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A total of 59 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
03 May 42 Lysander II P1732 20 SqdnChakulia, India Cr Chakulia 3.5.42 ...More
19 Jul 42 Lysander II R1991 Sqn Ldr Fred Frank LAMBERT 20 SqdnTezpur, India Crashed at Tezpur during dogfi ...More
26 Jul 42 Lysander II N1217 Flt Lt Denis MILNE*(80070)
20 Sqdn, India Flt Lt Milne with Colonel Stev ...More
03 Sep 42 Lysander II Sgt JENKINS 20 Sqdn, India Crashed on a ferry flight to K ...More
05 Sep 42 Lysander II N1314 Sgt W V BEADLE(771964) 20 Sqdn, India On one such policing flight on ...More
19 Sep 42 Lysander II L4740 Sgt WALLACE 20 SqdnAsansol, India On 19th September, at Asansol, ...More
25 Oct 42 Lysander II P1734 --- ---------- 20 SqdnDinjan, India Destroyed at Dinjan on 25.10.4 ...More
01 Nov 42 Lysander II DG445 Sgt W V BEADLE(771964) 20 Sqdn, India Sgt Beadle pranged it with 3 A ...More
01 Dec 42 Lysander II P1678 Flt Lt Richard Neville ROWSON 20 SqdnJamshedpur, India To 20Sqn Dec 42. FL in Dec 42 ...More
01 Dec 42 Lysander II P9107 Sgt WALLACE
--- -----
20 SqdnCox Bazaar, India Seriously damaged after swingi ...More
04 Jan 43 Lysander II L4815 Plt Offr BURTON 20 SqdnPalel, India L4815 never reached imphal hav ...More
18 Jan 43 Lysander II P9138 Flt Lt Peter Clarence JOEL 20 SqdnMaungdaw, Burma To 20Sqn Dec 42. 19.1.43 Tyre ...More
30 Jan 43 Lysander II R2026 Plt Offr HOLIDAY
20 SqdnMaungdaw, Burma To 20Sqn Dec 42. Damaged I lan ...More
16 Feb 43 Lysander II N1270 Sgt W V BEADLE(771964)
20 SqdnImphal, India written off 02.43 Sgt Beadle . ...More
24 Feb 43 Lysander II P1669 FLt Lt Peter Clarence JOEL 20 SqdnMaungdaw, Burma Engine cut, undershot Maungdaw ...More
26 Apr 43 Lysander II L4815 FLt Lt Douglas STILLIARD(61073)
20 SqdnImphal, India End of dettachment from Imphal ...More
13 May 43 Hurricane I AF948 Plt Offr Penman 20 SqdnCharra, India Forcelanded in desert due to g ...More
31 Jul 43 Hurricane IID KW749 F Sgt Rusell George McINTAGGART*(R80922) 20 SqdnPoona, India Crashed into a hillside on way ...More
09 Aug 43 Hurricane IID HW862 Plt Offr John Hervey CARMICHAEL*(1422209) 20 SqdnKalyan, India Crashed near Khandala (47F/568 ...More
06 Sep 43 Hurricane IID KW720 Fg Offr Frederick Hornsby EVERS-SWINDELL*(413906) 20 SqdnKalyan, India Dived into Shallow Water and d ...More
01 Nov 43 Hurricane II KX243 Sgt Henry Douglas NUTT(171037) 20 Sqdn, Struck a cow that wandered int ...More
06 Nov 43 Hurricane IID KW877 Plt Offr Alfred Douglas BLACKMAN*(J18084) 20 Sqdn, India Spun into ground during combat ...More
30 Nov 43 Hurricane IID KW863 Fg Offr James Miller FARQUHARSON(133249) 20 SqdnNagpur, India damaged to Prop mainplane and ...More
18 Feb 44 Hurricane IID KW871 Flt Lt John Pender Deany THOMSON*(401161) 20 SqdnNidania, India Failed to return from sortie. ...More
18 Feb 44 Hurricane IID KX124 F Sgt Frederick Bryan PIRANI*(402857) 20 SqdnNidania, India Failed to return from sortie A ...More
20 Feb 44 Hurricane IID KW745 WO James Ian THOMSON(776104) 20 SqdnNidania, India Force landed between MAYU Rang ...More
20 Feb 44 Hurricane IID KX229 F Sgt Robert Graham Lee(1439452) 20 SqdnNidania, India Force landed between MAYU Rang ...More
24 Feb 44 Hurricane IID KW896 F Sgt Alan BernardSammons(1319261) 20 SqdnNidania, India Over Ponnagyun, his aircraft w ...More
29 Feb 44 Hurricane IID Plt Offr Harry B Date(R116660) 20 SqdnHove, India Aircraft was hit by small arms ...More
11 Apr 44 Hurricane IID KW700 20 SqdnHove, India Flew into ground on overshoot ...More
23 Apr 44 Hurricane IID KW798 Plt Offr J D McPhail(414314) 20 SqdnLankpatti, India Near Imphal - Force landed at ...More
25 Apr 44 Hurricane IID KX246 F Sgt William Henry WHITEHALL*(1434984) 20 SqdnHove, India While flying with F/O R W Parr ...More
26 Apr 44 Hurricane IID HV668 F Sgt J Watson(1551596) 20 SqdnHove, India Fuel supply trouble near Meybo ...More
31 May 44 Hurricane IID KW869 Fg Offr Frank PEGG*(54313) 20 SqdnChiringa, India Aircraft A At 14:45 Failed to ...More
01 Jun 44 Hurricane IID LD447 Plt Offr Ronald Charles Hubbard(170707) 20 SqdnChiringa, India Overshot on landing , Aircraft ...More
02 Jun 44 Hurricane IID HW670 Flt Lt Roger George COBLEY (119836) 20 SqdnChiringa, India Aircraft T, Forcelanded at Bea ...More
07 Jun 44 Hurricane IID Fg Offr William Philip BRITTAIN*(159748) 20 SqdnLankpatti, India killed attacking a tank at sou ...More
23 Jun 44 Hurricane II LD445 20 SqdnChiringa, India undercarriage not locked down. ...More
25 Sep 44 Hurricane II LD747 20 SqdnCharbatia, India hit by LE126 while parked. No ...More
25 Sep 44 Hurricane II LE126 20 SqdnCharbatia, India Hit LD747 while taxing. No Rec ...More
11 Nov 44 Hurricane IID HW673 WO J J Jenkins(412450) 20 SqdnMadras, India Forcelanded safely two miles f ...More
29 Dec 44 Hurricane IV LD572 Sqn Ldr Andrew Patrick MILLAR(88865) 20 SqdnSapam, Aircraft B Overshot landing an ...More
20 Jan 45 Hurricane IID HW539 WO Reginald James HOLMAN*(1387923) 20 SqdnSapam, India Crashed into ground during att ...More
15 Feb 45 Hurricane IID HW858 F Sgt Ronald Frederick BURKILL*(1530598) 20 SqdnMonywa, Burma Hurricane "X" was hit by MG Fi ...More
21 Feb 45 Hurricane IID Fg Offr Keith Vincent BAILEY*(170403) 20 SqdnMonywa, Burma Aircraft "Y" Crashed behind en ...More
06 Apr 45 Hurricane IID LD862 Plt Offr Alan George IFE*(181510) 20 SqdnThedaw, Burma missing believed killed - hit ...More
09 Apr 45 Hurricane IID LD788 20 Sqdn, Engine cut, belly landed at Yw ...More
20 Apr 45 Hurricane IID LB710 20 SqdnThedaw, Burma Tipped up when runway surface ...More
16 May 45 Hurricane IV LF594 20 SqdnThedaw, Burma Thedaw, Burma, aircraft swung ...More
28 Jul 45 Hurricane IID KX469 WO Derrick Arthur TUFFIELD*(771982) 20 SqdnMadras, India Killed on an exercise with Ind ...More

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