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A total of 83 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
19 Dec 41 Lysander II N1273 Sgt RIDLEY 28 SqdnKohat, India Cr on Take Off Kohat. BF-J att ...More
02 Feb 42 Lysander II N1274 Flt Lt Erick William TATE*(39426)
28 SqdnMingaladon, Burma Two Lysanders were dispatched ...More
02 Feb 42 Lysander II Flt Lt Albert Sydney MANN(40126)
28 SqdnMingaladon, Burma Two Lysanders were dispatched ...More
17 Feb 42 Lysander II P1686 Fg Offr Cecil Coope DICKSON*(68719)
Sgt Eric Benjamin George SEDGWICK*(529889)
28 SqdnMingaladon, Burma “BF-M” Unfortunately befor ...More
18 Feb 42 Lysander II --- ----- 28 SqdnPort Blair, India Andaman Dettachment. On the 18 ...More
18 Feb 42 Lysander II --- ----- 28 SqdnPort Blair, India Andaman Dettachment. On the 18 ...More
23 Feb 42 Lysander II Sgt GARETT 28 SqdnAsansol, India Crashed on landing. Aircraft d ...More
23 Feb 42 Hurricane IIB Z6859 Plt Offr Colin Dairmid Campbell DUNFORD-WOOD(47302) 28 SqdnMingaladon, Burma shot down by small arms fire o ...More
27 Feb 42 Lysander II --- ----- 28 SqdnMIngaladon, Burma Destroyed by Japanese Air Raid ...More
06 Mar 42 Lysander II Plt Offr Edward Rowan Knyvet HUMPHRIES(47304) 28 SqdnGaya, India On the 6th, Squadron aircraft ...More
14 Apr 42 Lysander II P1670 28 SqdnFatehgarh, India Overshot landing at Fatehgarh ...More
10 Jun 42 Lysander II P9070 Sgt Nigel SINCLAIR-HILL?(771974) 28 SqdnRanchi, India Undershot landing in dust stro ...More
11 Jun 42 Lysander II P9193 28 SqdnRanchi, India “BF-D” Returned to India . ...More
19 Jul 42 Lysander II L4787 Sgt GREY 28 SqdnPalam, India Cr on Takeoff from Palam. Two ...More
26 Jul 42 Lysander II N1217 Sgt RIDLEY 28 SqdnRazmak, India Photo in Ketchil. Crashed 26 J ...More
27 Jul 42 Lysander II P9075 Flt Lt Robin Eustace Brittain WHITE*(41228)
Sgt Francis Gordon ELLIS*(1108093)
28 SqdnDatta Khel, India Destroyed in FL 27-7-42 Datta ...More
25 Sep 42 Lysander II N1315 28 SqdnHyderabad, India Cr on TO - Hyderabad Sind. No ...More
22 Jan 43 Hurricane IIB JS223 F Sgt John Robert HILTON*(139815) 28 SqdnMaungdaw, Burma 1155 Hrs F/Sgt Hilton and Flt ...More
03 Feb 43 Hurricane IIB BW912 F Sgt Rusell George McINTAGGART(R80922) 28 SqdnBawliBazar, India Diverted to Bawli Bazar during ...More
02 Apr 43 Hurricane IIB BH134 Fg Offr Edward Rowan Knyvet HUMPHRIES*(47304) 28 SqdnMaungdaw, Burma Took off on a Tac/R Sortie but ...More
26 Apr 43 Hurricane IIB BX131 Plt Offr Humphrey Rawstone CARMICHAEL 28 SqdnRamu, Burma TAc/R Sortie. while flying ove ...More
19 May 43 Hurricane IIB Plt Offr John Carnac BUCKLAND(122369) 28 SqdnImphal, India shot down Chindwin River. FL a ...More
25 May 43 Hurricane IIB BM912 Plt Offr Martin Pelham SALISBURY-ROSWELL*(139518) 28 SqdnRanchi, India Engine test over aerdrome at 2 ...More
21 Jul 43 Hurricane IIB HV413 Fg Offr R E DeMESTRE(BVAF1018) 28 SqdnCox Bazaar, India Early morning sortie 0625-0745 ...More
09 Aug 43 Hurricane IIB HW420 Fg Offr Stuart Wykes FOSTER*(128627) 28 SqdnAgartala, Burma Photo and Tactical Recce Kalem ...More
05 Sep 43 Hurricane IIB HV502 Fg Offr Jack Miller REED*(48911) 28 SqdnCox Bazaar, India Failed to return from TAC/R. a ...More
19 Sep 43 Hurricane IIB HW265 WO Andrew Robert GRAY*(400923) 28 SqdnCox Bazaar, India F/O DeMestre and Gray carried ...More
20 Sep 43 Hurricane IIB HL718 Fg Offr Michael Clement BERG(141142) 28 SqdnImphal, India Wingman P/O ESV Burton returne ...More
24 Sep 43 Hurricane BN163 28 SqdnImphal, India Bounced on landing and u/c col ...More
05 Oct 43 Hurricane IIB F Sgt Eric Sandeman BAXTER(771991) 28 SqdnImphal, India F/O Dorman and Baxter went on ...More
09 Oct 43 Hurricane IIB BG872 Fg Offr Edward Jack DORMAN*(122472) 28 SqdnImphal, India Killed during an airtest . Aft ...More
01 Nov 43 Hurricane IIB HV418 Sgt Nigel SINCLAIR-HILL(771974) 28 SqdnImphal, India Returned form sortie - pranged ...More
04 Nov 43 Hurricane HL867 28 SqdnCox Bazaar, India Tyre burst on take off, swung ...More
09 Nov 43 Hurricane IIB BH115 - - 28 SqdnImphal, India Bombed by Japanese Type 01s at ...More
09 Nov 43 Hurricane IIB BN238 - - 28 SqdnImphal, India Bombed by Japanese Type 01s at ...More
09 Nov 43 Hurricane IIB - - 28 SqdnImphal, India Bombed by Japanese Type 01s at ...More
30 Nov 43 Hurricane BN881 28 Sqdn, India Forcelanded after Glycol Leak ...More
19 Jan 44 Hurricane IIB AP889 F Sgt Edwin George CADE*(1337730) 28 SqdnImphal, India Crashed into trees during LL s ...More
22 Feb 44 Hurricane IIB AG342 Fg Offr Douglas Stuart THOMSON(47295) 28 SqdnImphal, India Crashed at Paungbyin. F/L E G ...More
12 Mar 44 Hurricane IIB HV475 WO William Arthur WALKER(J88227) 28 SqdnImphal, India Shot down TIDDIM by two ARMY 0 ...More
22 Mar 44 Hurricane IIB JS426 Fg Offr E A W ROSS(J14010) 28 SqdnImphal, India brake pressure failed while la ...More
27 Mar 44 Hurricane IIB HV978 Fg Offr Frederick James PERRY*(119140) 28 SqdnImphal, India At 0730 Hours F/O F Perry cras ...More
07 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LB737 F Sgt Kenneth Alfred Edward DRAYCOTT*(1385688) 28 SqdnImphal, India Tac R Sortie of Kohima Road to ...More
18 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LD891 Flt Lt Robert Gordon JOHNSON(J7810) 28 SqdnJorhat, India FL Wheels up at DImapur at 10. ...More
19 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LD300 Fg Offr Douglas Alexander Buzza McPHERSON(C25630) 28 SqdnJorhat, India Detailed for recce of Kohima J ...More
28 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LD903 Fg Offr Leslie Henling Wade(127176) 28 SqdnJorhat, India Not in ORB - Overshot landing ...More
07 May 44 Hurricane IIC LD904 F Sgt Nigel SINCLAIR-HILL*(771974) 28 SqdnJorhat, India Four aircraft mission bad weat ...More
12 May 44 Hurricane IIC LD808 F Sgt Arthur Wragg(1239357) 28 SqdnImphal, India Tyre burst on take off, swung ...More
07 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC LD263 28 SqdnImphal, India DBR on Operations . Possibly s ...More
08 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC LB992 Plt Offr Alan Earnest WILLIAMS*(163023) 28 SqdnImphal, India Started out on sortie , radioe ...More

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