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A total of 52 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
09 Jul 41 Wapiti IIA K1257 Plt Offr Dara Phirozesha Majoo(97)
AC Hasmi
2 Sqdn IAFRazmak, India Crashed at Razmak due to bad w ...More
04 Jan 42 Hurricane HV435 2 Sqdn IAF, Hit tree low flying 2m NW of B ...More
08 Feb 42 Lysander II L4740 Plt Offr F P Amber(1659)
AC Ramzan Ali
2 Sqdn IAFBairagarh, India Landed and overturned after hi ...More
03 Mar 42 Lysander II L4748 Plt Offr K H Motishaw(1638)
Sgt Algar RAF*
2 Sqdn IAFDrigh Road, India landed at Drighroad, 20lb bomb ...More
16 Mar 42 Lysander II N1209 Plt Offr C M Cariappa
Major Dimsdale GLO
2 Sqdn IAFDrigh Road, India Collided with K1286 Wapiti dur ...More
28 Mar 42 Lysander II P9194 Flt Lt S S Majithia(1563)
Plt Offr D R Reddy
2 Sqdn IAFPoona, India Crashed on landing. Crew injur ...More
14 Sep 42 Lysander II L4770 Plt Offr Salahuddin(1734)
Cpl R N Sahai
2 Sqdn IAFTrichnopoly, India Crashed . Crew injured and adm ...More
09 Jan 43 Hurricane HV504 Fg Offr Keki Hormusji Motishaw*(1638) 2 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India Crashed 7m W of Ranchi. Stalle ...More
08 Apr 43 Hurricane IIB BW931 Fg Offr Kartar Singh Saund*(1664) 2 Sqdn IAFImphal, India Swung on take off from Imphal, ...More
21 Apr 43 Hurricane IIc BG859 Sqn Ldr Habib Ullah Khan*(1557) 2 Sqdn IAF, India Hazaribagh, Flew into ground d ...More
12 May 43 Hurricane IIc LH179 Fg Offr M M Latif(1602) 2 Sqdn IAFImphal, India Imphal Dett - Failed to return ...More
25 May 43 Hurricane IIB Fg Offr Manek Dadabhoy*(1694) 2 Sqdn IAFImphal, India No details known. Presumed los ...More
17 Aug 43 Hurricane IIC BE223 2 Sqdn IAF, Caught fire and abandoned near ...More
28 Aug 43 Hurricane IIC BN212 2 Sqdn IAF, Caught fire and crash landed a ...More
18 Oct 43 Hurricane Fg Offr M A Khan 2 Sqdn IAFTrichnopoly, India 2200 Hours undershot runway an ...More
27 Oct 43 Hurricane Fg Offr Barker 2 Sqdn IAFTrichnopoly, India Belly landed at airfield witho ...More
27 Nov 43 Hurricane HV438 Plt Offr Bob Kumar(2010) 2 Sqdn IAFNagpur, India Took off from Nagpur for Bhopa ...More
19 Feb 44 Hurricane JS380 Plt Offr Dewan Balwant Rai(1918) 2 Sqdn IAFKohat, India Returning from sortie to Datta ...More
28 Feb 44 Hurricane 808 Plt Offr Dewan Balwant Rai(1918) 2 Sqdn IAFKohat, India Two ac mission to Shaktu. Hit ...More
25 Mar 44 Hurricane HV432 Plt Offr E J D'Souza(2369) 2 Sqdn IAFKohat, India Engine failure during Road Rec ...More
04 Apr 44 Hurricane Z5603 Plt Offr M M Seth*(2390) 2 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India Road Recce at 0900Hrs. Engine ...More
06 Jun 44 Hurricane HW309 Plt Offr J H V Smith*(3440) 2 Sqdn IAFKohat, India Hit telegraph wires and crashe ...More
24 Jun 44 Hurricane Plt Offr S V Hyder(2450) 2 Sqdn IAFKohat, India While coming in to land, touch ...More
04 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC HV419 Fg Offr H K Bose(2348) 2 Sqdn IAFAhmedabad, India Taxied into a stationary HV419 ...More
04 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC HL772 Flt Lt H S Ratnagar(1538) 2 Sqdn IAFAhmedabad, India Ac badly damaged when HV419 fl ...More
05 Aug 44 Hurricane Plt Offr E J D'Souza(2369) 2 Sqdn IAFKalyan, India Forcelanded at Thana due to no ...More
10 Nov 44 Hurricane LE766 Fg Offr Sen Gupta(1590) 2 Sqdn IAFCox Bazar, India Spun in while landing at Cox. ...More
03 Dec 44 Hurricane Fg Offr K V Nair(1718) 2 Sqdn IAFMambur, India Forcelanded in Chaung 15m NE o ...More
05 Dec 44 Hurricane LD383 Fg Offr Ram Saran Sharma*(1884) 2 Sqdn IAFMambur, India Failed to return from a sortie ...More
30 Dec 44 Hurricane LE174 Plt Offr Govind Dattatreya Juvekar*(2867) 2 Sqdn IAFMambur, India Crashed on a photo dropping so ...More
22 Jan 45 Hurricane LE559 Plt Offr Bob Kumar*(2010) 2 Sqdn IAFMambur, India Failed to return - sortie over ...More
23 Jan 45 Hurricane LD828 Fg Offr Harbans Singh BAHIA*(2446) 2 Sqdn IAFMambur, India 1730 Hours crashed during slow ...More
03 Mar 45 Harvard IIB ---- ----- 2 Sqdn IAFDabaing, [2ORB] Squadron Hack destroyed ...More
03 Mar 45 Hurricane LB937 Fg Offr S V Hyder*(2450) 2 Sqdn IAFAkyab, India Morning sortie in bad visibili ...More
05 Apr 45 Hurricane Fg Offr Salahuddin(1734) 2 Sqdn IAFAkyab, India Crash landed in enemy terriotr ...More
06 Apr 45 Hurricane Fg Offr P K Senapati(2928) 2 Sqdn IAFAkyab, India Crashlanded due to enemy actio ...More
15 Apr 45 Hurricane Plt Offr A K Sahgal(2830) 2 Sqdn IAFAkyab, India Forcelanded East of Mybong due ...More
02 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LE164 2 Sqdn IAF, Stalled off turn and crashed n ...More
13 Aug 45 Hurricane Iic LE763 Fg Offr Hall(2002) 2 Sqdn IAF, India Leader became lost. BL Dera Gh ...More
13 Aug 45 Hurricane Iic LE166 Fg Offr W V A Lloyd(2623) 2 Sqdn IAF, India BL Dera Ghazi Khan - alloted t ...More
02 Oct 45 Hurricane IIc HW136 Fg Offr D M Oka(1813) 2 Sqdn IAFJodhpur, India Pilot took off with pitot head ...More
15 Mar 46 Hurricane II KZ523 Fg Offr Shamim Ul Zafir Khan*(2888) 2 Sqdn IAFJullunder, India Airtest in Hurri and ferry fli ...More
23 Apr 46 Spitfire VIIIc JF782 Plt Offr A M Palamkote(3120) 2 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India Ferrying from Kohat, landed at ...More
17 May 46 Spitfire VIIIc MD219 Fg Offr K L Suri(2907) 2 Sqdn IAFKohat, India formation flying, engine cut, ...More
13 Jun 46 Spitfire VIIIc MB971 Fg Offr W V A Lloyd(2623) 2 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India ferry from Kohat to Miranshah. ...More
08 Aug 46 Spitfire VIIIc MD398 Fg Offr D B Rai(1918) 2 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India undercarraige collapse after T ...More
10 Aug 46 Spitfire VIIIc MT611 Plt Offr A M Palamkote(3120) 2 Sqdn IAFKohat, India heavy landed, tyre burst,BL Ko ...More
09 Sep 46 Spitfire VIII MT872 Flt Lt Anand Ramdas Pandit(1707) 2 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India FL outside airfield 1mSE eng f ...More
12 Sep 46 Spitfire VIIIc NH619 Fg Offr M U Haq*(2940) 2 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India engine cut on tao, forcelanded ...More
14 Jan 47 Spitfire VIIIc MT828 Plt Offr M U Ducase(3236) 2 Sqdn IAFKohat, India Kohat - tyre Burst on TO and a ...More

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