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A total of 56 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
09 Apr 42 Buffalo I 2 Lt Rowe 146 SqdnDinjan, India Crashed on landing - Bad condi ...More
09 May 42 Buffalo I Flt Lt Ian Lionel Baber AITKENS(33777) 146 SqdnJessore, India Crashed at Jessore. ac wo, Pil ...More
17 May 42 Mohawk IV BS786 Plt Offr Jonathan RASHLEIGH(41095) 146 Sqdn, India Crashed on landing Makong Bell ...More
30 Jun 42 Hurricane IIB BG969 Sgt Lawrence Keith Day(404924) 146 Sqdn, Burma Ran out of fuel and crash land ...More
30 Jun 42 Hurricane IIB BG697 Sgt Thomas Christopher Gill(402741) 146 Sqdn, India Ran out of fuel and crash land ...More
30 Jun 42 Hurricane IIB BG716 Sgt William Henry Fry(404922) 146 Sqdn, India Ran out of fuel and crash land ...More
06 Jul 42 Hurricane IIB BM919 Sgt Gill 146 Sqdn, Damaged on landing - fault ASI ...More
26 Jul 42 Hurricane IIB Sgt Wilson 146 SqdnDum Dum, India Crash landed 5 miles from aero ...More
26 Aug 42 Hurricane IIB BG152 Plt Offr J M Granstone 146 SqdnDum Dum, India 1915 Hrs, crashed during night ...More
24 Dec 42 Hurricane IIB BN325 Sgt St John 146 SqdnAlipore, India Collided with balloon cable du ...More
27 Dec 42 Hurricane IIB BM915 WO J A O Neill 146 SqdnAlipore, India Pranged borrowed from sqn for ...More
02 Mar 43 Hurricane IIB BN312 WO Ellis Arthur Gilbert COCHRANE*(403950) 146 SqdnReindeer, Burma Jumped by Enemy aircraft. Win ...More
08 Mar 43 Hurricane IIB BG812 Lt Cecil ROWE*(102195V) 146 SqdnAlipore, India Spun into ground at Barasat. A ...More
02 May 43 Hurricane IIC HV418 Fg Offr John Alan HENDERSON*(102617) 146 SqdnChittagong, Burma air combat Destroyed KIA Over ...More
02 May 43 Hurricane HV419 Fg Offr James M Cranstone(405520) 146 SqdnChittagong, Burma air combat Damaged Safe Over D ...More
09 May 43 Hurricane HV777 F Sgt D M Blackmore 146 SqdnFeni, 1545Hrs 6 ac sortie to escort ...More
10 May 43 Hurricane BN159 WO H L Aston 146 SqdnFeni, 1700Hrs, 8 ac took off to esco ...More
12 May 43 Hurricane HV820 F Sgt Frank Clive VERITY*(957723) 146 SqdnFeni, Sortie on Low level attack on ...More
12 May 43 Hurricane HW267 Sgt Stanley H Ward(R105776) 146 SqdnFeni, Ran into slit trench while tax ...More
27 Jun 43 Hurricane Sgt A W Strang 146 SqdnFeni, collided with stationary CPWD ...More
30 Jul 43 Hurricane BN221 F Sgt Andrew Aitken Cowan(1344898) 146 SqdnComilla, India 0730 Hours Shot down by Flak o ...More
31 Jul 43 Hurricane HW444 Sgt James Campbell Stevens(R119486) 146 SqdnChittagong, Mid air collision during pract ...More
31 Jul 43 Hurricane HV430 F Sgt David McK. Blackmore(411380) 146 SqdnChittagong, Mid air collision during pract ...More
22 Oct 43 Hurricane Z5668 Sgt J W Larchet 146 SqdnImphal, India Pranged his aircraft on landin ...More
27 Oct 43 Hurricane BN274 Fg Offr John Lewis GIBSON*(J20381) 146 SqdnComilla, India 7 Hurricanes left Imphal for C ...More
01 Nov 43 Hurricane BH151 Plt Offr Francis FEENEY(129508) 146 SqdnChittagong, Took off from Chittagong at 13 ...More
07 Nov 43 Hurricane AP916 WO Edgar N Wilson(411512) 146 SqdnChittagong, 2005Hrs, took off, but forcela ...More
23 Nov 43 Hurricane BH139 Sgt Edward Richard GRIFFITHS(1334202) 146 SqdnComilla, India 0845hrs scramble to intercept ...More
05 Dec 43 Hurricane Z5634 Fg Offr Arthur Benson Summers(J15785) 146 SqdnBaigachi, India Damaged after Air Combat, Not ...More
05 Dec 43 Hurricane HV983 F Sgt Richard Evans(413481) 146 SqdnBaigachi, India Well planned raid onCalcutta. ...More
05 Dec 43 Hurricane HL802 WO Francis M Horne(R90616) 146 SqdnBaigachi, India Shot up - crash landed at Taki ...More
24 Dec 43 Hurricane HV589 WO Coombs 146 SqdnBaigachi, India Wing Balbo demo. Coombs put hi ...More
12 Apr 44 Hurricane HV586 F Sgt Edward Richard GRIFFITHS(1334202) 146 SqdnSt Thomas Mount, India While trying a new method of P ...More
05 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC LB714 WO Berry Lemington ULRICK*(413048) 146 SqdnYelahanka, India Travelling from Yelahanka to M ...More
17 Jul 44 Thunderbolt I HD101 Fg Offr A L W Kerr(J26379) 146 SqdnYelahanka, India A very unfortunate day for the ...More
17 Jul 44 Thunderbolt I FL744 Flt Lt T B Marra 146 SqdnYelahanka, India A very unfortunate day for the ...More
10 Aug 44 Thunderbolt I HD111 Sgt Geffrey Stephen CUMBERLAND*(1623541) 146 SqdnYelahanka, India Sgt Cumberland who has been wi ...More
10 Aug 44 Thunderbolt I F Sgt K W Wright 146 SqdnYelahanka, India Pilot ran off the runway in la ...More
02 Oct 44 Thunderbolt I HB996 F Sgt Kenneth Thomas ORTON*(1322067) 146 SqdnKumbhirgram, India 1215-1405 Entered cloud in a f ...More
24 Oct 44 Thunderbolt I FL842 WO Charlie Reginald VERRIER*(J92099) 146 SqdnKumbhirgram, India 8 Thunderbolts attacked Pantha ...More
10 Nov 44 Thunderbolt II HB988 146 SqdnKumbhirgram, India Caught fire running up at Kumb ...More
11 Nov 44 Thunderbolt I FL845 W O E R Griffiths(1334203) 146 SqdnKumbhirgram, India 10 ac scrambled to attack MEIK ...More
11 Dec 44 Thunderbolt I HD136 Flt Lt Herb A Ivens(J10849) 146 SqdnWangjing, India Hit over Meiktila by MG fire a ...More
17 Mar 45 Thunderbolt II KJ210 F Sgt Edwin Annesley CATTELL*(700912) 146 SqdnWangjing, India F/Sgt (Pilot) Edwin A. CATTELL ...More
17 Mar 45 Thunderbolt II KJ367 F Sgt R D Bourn(1430153) 146 SqdnWangjing, India F/Sgt (Pilot) Edwin A. CATTELL ...More
18 Mar 45 Thunderbolt II KJ332 F Sgt S Willetts(1583001) 146 SqdnWangjing, India 4 ac took off to bomb Tazo. we ...More
29 Mar 45 Thunderbolt II KJ308 WO Malcolm Clair KEIGHTLEY(416968) 146 SqdnSinthe, Burma Two ac mission from 0600-0935 ...More
17 Apr 45 Thunderbolt II KL194 Sqn Ldr Michael Wintworth HUBBLE*(49742) 146 SqdnWangjing, India 12 Thunderbolts bombed and str ...More
24 Apr 45 Thunderbolt II KJ321 WO Malcolm Clair KEIGHTLEY*(416968) 146 SqdnWangjing, India 14 ac maintained cab rank. Dur ...More
25 Apr 45 Thunderbolt II KJ325 WO Donald Dudley WESTGARTH*(413463) 146 SqdnWangjing, India Returning to base from sortie ...More

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