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1944 : 956
A total of 956 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
03 Nov 44 Hurricane IIc LD240 Fg Offr A M Kapur(1776) 1 Sqdn IAFImphal, India Cr inJungle due to Glycol Leak ...More
04 Nov 44 Thunderbolt II HD187 WO J F Williams 79 SqdnManipur Road, India 1330 Take off time. 6 Offensiv ...More
04 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC Fg Offr Smith RAF 10 Sqdn IAFChharra, India Aircraft F - Swung off runway ...More
04 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LE211 Plt Offr C A Hall 151 OTURisalpur, India BL Risalpur on TO ...More
04 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LF177 Plt Offr Peter Michael Craven VEITCH*(145073) 11 SqdnImphal, India 21.20 One aircraft night rhuba ...More
04 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LE356 WO James CRAGG(412493) 11 SqdnImphal, India One aircraft night rhubarb FOR ...More
04 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LB562 WO C Joly(R108382) 11 SqdnTamu, Burma Brakes failed on landing, over ...More
04 Nov 44 Vengeance I AN903 F/Sgt Maurice Benjamin JONES*(1576227)
F/Sgt David Mcleod LIVIE*(1022722)
22 AACU, India Cr after aircraft hit tree dur ...More
04 Nov 44 Liberator VI EW224 215 Sqdn, ( Flew 1 mission for 2 ...More
04 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC Fg Offr T K Lalith(2008) 1 SFTSAmbala, India Crashed after landing at NW en ...More
05 Nov 44 Spitfire VIII JG531 Fg Offr R W Thompson 17 SqdnVavuniya, Ceylon Forcelanded in open ground at ...More
05 Nov 44 Spitfire VIII WO Charles Walter GENTRY*(1386480) 155 SqdnPalel, India Spitfire Z Aircombat with Osca ...More
06 Nov 44 Vengeance II AN785 1581 FltBaigachi, India Engine cut, BL at Baigachi ...More
07 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LF204 Plt Offr P C Pavri*(2896) 151 OTURisalpur, India Cr at Nowshera swampy ground. ...More
08 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LE353 --- ---- 231 Gp FltAlipore, India Caught fire in Hangar . Burnt ...More
08 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LB678 10 Sqdn IAF, Overshot landing at Singarbill ...More
08 Nov 44 Vengeance I AN979 WO J Duckworth
AC M Roy
22 AACUSt Thomas Mount, India Failed to take off and underca ...More
08 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC KZ486 Fg Offr M Akhtar(1654) 3 Sqdn IAFKohat, India Overshot on landing and crashe ...More
08 Nov 44 Spitfire VIII F Sgt Donald Jack BENNETT*(1386203) 17 SqdnVavuniya, Ceylon Spun in and was killed just ou ...More
09 Nov 44 Hurricane HW414 10 Sqdn IAFImphal, India Swung on take off and hit ditc ...More
09 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LE964 Flt Lt D MacDonald 151 OTURisalpur, India taxied into by Hurri LD853 Jun ...More
09 Nov 44 Thunderbolt II HD289 P/O E A McKenzie(420772) 30 SqdnCox Bazaar, India 1520-1700 . escorting supply a ...More
10 Nov 44 Thunderbolt II HB988 146 SqdnKumbhirgram, India Caught fire running up at Kumb ...More
10 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LE590 WO Albert Charles Farrell(414216) 113 SqdnPalel, Engine cut, belly landed 0.5m ...More
10 Nov 44 Hurricane LE766 Fg Offr Sen Gupta(1590) 2 Sqdn IAFCox Bazar, India Spun in while landing at Cox. ...More
10 Nov 44 Liberator V BZ939 Fg Offr John William Underhill*(153104) 159 Sqdn, (MPoole) Takeoff 1515 to inves ...More
11 Nov 44 Hurricane IID HW673 WO J J Jenkins(412450) 20 SqdnMadras, India Forcelanded safely two miles f ...More
11 Nov 44 Thunderbolt I FL845 W O E R Griffiths(1334203) 146 SqdnKumbhirgram, India 10 ac scrambled to attack MEIK ...More
11 Nov 44 Hurricane IID KW900 9 FUAmritsar, India Ran out of fuel and CrL 5m NE ...More
11 Nov 44 Spitfire VIII Plt Offr Gardner 155 SqdnPalel, India 12 Spitfires were scrambled at ...More
12 Nov 44 Liberator VI KH159 Fg Offr John Brine Johnson*(J/24282) 159 Sqdn, Missing from minelaying off Mo ...More
12 Nov 44 Spitfire VIII Fg Offr R R K Robberts(173368) 273 SqdnCox Bazaar, India 16.55 Plt Offr R R K Roberts o ...More
14 Nov 44 Spitfire V MA672 Fg Offr S A Hussain(1706) 8 Sqdn IAFSamungli, India engine rough at 300' after TO, ...More
15 Nov 44 Hurricane IIc LD409 Fg Offr B B Chakraborty*(2368) 10 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India Failed to recover from dive an ...More
15 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC BD881 Sgt John Edwin Albert KINSMAN*(1604808) 3 RFUPoona, India crashed near Bakori after hitt ...More
15 Nov 44 Thunderbolt HD164 124 RSU, Caught fire starting up at Man ...More
17 Nov 44 Thunderbolt I FL755 1670 CUYelahanka, India Abandoned in cloud 50m N of Ye ...More
17 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LE390 Sqn Ldr Jack Rose(41472) 113 SqdnPalel, 1555Hrs - ten aircraft mission ...More
17 Nov 44 Thunderbolt II HD294 P/O V B J Carson(J23447) 30 SqdnChittagong, India 12 ac did a fighter sweep over ...More
17 Nov 44 Thunderbolt II HD298 W/O Ian Griffiths HARDY*(420880) 30 SqdnChittagong, India Died of injuries after collisi ...More
17 Nov 44 Spitfire VIII JG255 --- ---- 67 SqdnComilla, India Caught fire during servicing . ...More
18 Nov 44 Spitfire VIII Flt Lt Richard Fitzgerald MARRACK*(139943) 17 SqdnChina Bay, Ceylon Airparty left at 0800 hrs to S ...More
19 Nov 44 Thunderbolt II HD205 F/Sgt H H Martin 30 SqdnHathazari, India Overshot landing and went into ...More
19 Nov 44 Spitfire VIII WO J R R ReMillard 136 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon had engine trouble and forcela ...More
20 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC Fg Offr Colin James Ellis(163019) 113 SqdnPalel, 4m SW of Kalewa . Baled out - ...More
20 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LB568 WO Henry John BALL*(1382843) 113 SqdnPalel, Wing man to C J Ellis - bombin ...More
20 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC JS417 A/Plt Offr I Jan 1 SFTSAmbala, India Damaged on landing due to Oleo ...More
21 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC LF268 1300 FltAlipore, India undercarriage Collapsed on lan ...More
21 Nov 44 Harvard IIB FS786 Fg Offr Harold Mervyn BROWN*(2367)
Plt Offr Sudhir Kanti GUHA*(2515)
9 Sqdn IAFFeni, Cr during LL roll, at Feni. ...More
21 Nov 44 Spitfire VIII MD384 81 SqdnMinneriya, Ceylon Collided on landing with JG624 ...More

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