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A total of 42 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
16 Jul 42 Wapiti J9757 Sgt Openshaw
Cpl Mathews
22 AACUDrigh Road, India Cr Drigh Road, both crew admit ...More
19 Feb 43 Battle L5726 Plt Offr R S Shipurkar(2177) 22 AACUDrigh Road, India Crashed RAF Drigh Road ...More
28 Mar 43 Lysander II P9057 22 AACUDum Dum, India Swung on landing uc collapse d ...More
23 Apr 43 Harlow  DR425 Plt Offr M Y Aziz(1818)
P/O Sharma
22 AACU, India CRASHED, Airframe W/o Engine r ...More
23 Apr 43 Harlow  DR425 Plt Offr M Y Aziz(1818)
P/O Sharma
22 AACU, India CRASHED, Airframe W/o Engine r ...More
03 Jul 43 Wapiti K1403 Plt Offr Ram Saran SHARMA*(1884)
AC1 Gordon William Charles HUTCHINGS*(1299321)
22 AACUJuhu, India Cr Bandra 4 m S of Juhu. Bandr ...More
07 Oct 43 Hurricane IIB Z4871 22 AACUDrigh Road, India Crashed on Landing ...More
23 Oct 43 Vengeance I AP136 22 AACU, India Engine cut, belly landed Josph ...More
27 Dec 43 Vengeance I AP126 22 AACUDum Dum, India Undercarraige jammed, bellylan ...More
11 Jan 44 Vengeance IA EZ893 F/Sgt Alwyn Thomas Charles BENSON*(185351)
P/O Dantra
22 AACUPoona, India Flew into ground at Ahmednagar ...More
25 Feb 44 Vengeance IA EZ909 22 AACU, India Taxying accident dam to wing t ...More
01 Mar 44 Vengeance I AN909 22 AACUMadras, India Taxing accident at St Thomas M ...More
03 Mar 44 Vengeance I AN914 22 AACUDrigh Road, India BL on boundary of Karachi airp ...More
08 Mar 44 Vengeance I AP132
LAC Robert James STRAWBRIDGE*(1318503)
22 AACUDum Dum, India Cr at Tollygunge , Calcutta ki ...More
11 Mar 44 Vengeance I AN983 22 AACUAsansol, India B Flight - Cr at Asansol. Eng ...More
29 Mar 44 Vengeance I AN893 22 AACUMadras, India Cr on landing at St T Mount .u ...More
14 Apr 44 Vengeance I AN954 22 AACUDacca, India Cr during TO from Dacca - eng ...More
15 Apr 44 Vengeance I AN966 F Sgt Nash 22 AACUAlipore, India Attempted to take off from Ali ...More
19 May 44 Vengeance I AP107 WO Morgan
AC Vaiyapuri
22 AACUMadras, India Cr taking off at St T Mount. a ...More
19 May 44 Vengeance IA EZ982 22 AACU, India Damaged during flight , tail p ...More
24 May 44 Vengeance IA EZ842 Fg Offr Arthur Christopher JOSEPH*(2117)
F/O Davis
22 AACUKatni, India Cr in Ahmeta water tank 9 m of ...More
13 Jun 44 Vengeance I AN967 22 AACUBishnupur, India uc jammed, bellylanded ...More
19 Jul 44 Vengeance I AN890 WO Bruce Roy LUCAS*(591156)
Cpl Douglas EMMERSON*(642141)
22 AACUAhmedabad, India FT Arrive at Ahmedabad from Po ...More
28 Aug 44 Vengeance I AN931 WO Desmond Boyd Goddard BAILIE(400768)
F/Sgt LG Wright
22 AACUDrigh Road, India eng fail during landing circui ...More
24 Sep 44 Blenheim V BA658 Plt Offr A B Thistlethwayte
Fg Offr Thomas John DAVIS(134574)
22 AACUBairagarh, India tyre burst on landing at Baira ...More
29 Sep 44 Harvard IIB FE975 Fg Offr John Dirom LAMBERT*(141540)
W/O  W C Hall*
22 AACUKarachi, India cr Landhi airstrip, Karachi bo ...More
04 Nov 44 Vengeance I AN903 F/Sgt Maurice Benjamin JONES*(1576227)
F/Sgt David Mcleod LIVIE*(1022722)
22 AACU, India Cr after aircraft hit tree dur ...More
08 Nov 44 Vengeance I AN979 WO J Duckworth
AC M Roy
22 AACUSt Thomas Mount, India Failed to take off and underca ...More
12 Dec 44 Vengeance I AP103 WO Gabb 22 AACU, India ac caught fire on TO run ...More
16 Jan 45 Vengeance I AP129 Sqn Ldr Brian Frederick Crozier HOUSTON(40709) 22 AACUKarachi, India Forcelanded Mauripur due to br ...More
31 Mar 45 Vengeance I AP122 Sgt John WRIGHT*(1452337)
AC2 W M BHASKAR *(16526)
22 AACUChakulia, India Crashed near Chakulia, in a vi ...More
31 Mar 45 Vengeance I EZ807 Fg Offr Louis Vincent Chester FABIAN(150653) 22 AACU, India Not a Write Off. Tipped over t ...More
24 Apr 45 Harvard IIB FS949 WO D N BOOTH 22 AACU, India Hit cables after doing low bea ...More
24 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LE181 Sgt W L Griffiths 22 AACUKatni, India BL at Katni Cat B. overshot an ...More
31 May 45 Vengeance I AN921 WO BOOTH 22 AACUDrigh Road, India CR AT end of runway at drigh r ...More
06 Jun 45 Vengeance IV FD314 WO D N BOOTH 22 AACUDrigh Road, India Drigh Road, Premature Pull out ...More
22 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LE461 WO Leonard Francis Andrew CLOSS*(1335597) 22 AACUPoona, India flew into Hill near Poona aero ...More
21 Jul 45 Vengeance I AP127 WO G E HAYLE 22 AACUDigri, India Taxying accident Digri DAM TO ...More
25 Jul 45 Vengeance I EZ807 Fg Offr K PRAKASH(1809) 22 AACUDigri, India U/c failure on stbd. Accident ...More
11 May 46 Hurricane LE796 22 AACUJhansi, India Hit tree during attempted FL i ...More
09 Jul 46 Vengeance IV FD264 22 AACU, India pilot lost way and FL in bad w ...More
14 Sep 46 Vengeance IV FD382 F Sgt Royston MOORE*(1583911) 22 AACU, India 10m S of Bhopal ac caught fire ...More

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