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A total of 79 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
24 Jan 42 Blenheim IV L7582 Sgt Percy Norman KEELEY*(785003)
Sgt Alvin Messines DINGLE*(402125)
113 SqdnMingaladon, Thailand 1916-01400 Failed to return fo ...More
25 Jan 42 Blenheim IV Z7911 2 Lt N M Russell 113 SqdnMingaladon, Burma Brakes failed. hurtled into em ...More
27 Jan 42 Blenheim IV Z6012 Lt J L B VINEY 113 SqdnMingaladon, Burma [ ...More
02 Feb 42 Blenheim IV Z7680 2 Lt N M Russell 113 SqdnMingaladon, Burma Crashed after tyre burst on la ...More
10 Feb 42 Blenheim IV Sgt WEBSTER 113 SqdnZayatkwin, Burma 13.30 hours. Sgt Webster and c ...More
14 Feb 42 Blenheim IV Sqn Ldr P R A FORD(40816) 113 SqdnZayatkwin, Burma Ford and Crew when taking off ...More
17 Feb 42 Blenheim IV Z7916 Sgt Lloyd 113 SqdnZayatkwin, Burma When taking off on this raid, ...More
01 Mar 42 Blenheim IV V6467 Sqn Ldr P R A FORD(40816)
Sgt Scott-Chard
113 SqdnMagwe, Burma When attempting to take off fr ...More
04 Mar 42 Blenheim Z7783 Flt Lt Sidney Francis LEE*(407177)
Sgt Kenneth William BRETT*(402123)
113 SqdnZayatkwin, Burma SD by Jap Fighters Cr L 60m E ...More
19 Apr 42 Blenheim IV Z9820 Fg Offr Max Milton HICKEY*(406527)
Plt Offr Ronald Llewellyn ROGERS*(407276)
113 Sqdn, India crashed into Irrawaddy River n ...More
24 Apr 42 Blenheim IV V6333 Flt Sgt William Victor HINDS*(745452)
Flt Sgt John Seton AITKEN*(580933)
113 SqdnAsansol, India Fg Offr Hammond and crew and F ...More
04 May 42 Blenheim IV Z6281 Lt John Ferguson McGLASHAN(21589) 113 SqdnDum Dum, India engine cut, crashed in forced- ...More
14 May 42 Blenheim IV Fg Offr G W N Bassingthwaitte(404619) 113 SqdnAsansol, Burma Raid on MAUKKADAW upto KALEWA ...More
23 May 42 Blenheim IV Z9620 Fg Offr Eric Francis Kennedy PEARSE*(406490)
Plt Offr Colin Davies GRIGG*(406382)
113 SqdnAsansol, India missing in bad storm on traini ...More
25 May 42 Blenheim IV Z9741 Sgt Taylor 113 Sqdn, India belly-landed short of fuel whe ...More
31 May 42 Blenheim IV V6029 Lt John Ferguson McGLASHAN(21589) 113 Sqdn, India collided with Wellington BB510 ...More
06 Jun 42 Blenheim IV Z9801? Lt John Ferguson McGLASHAN*(21589) 113 SqdnAsansol, India On way to target to akyab, Plt ...More
06 Jun 42 Blenheim IV Z7758 Flt Sgt Fredrick Cecil BANKS*(1286602)
Sgt William DRAKE*
113 SqdnAsansol, India 3 ac , Plt Of McGlashan, Sgt K ...More
18 Jun 42 Blenhiem IV Z7892 Sqn Ldr Clifton Watt HARPER*(42221)
Plt offr Leonard Anthony Lassetter BEAUCHAMP*(401266)
113 SqdnMyitkina, Burma Ninglaw, Burma; FTR Myitkina. ...More
08 Jul 42 Blenheim IV Z6155 Flt Sgt F Butcher
113 Sqdn, India unable to climb out of blind v ...More
18 Aug 42 Blenhiem T2245 Sgt Stanley Arthur GOSS*(R77142)
Sgt Charles Alexander WHITESIDE*(1181362)
113 Sqdn, India Crashlanded at Kotihar, Goss k ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim IV V5938 Fg OFfr Owen Lawrence LOANE*(402514)
Sgt Thomas BELL*(402184)
113 SqdnAsansol, India lost on same raid on Akyab; BA ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim IV V6507 Flt Sgt John Phibbs Ferguson REID(404362) 113 SqdnAsansol, India shot down in same raid on Akya ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim Fg Offr G W N Bassingthwaitte(404619) 113 SqdnAsansol, India Fg offr Bassingthwaite of 113 ...More
12 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Z7985 Flt Sgt M FOSTER
F Sgt Lawrence Charles TATTON*(960120)
113 SqdnAgartala, India two light bombs fell off on ta ...More
28 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Z7369 Sgt TAYLOR 113 SqdnAsansol, India collided with Z9749 (below) ha ...More
28 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Z9749 Sgt Walter Scott MCLELLAN (402246)
Sgt James Reginald VERNON (407143)
113 SqdnAsansol, India collided with Z7369 (above) ha ...More
11 Oct 42 Blenhiem V Z9598 Sgt Harold Edward PETERS*(R56236)
WO Bowyer Frederick PEARCE*(406168)
113 SqdnAsansol, India Crashed into tree shooting up ...More
25 Oct 42 Blenheim IV Z9752 SGt TAYLOR
113 SqdnChittagong, India Sgt Taylor landed at Chittagon ...More
31 Oct 42 Blenheim IV Z9590 Sgt Walter Scott MCLELLAN (402246)
Sgt James Reginald VERNON (407143)
113 SqdnAsansol, India Sgt McCLELLLAN were to proceed ...More
10 Nov 42 Blenheim IV V6491 Sgt Conan Thompson ALLEN*(R73249)
F Sgt James Daniel Laurence WILLIAM*(1375160)
113 SqdnAsansol, Burma [F541] Offensive Recce. Failed ...More
10 Nov 42 Blenheim V BA578 Wg Cdr Ernest Luis Acton WALTER(32237) 113 SqdnDum Dum, India ...More
20 Dec 42 Blenheim V BA622 Lt Noel Thomas WILKIN*(102147V)
Flt Sgt Francis James O'NEILL*(406033)
113 SqdnAgartala, India Shot down by ground fire at Ma ...More
30 Dec 42 Blenheim V BA592 Sgt SMITH
113 Sqdn, India Crash landed after returning f ...More
10 Feb 43 Blenheim V BA452 Wg Cdr Walter Lesley JONES(43118)
113 SqdnFeni, India Tyre Shot away and pranged at ...More
19 May 43 Blenheim V BA920 Fg Offr W D WEBSTER
113 SqdnComilla, India [GWarner] Starboard flap faile ...More
20 May 43 Blenheim V BA478 Flt Sgt W D FERGUSON(1365187)
WO W R Campbell
113 SqdnFeni, India engine cut, crashed in attempt ...More
25 May 43 Blenheim V BA675 Major J L B VINEY
113 SqdnChittagong, India aborted raid on Buthidaung in ...More
25 May 43 Blenheim V BA494 Sgt Alan Norman LANCASTER*(1147535)
WO Arthur George Myers NOURSE*(407180)
113 SqdnComilla, India Gunner - George Edmond ANDERSO ...More
25 May 43 Blenheim V L7965 Sgt Bernard KITCHEN
Sgt John Alexander Shillinglaw HULME*(1330049)
113 SqdnAsansol, India Sgt SIMPSON (AG). Proceeded to ...More
06 Jun 43 Blenheim V BA916 F Sgt Leslie WARD*(R91945)
F Sgt Ray Alexandra GILCHRIST*(411209)
113 SqdnComilla, India Gunner - Sergeant Gerald Noel ...More
12 Jun 43 Blenheim V BA590 Sgt P S GRIFFITHS
Sgt P I H COURTNEY(1339027)
113 SqdnComilla, India Sgt Griffiths and Courntye car ...More
28 Jun 43 Blenheim V Sgt R H STRATCHAN(413040)
113 SqdnComilla, India Airborne for Comilla where the ...More
18 Aug 43 Blenheim V Sgt R S LOCKWOOD
113 SqdnFeni, India Gunner Sgt H Courtney?. Burst ...More
22 Nov 43 Hurricane IIC KZ782 Fg Offr Herbert STEWART*(129230) 113 SqdnCholavaram, India Hit ground during aerobatics a ...More
13 Feb 44 Hurricane II LA136 Fg Offr Frederick John Peter GODDARD(111996) 113 SqdnDimapur, India 1730 hrs - flaps down wheels u ...More
15 Mar 44 Hurricane IIC LB859 Flt Lt Ernest Martin FROST(407420) 113 SqdnDimapur, India 12 aircraft ferry to Dimapur. ...More
22 Mar 44 Hurricane IIC KX922 Fg Offr Aubrey Lloyd HERBERT*(149096) 113 SqdnTulihal, Burma 1435hrs Three pilots were flyi ...More
22 Mar 44 Hurricane IIC LB793 Fg Offr John Alexander ILLMAN*(J25554) 113 SqdnTulihal, Burma three of 113's Hurricanes beca ...More
22 Mar 44 Hurricane IIC KZ453 F Sgt H Clement 113 SqdnTulihal, Burma Flying Officers Illman and Her ...More

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