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1943 : 15 1944 : 13
A total of 28 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
07 Jul 43 Hurricane I AG117 21 FCMauripur, Was being taxied form runway t ...More
08 Jul 43 Hurricane BE291 F Sgt JULIAN 21 FC, Force landed Cuddapah landing ...More
20 Jul 43 Blenheim V EH380 F Sgt KINGAN 21 FCJodhpur, India engine cut, crash-landed near ...More
21 Jul 43 Blenheim V EH499 F Sgt DUFFY 21 FCBairagarh, India Force landed at Nanpara enrout ...More
09 Aug 43 Hurricane AG140 Plt Off CRUMB(J22734) 21 FC, FL in bad weather near Nasirab ...More
10 Aug 43 Blenheim V EH335 Capt Ivan I DOMINKO* 21 FCKarachi, India seen by accompanying Blenheim ...More
17 Aug 43 Hurricane IIC AG102 Sgt James SMITH(1388428) 21 FCDelhi, 1455 Hrs. Crashed in the vicin ...More
13 Sep 43 Vengeance II AN661 Sgt MORGON 21 FCJodhpur, India 1545 Hours Crashed on landing ...More
23 Sep 43 Vengeance II EZ790 F Sgt PUTTOCK
21 FC, India Forced landed. Ac damaged. Ele ...More
29 Sep 43 Harvard IIB FE780 Sgt N WETMORE 21 FCHyderabad, Crashed on landing in Sind. Ac ...More
24 Oct 43 Buffalo I AX815 WO Cuthburton 21 FCDelhi, India Forced landed due to oil leak ...More
06 Nov 43 Vengeance I 940 WO PEARSON 21 FCJodhpur, India Crashed on landing. Pilot sele ...More
14 Nov 43 Vengeance I AN616 WO McGeoch 21 FCAllahabad, India Not a Write Off . Struck Truck ...More
14 Nov 43 Vengeance I AN723 Sgt William McInroy DALZIEL(1340605) 21 FCJodhpur, India Landed with undercarriage retr ...More
07 Dec 43 Hurricane F Sgt Dreyer 21 FC, India Pranged Hurricane into Lorry. ...More
24 Feb 44 Blenheim V BA844 21 FC, India belly-landed at Allahabad on f ...More
07 Mar 44 Hurricane HV635 21 FC, Engine cut, Belly landed ...More
25 Mar 44 Hurricane HV874 F Sgt William McInroy DALZIEL*(1340605) 21 FCMauripur, India Stalled off turn and crashed, ...More
30 Mar 44 Blenheim V EH418 Fg Offr WEST 21 FCMauripur, India Airtesting for 317 MU was unab ...More
11 Apr 44 Vengeance I AN924 F Sgt R T DEVORSON 21 FCMauripur, India Lost power on TO, hit bank and ...More
16 May 44 Hurricane IIC LB726 F Sgt James SMITH*(1388428) 21 FCRanchi, India Crashed in forced landing in f ...More
30 May 44 Vengeance IV FD232 Sgt PARCELL
21 FC, India Engine cut on ferry flight. BL ...More
30 May 44 Hurricane IIC LF174 Sgt BREEDS 21 FCJaipur, Overshot on landing from Jaipu ...More
19 Jun 44 Hurricane IID KX226 Sgt BEWLEY 21 FC, Engine cut, FL and hit tree Ba ...More
15 Jul 44 Thunderbolt II HD163 Plt Offr Francis Michael SCANDIFFIO*(J88799) 21 FCKarachi, India Pilot Officer Francis Michael ...More
19 Jul 44 Hurricane IIC LE335 WO J MARSHALL(938156) 21 FC, India Engine lost power, hit tree du ...More
28 Jul 44 Hurricane IIC BM990 Sgt PARNELL-SMITH 21 FC, From Bellary to Nagpur crash l ...More
01 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC LD739 LT CHATER(329077) 21 FC, India Lost power on Ferry flight and ...More

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