma Hit water on strip swung and o ...More
26 Apr 45 Hurricane IID HW725 Plt Offr Carlton(2963) 151 OTUPeshawar, India UC Collapse while taxying. Cat ...More
30 Apr 45 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr Narayan Shamu Prasad*(2388) 7 Sqdn IAF, India SD by GF at Allanmyo, Cr in Ir ...More
30 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LE446 WO Edward Lloyd HOLMES*(1239974) 11 SqdnSinthe, Burma hit by ground fire .Tried to f ...More
30 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LD831 Plt Offr R G Buchanan(2973) 151 OTUPeshawar, India Belly Landed due to distorted ...More
30 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LD997 Flt Lt Roger William Housemayne du BOULAY(134136) 28 SqdnMeiktila, Burma Belly landed 5m SW of Pegu Eng ...More
02 May 45 Thunderbolt II KJ275 Fg Offr R C Garrett(162303) 134 SqdnKyaukpyu, Burma .Mission to strafe braches at ...More
02 May 45 Liberator VI KH210 Sqn Ldr Gerald Anthony DeSouza*(118069)
Wg Cdr J B Nicholson*(39329)
355 SqdnSalbani, India Bay of Bengal Engine caught fi ...More
07 May 45 Thunderbolt II HD217 Flt Lt Sydney Walter BROWN*(J20638) 258 SqdnRatnap, India It is with sincere regreat tha ...More
11 May 45 Harvard IIB FS781 WO E B Bull(1337498) 151 OTUPeshawar, India AC Swung on landing, u/c colla ...More
11 May 45 Hurricane IIC HV301 A/Plt Offr M R Irani(3022) 1 SFTSAmbala, India 1125 Hrs Student pilot forgot ...More
12 May 45 Hurricane IID KX244 Plt Offr K K Malhotra(3008) 151 OTUPeshawar, India FL in bad country at Jhandra. ...More
14 May 45 Harvard IIB FE614 Flt Lt Frederick Charles FORTUNE*(145670)
Fg Offr Gordon LAUDER*(163685)
45 Sqdn, Cr during low inverted run Mon ...More
14 May 45 Spitfire VIII JG428 F Sgt James Myles WHYTE*(1565823) 81 SqdnAmarda Road, India 14th of May saw the death of F ...More
14 May 45 Spitfire VIII JF830 WO E Trusler(429731) 273 SqdnMingaladon, Burma Aircraft E Mingaldon 14.5.45 1 ...More
15 May 45 Spitfire VIII MT558 Plt Offr J J Bouche(2938) 151 OTUPeshawar, India pulled out violently during do ...More
15 May 45 Liberator VI EV945 Flt Lt Franklin A Riffle(J/14340) 354 Sqdn, Ceylon Aircraft ditched in sea while ...More
15 May 45 Hurricane IIC LE815 Sgt Beddis(1588034) GATURanchi, India Stalled on approach. On circui ...More
18 May 45 Spitfire VIII JG341 F Sgt D G Patten(1585344) 81 SqdnAmarda Road, India Aircraft landed on flat tyre, ...More
19 May 45 Hurricane IV LD236 A/Plt Offr R L Sayce(3086) 1 SFTSAmbala, India Ambala - Pilot made heavy land ...More
20 May 45 Hurricane IIC LD680 Fg Offr P J Mathews(2387) 7 Sqdn IAF, India FTR from sortie, Pilot was res ...More
21 May 45 Hurricane IIC HV796 Plt Offr Masum Ali Vazir*(2136) 7 Sqdn IAF, India FTR from Tactical Recce Sortie ...More
22 May 45 Hurricane IID KW879 A/Plt Offr P K Ghosh(3081) 1 SFTSAmbala, India Engine failed at height of 700 ...More
23 May 45 Spitfire VIII MT709 Plt Offr F S Hussain(3002) 151 OTUPeshawar, India Taxied into Hurricane BN399 at ...More
23 May 45 Hurricane IIC LE503 Plt Offr Aubrey Archibald MARTINNANT(3041) 151 OTUPeshawar, India ac went into high speed stall ...More

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