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A total of 29 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
04 Nov 42 Liberator II AL531 Sqn Ldr John Leighton Beck
Plt Offr Jack Evans
159 SqdnKarachi, India CrL in Karachi Undercarriage j ...More
23 Feb 43 Liberator II AL581 Wg Cdr Clifford George SKINNER*(29148) 159 Sqdn, Burma (MPoole) First RAF B-24 lost i ...More
15 Apr 43 Liberator II AL564
Flt Lt Terry Towell
159 SqdnSalbani, India Tyre burst Salbani Tyre burst ...More
19 Apr 43 Liberator II AL544 Fg Offr S A Sharpe(45712)
Flt Lt Louis Patrick Massey(84686)
159 SqdnChittagong, India CrL Chittagong Damaged by figh ...More
12 Aug 43 Liberator II AL560 Plt Offr Stanley Linwood Pettingale*(J/16279) 159 SqdnSalbani, India Cr Salbani Engine cut; oversho ...More
24 Sep 43 Liberator V BZ838 Flt Lt F G Stokes
Fg Offr Anthony Johnstone
159 SqdnSalbani, India Hit Tree on Ap Salbani Hit tre ...More
09 Oct 43 Liberator V BZ841 Sqn Ldr Louis Patrick MASSEY*(84686) 159 Sqdn, Burma (MPoole) A page one story on t ...More
01 Feb 44 Liberator V BZ973 -
159 Sqdn, India Digri DBF on ground, Digri, 1. ...More
29 Feb 44 Liberator V BZ926 Flt Lt Edward James Douglas Stanley*(114064) 159 Sqdn, Burma SD Over Rangoon http://www.bur ...More
29 Feb 44 Liberator V BZ962 F Sgt Allan Arnold*(420112) 159 Sqdn, Burma SD over Rangoon http://www.bur ...More
02 Apr 44 Liberator VI EV843 Flt Lt John Gauntlett 159 Sqdn, Shot up by Ki-43 attacking fro ...More
02 Apr 44 Liberator VI EV870 F Sgt Raymond A Quaife(1321484)
F Sgt Jock McKinnon(1550526)
159 SqdnAlipore, Documentation in the RAAF casu ...More
29 Aug 44 Liberator VI EV867 Fg Offr Quentin Garden*(88614) 159 Sqdn, 88614 F/O Quentin Garden (pilo ...More
03 Sep 44 Liberator VI KG845 159 Sqdn, India Ldg at Digri Undershot landing ...More
04 Sep 44 Liberator VI EV915 Sgt RA Clift 159 Sqdn, India Digri on TO Swing on take-off ...More
12 Sep 44 Liberator VI EV844 WO Reginald August Peterson Crowley(409896) 159 Sqdn, India Cr L Digri Engine cut on take- ...More
06 Oct 44 Liberator VI BZ978 WO John McKinnon(1550526) 159 Sqdn, Burma Missing from attack on Bangkok ...More
06 Oct 44 Liberator VI BZ992 WO Leo Arthur Barr(417002) 159 Sqdn, Burma Missing from attack on Siam-Bu ...More
22 Oct 44 Liberator VI EW256 Sqn Ldr S A Sharpe(45712) 159 Sqdn, 45712 S/Ldr S.A. Sharpe DFC ...More
10 Nov 44 Liberator V BZ939 Fg Offr John William Underhill*(153104) 159 Sqdn, (MPoole) Takeoff 1515 to inves ...More
12 Nov 44 Liberator VI KH159 Fg Offr John Brine Johnson*(J/24282) 159 Sqdn, Missing from minelaying off Mo ...More
29 Dec 44 Liberator VI KH276 WO Arthur James Lander Stewart*(1394873) 159 Sqdn, Took off at 1717 to lay mines ...More
09 Feb 45 Liberator VI KH255 Flt Lt William Gerald Schroeder*(J/12468) 159 Sqdn, It was hit over the target, no ...More
15 Mar 45 Liberator VI KH256 Fg Offr William Murray Tree*(J/12488) 159 Sqdn, The 159 Squadron Operations Re ...More
28 Mar 45 Liberator VIII KL661 159 Sqdn, India Salbani Hit wall and undercarr ...More
03 Aug 45 Liberator VIII KL671 WO David Joseph Gallagher*(421505) 159 Sqdn, Aircraft caught fire 9.20N 95. ...More
03 Dec 45 Liberator VIII KL677 Fg Offr George Colin Keith NEEDHAM*(163752) 159 Sqdn, Burma MIA near Pegu ...More
22 Dec 45 Liberator VIII KL661 159 Sqdn, India Salbani uc hit wall during tax ...More
02 Jan 46 Liberator VIII KL680 159 SqdnDum Dum, India Dum Dum, Calcutta Ran off taxi ...More

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