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1944 : 17 1945 : 12
A total of 29 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
21 Feb 44 Hurricane IIC HW490 F Sgt Maurice Arthur POWELL*(947660) 3 RFUPoona, India Hit wires during attack at Shi ...More
20 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC 3 RFUPoona, India Forcelanded in mangrove swamp ...More
03 May 44 Hurricane IIC KW758 Sgt Alexander William Howard NORRIS*(1585125) 3 RFUPoona, India Spun into ground during aeroba ...More
16 May 44 Harvard IIB FE718 F Sgt Douglas Arthur WHITEHURST*(421779)
Sgt Phillip Anthony WILDE*(1580604)
3 RFUPoona, India Hit tree while low flying Hing ...More
20 May 44 Hurricane IIB AM283 3 RFUPoona, India Ran out of fuel on low level n ...More
08 Jun 44 Blenheim V BA682 3 RFUPoona, India tyre burst on landing at Poona ...More
30 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC KZ455 3 RFUPoona, India FL out of fuel on navex 15m NW ...More
01 Jul 44 Blenheim V BA334 F Sgt John Chalmers LYLE*(1387955) 3 RFUPoona, India hit ground low-flying 10 miles ...More
20 Jul 44 Hurricane IIC KW922 3 RFUPoona, India Lost power and undershot landi ...More
29 Jul 44 Harvard IIB FE961 F Sgt Ernest Reginald CRAMP*(1388442)
F Sgt Allan Patrick BRANIFF*
3 RFUPoona, India Cr low flying 10m ENE Poona, h ...More
19 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC KZ331 3 RFUPoona, India Undercarriage collapsed on lan ...More
22 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC 459 3 RFUPoona, India FL 5m E of airfield . Pilot un ...More
10 Sep 44 Hurricane IIC KZ704 3 RFUPoona, India Engine lost power on approach, ...More
12 Sep 44 Hurricane IIC BP229 F Sgt Douglas Owen Glyndwr HALL*(1587006) 3 RFUPoona, India killed whilst flying in Hurric ...More
12 Sep 44 Hurricane IIC HL808 Sgt John Eaton SCOTT*(1623687) 3 RFUPoona, India killed whilst flying in Hurric ...More
15 Nov 44 Hurricane IIC BD881 Sgt John Edwin Albert KINSMAN*(1604808) 3 RFUPoona, India crashed near Bakori after hitt ...More
30 Nov 44 Harvard IIB FS715 WO A Entwhistle 3 RFUPoona, India Harvard landed with undercarra ...More
26 Jan 45 Harvard IIB FT123 3 RFUPoona, India landed wheels up at night. Mai ...More
29 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC BN877 Sgt Alfred John Vaughan CRANE*(1809343) 3 RFUPoona, India Spun into ground during aeroba ...More
16 Feb 45 Hurricane IV LD792 Sgt Kenneth Beath BAIN*(1336342) 3 RFUPoona, India Hit cable on LL exercise and c ...More
18 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LD565 3 RFUPoona, India Stalled on approach, wing hit ...More
28 May 45 Spitfire VIII MD270 3 RFUPoona, India FL after getting lost. Pilots ...More
01 Jun 45 Spitfire Vc MA677 3 RFUPoona, India Poona, aircraft engine cut 700 ...More
05 Jun 45 Hurricane IV KZ909 Sgt Wicks(1586366) 3 RFUPoona, India Engine caught fire, belly land ...More
18 Jun 45 Hurricane IV KX697 Sgt Wicks(1586366) 3 RFUPoona, India U/C Leg collapsed on landing a ...More
13 Jul 45 Hurricane IV KW910 Plt Offr William Marshall Ross (181797) 3 RFUPoona, India Hit tree during exercise and b ...More
16 Jul 45 Hurricane IV LD791 Fg Offr Roy Alec CAMERON(181781) 3 RFUPoona, India MAC landed safely ac sightly d ...More
16 Jul 45 Hurricane IIC LB837 Fg Offr William Marshall Ross (181797) 3 RFUPoona, India Slight damaged - To 1344 Flt ...More
09 Aug 45 Spitfire VC MA393 3 RFUPoona, India Poona - eng fail - pilot FL an ...More

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