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1944 : 956
A total of 956 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
07 Oct 44 Hurricane IIB LE852 Plt Offr P K Senapati 151 OTURisalpur, India dam to prop after ran into dit ...More
07 Oct 44 Spitfire VIII W O J E PAYNE(409953) 615 SqdnBaigachi, India Four aircraft did GCI calibera ...More
09 Oct 44 Hurricane IIC LF203 Sgt Richard Charles FRANCE*(185352) SLAISRanchi, India Engine overheated, hit tree in ...More
09 Oct 44 Spitfire VIII LV669 WO E J Paterson 607 SqdnBaigachi, India WO Paterson was carryingout a ...More
10 Oct 44 Spitfire VIII JF893 Shikrapur, India Engine cut undershot landing a ...More
11 Oct 44 Harvard IIB NAN A/P/O A R Fairless 1 SFTSAmbala, India wheels up landing due to loss ...More
11 Oct 44 Hurricane IIC PJ685 Plt Offr N K Mukerjee 151 OTURisalpur, India belly landing, after tyre burs ...More
11 Oct 44 Thunderbolt I HD198 Fg Offr C C BETTS(402786) 258 SqdnArkonam, India Developed an inverted flat spi ...More
12 Oct 44 Spitfire VIII MD389 Poona, India Engine cut bellylanded 30m SE ...More
14 Oct 44 Thunderbolt II WO R E Amey(J93639) 79 SqdnVizagapatam, India Squadron move to Baigachi. Pil ...More
14 Oct 44 Hurricane HV666 Sgt MULLOCK 8 FUBamrauli, India Engine cut on approach, belly ...More
15 Oct 44 Spitfire VIII JG630 WO George Field BUCK(1375762) 607 SqdnBaigachi, India Air testing a VIIIF Mdel whent ...More
15 Oct 44 Spitfire VIII Flt Lt Luther Cameron ARDERN(116925) 615 SqdnBaigachi, India During a GCI Caliberation flig ...More
16 Oct 44 Hurricane IIC LB801 Sgt J McPOLIN*(1560871) 8 FURisalpur, India Stalled on take off , DBR. Air ...More
16 Oct 44 Spitfire VIII 81 SqdnMinneriya, Ceylon Four ac carried out attacks on ...More
17 Oct 44 Hurricane IIC LD172 Flt Lt Francis James DALY(119541) 28 SqdnDalbhumgarh, India FL near Chaibasa QV2890 after ...More
17 Oct 44 Spitfire VIIIc LV738 WO W F Stroud* RAF 8 Sqdn IAFSamungli, India Engine cut on approach, Crashe ...More
17 Oct 44 Hurricane IIC HV559 AFTUAmarda Road, India Engine cut, belly landed 16m W ...More
18 Oct 44 Thunderbolt II Flt Lt Herb A Ivens(J10849) 261 SqdnKhumbirgram, India Taxying to go out on operation ...More
18 Oct 44 Thunderbolt II W O N H T Pile 261 SqdnKhumbirgram, India Taxying to go out on operation ...More
18 Oct 44 Thunderbolt I HD180 5 SqdnYelahanka, India BL in error at Yelahanka. No m ...More
19 Oct 44 Hurricane IV KW897 Sgt Robin Ardern Taylor(1803995) 42 SqdnTulihal, Engine cut, belly landed near ...More
20 Oct 44 Spitfire VIII Sqn Ldr Alan TOFIELD*(42324) 81 SqdnMinneriya, Ceylon Posted as CO of 81 sqn. Crashe ...More
20 Oct 44 Thunderbolt I HB983 5 SqdnYelahanka, India Belly landed short of fuel, Mi ...More
20 Oct 44 Thunderbolt I HD140 5 SqdnYelahanka, India Ran short of fuel and belly la ...More
21 Oct 44 Hurricane IV LD467 Sgt Fred WHITAKER*(1673071) 42 SqdnTulihal, Crashed after attack on bridge ...More
22 Oct 44 Liberator VI EW256 Sqn Ldr S A Sharpe(45712) 159 Sqdn, 45712 S/Ldr S.A. Sharpe DFC ...More
23 Oct 44 Hurricane PJ739 1 AGS, India Collided with Hurricane HW136 ...More
23 Oct 44 Hurricane PJ800 Lt LAING (SAAF)(328464V) 10 FU, India Crashed at Baram due to fuel s ...More
24 Oct 44 Thunderbolt I FL842 WO Charlie Reginald VERRIER*(J92099) 146 SqdnKumbhirgram, India 8 Thunderbolts attacked Pantha ...More
25 Oct 44 Hurricane IV LD450 F Sgt Roy Vivian HALL*(1450285) 42 SqdnTulihal, Collided with LD675 on approac ...More
25 Oct 44 Hurricane IV LD675 Sgt R G T Shaw 42 SqdnTulihal, Collided with LD450 on approac ...More
25 Oct 44 Blenheim V EH409 Ferry Unit, India engine cut on take-off at Nagp ...More
26 Oct 44 Hurricane IIC KX247 SF Amarda RdAmarda Road, India Hit sea on low level exercise ...More
26 Oct 44 Hurricane IIC LE563 Plt Offr James Stuart Monro(162253) 11 SqdnImphal, India 1 aircraft Crash Landed Cat II ...More
27 Oct 44 Thunderbolt II HD157 Lt W N Strike(SAAF329039) 79 SqdnManipur Road, India Lt Strike had hard luck when h ...More
28 Oct 44 Thunderbolt HB962 Sgt Paul Henry STEVENS*(1604434) 135 SqdnChittagong, India Crashed shortly after take off ...More
28 Oct 44 Liberator VI EW155 Flt Lt Felix Andrew McCormick*(420481) 356 SqdnSalbani, India Crashed on take-off, Salbani, ...More
29 Oct 44 Liberator VI EV855 356 Sqdn, India Salbani All engines cut on app ...More
29 Oct 44 Hurricane IIC LD177 11 SqdnImphal, India Engine cut, FL in marsh, Logta ...More
30 Oct 44 Hurricane IIC LE629 Fg Offr Edwin Sidney JOLY*(157859) SLAISRanchi, India crashed near Petabar, Madras a ...More
31 Oct 44 Hurricane IIC KZ718 Flt Lt Edward Parkes HOLME(412538) SLAISRanchi, India Bounced on landing, blown off ...More
31 Oct 44 Hurricane IIC HL879 Fg Offr Lydecker 1 SFTSAmbala, India Lost hood in dive along with s ...More
31 Oct 44 Thunderbolt II HD264 Sgt Victor Alexander WATERS*(1605509) 30 SqdnChittagong, India Failed to get clear on take of ...More
01 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LE743 1301 Flt, India belly landed short of fuel 30m ...More
01 Nov 44 Spitfire VIII JF816 --- ---- 17 SqdnVavuniya, Ceylon A shocking accident occurred d ...More
02 Nov 44 Harvard IIB FE469 A/P/O Bruce Dalkieth YARDLEY(3019) 1 SFTSAmbala, India Hit tree whle low flying Magar ...More
02 Nov 44 Thunderbolt II HD113 Fg Offr J Bellew 258 SqdnArkonam, India A practice interception of a f ...More
02 Nov 44 Thunderbolt II HD179 Fg Offr R D King 258 SqdnArkonam, India A practice interception of a f ...More
03 Nov 44 Thunderbolt II HD245 WO H C Edwards(413171) 30 SqdnCox Bazaar, India 12 aircraft took off at 0730 h ...More

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