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1945 : 824
A total of 824 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
01 Sep 45 Liberator VI KL491 Fg Offr John Edwin Hosking Steele*(173037) 99 Sqdn, 173037 F/O John Edwin Hosking ...More
01 Sep 45 Hurricane IIC LE208 Flt Lt Henry Frederick SMITH(150131) 28 SqdnMeiktila, Burma Belly-landed after running out ...More
02 Sep 45 Liberator VIII KP140 Fg Offr Tom Blackburn
Fg Offr Crawford
355 Sqdn, Abandoned after all engines cu ...More
03 Sep 45 Hurricane IIC HW535 Plt Offr C G Bush(3116) 151 OTUPeshawar, India Fatehjang - aircraft BL after ...More
04 Sep 45 Thunderbolt HD290 F Sgt George Brian MACHIN*(1624903) 36 SPVizagapatam, India A ferry pilot from Kanchapara ...More
04 Sep 45 Hurricane IID HW669 Plt Offr Brar(3047) 151 OTUPeshawar, India 33.58n 71.58 E aircraft BL aft ...More
08 Sep 45 Spitfire XIV RN195 56 SP, India Amulla, Madhya Pradesh -ac FL ...More
10 Sep 45 Hurricane IIC LE140 Plt Offr Fernandes(3057) 151 OTUPeshawar, India lost between Gorla and Attock ...More
10 Sep 45 Spitfire VIII MT680 WO Sydney Osborne Appleby(1292707) 152 SqdnZayatkwin, Burma Engine fail after takeoff from ...More
11 Sep 45 Thunderbolt I FL812 8 RFUYelahanka, India Yelahanka - ac was dam by rich ...More
11 Sep 45 Spitfire XIV RM998 17 SqdnMadura, India Madura - uc collapse on landin ...More
11 Sep 45 Spitfire VIII WO Anderson* 152 SqdnZayatkwin, Burma 14 ac took off for Penang and ...More
11 Sep 45 Spitfire VIII MT968 F Sgt Edward Albert WATTS(1802654) 155 SqdnPenang, Malaysia Ran into MT997 on runway Penan ...More
11 Sep 45 Spitfire VIII MT997 F Sgt Woollett 155 SqdnPenang, Malaysia Hit by MT968 on runway Penang ...More
11 Sep 45 Spitfire VIII MT908 Plt Offr Stuart(3124) 151 OTUPeshawar, India Bird Hit, Damage to radiator a ...More
11 Sep 45 Thunderbolt II KL189 F Sgt Douglas Edward BUTLER*(1615752) 34 SqdnZayatkwin, Burma Two aircraft set off to recce ...More
12 Sep 45 Liberator VI KK360 70 Sqdn, India Bari - ac touched down 20 yard ...More
14 Sep 45 Liberator VIII KN781 355 SqdnSalbani, India Sank back and crashed on take- ...More
14 Sep 45 Spitfire VIII F Sgt MacKay 152 SqdnPenang, Malaysia Three more ac led by F S Banks ...More
15 Sep 45 Hurricane IID KW794 A/Plt Offr Hidayat Ali Raja*(3136) 1 SFTSAmbala, India Crashed after repeated carryin ...More
16 Sep 45 Hurricane IV KW911 36 SP FFLahore, Hit bird 60m N of Lahore. Not ...More
16 Sep 45 Liberator VIII KN780 Fg Offr Tom Blackburn 355 Sqdn, Ran short of fuel in bad weath ...More
17 Sep 45 Spitfire XIV NH868 56 SP, India 2m S of Bombay - near Surat. E ...More
17 Sep 45 Spitfire VIIIc LV646 Plt Offr Gladstone Herbert Snell*(3018) 8 Sqdn IAFMingaladon, Burma No.2 in formation. Missing in ...More
18 Sep 45 Spitfire VIII MT623 327 MUAgartala, India Agartala - aircraft landed wit ...More
19 Sep 45 Thunderbolt HD256 14 FU, Ran out of fuel and bellylande ...More
19 Sep 45 Hurricane IID KZ861 Plt Offr Ashok Katju*(2942) 3 Sqdn IAFRisalpur, India Tyre Burst on ldg overturned. ...More
20 Sep 45 Harvard IIB FS713 W/O P A Hawksley Hill 1331 CURisalpur, Risalpur - Hit by Thud KL310 w ...More
20 Sep 45 Thunderbolt II KJ256 5 Sqdn, Baigachi AF Landed with u/c un ...More
22 Sep 45 Thunderbolt II KJ155 Not258, Lost Power on take off and und ...More
25 Sep 45 Spitfire VIII MD326 Plt Offr Stuart*(3124) 151 OTUPeshawar, India Mid air collision with MV415 d ...More
25 Sep 45 Spitfire VIII MV415 Plt Offr Bhaskar DUTT*(3096) 151 OTUPeshawar, India Mid air collision with MV415 d ...More
26 Sep 45 Thunderbolt I HD107 8 RFUYelahanka, India Yelahanka - eng caught fire wh ...More
27 Sep 45 Vengeance I AN884 1582 FltBakshi ka Talab, India Bakshi Ka Talab - u/c fail to ...More
27 Sep 45 Harvard IIB FE596 36 SP FF, DBR accident ...More
28 Sep 45 Spitfire VIII MD386 Fg Offr Ahmed 8 Sqdn IAFMingaladon, Engine cut bellylanded nr Ming ...More
29 Sep 45 Hurricane IIc BP668 1 Sqdn IAFRisalpur, India Took off from Miransha, Burst ...More
01 Oct 45 Hurricane II LE391 28 Sqdn, Burma Brakes failed while taxying, a ...More
02 Oct 45 Thunderbolt II KJ340 Sgt H C Brown 79 SqdnMyingyan North, Burma On 2nd October, Sgt HC Brown c ...More
02 Oct 45 Thunderbolt II KL286 WO John Howard Frank JAMES*(1339604) 131 SqdnZayatkwin, Burma Control lost in circuit in bad ...More
02 Oct 45 Hurricane IIc HW136 Fg Offr D M Oka(1813) 2 Sqdn IAFJodhpur, India Pilot took off with pitot head ...More
02 Oct 45 Liberator VI KH219 Fg Offr Gordon Alfred STEWART*(184025) 203 Sqdn, India Cr Singapore to Bay of Bengal ...More
03 Oct 45 Harvard IIB FE420 131 RSUMingaladon, Kwing-Paang Moulmein - ac bell ...More
03 Oct 45 Liberator VI KG889 1331 CU, India Risalpur failed to TO u/c torn ...More
05 Oct 45 Spitfire VIIIc MV231 Fg Offr J S Ingle(2370) 9 Sqdn IAF, India BL at Jhagpani, Bihar ...More
06 Oct 45 Thunderbolt I HB998 36 SPAlipore, India Alipore abandoned TO overran a ...More
06 Oct 45 Thunderbolt II KJ369 Not258Zayatkwin, Burma Zayatkwin - Burma - ac cr on t ...More
06 Oct 45 Liberator VI EW236 Fg Offr Leslie Samuel Drew*(182355) 99 Sqdn, Missing in Bay of Bengal on su ...More
06 Oct 45 Liberator VI KH258 Fg Offr Joseph Michael BENYON*(164515) 358 Sqdn, India Jessore ac crashed after eng f ...More
07 Oct 45 Thunderbolt II KJ248 113 SqdnZayatkwin, Burma Zayatkwin - ac BL after uc fai ...More

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