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1943 : 17 1944 : 17 1945 : 7
A total of 41 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
22 Feb 43 Blenheim V BA662 42 SqdnYelahanka, India Tyre burst on take-off at Yela ...More
19 Mar 43 Blenheim V BA655 Fg Offr De SOUZA
42 SqdnRajeswarpur, India tyre burst by bomb splinters d ...More
19 Mar 43 Blenheim V BA684 Fg Offr Grant KERR(61629)
42 SqdnRajeswarpur, India crashed in flames during raid ...More
06 Apr 43 Blenheim V BA169 --- ------- 42 SqdnAgartala, India destroyed on ground by Japanes ...More
01 May 43 Blenheim V Sgt DINNIE
42 SqdnKumbhirgram, India Bisley V Crashed at Kumbhir gr ...More
09 May 43 Blenheim V Sgt HAMILTON
42 SqdnKumbhirgram, India Aircraft R Swung on landing an ...More
30 May 43 Blenheim V Sgt VINER
42 SqdnKumbhirgram, India Six aircraft airborne only one ...More
09 Jun 43 Blenheim V BA923 Fg Offr Booth
Sgt Robinson
42 SqdnKumbhirgram, India damaged during raid on Kalewa, ...More
15 Jul 43 Blenheim V 42 SqdnKumbhirgram, India Aircraft returning from Agarta ...More
26 Aug 43 Blenheim V BA451 Fg Offr NEWCOMBE 42 SqdnKumbhirgram, India hit water flying low and ditch ...More
01 Sep 43 Blenheim V BA200 Fg Offr C M ADAMS 42 SqdnKumbhirgram, India Aircraft hit parapet of bridge ...More
12 Sep 43 Blenheim V BA103 F Sgt R WELLER
42 SqdnKumbhirgram, India crashed on take-off at Kumbhir ...More
20 Sep 43 Hurricane Sgt Winer 42 SqdnYelahanka, India First prang when he dropped du ...More
04 Nov 43 Hurricane IV LB849 Fg Offr Alwyne Robert Pierce SHIELDS(124416) 42 SqdnYelahanka, India Hit water low flying off Kunig ...More
22 Nov 43 Hurricane IV LB687 F Sgt James STEPHENS*(1294418) 42 SqdnSt Thomas Mount, India Collided with KW920 and crashe ...More
22 Nov 43 Hurricane IV KW920 Fg Offr Charles Theodore Godfrey COWARD*(414003) 42 SqdnSt Thomas Mount, India Collided with LB687 and crashe ...More
30 Dec 43 Hurricane IV LD163 Sgt J LOMAX 42 SqdnPalel, Bombing sortie at Kantha. Sgt ...More
24 Jan 44 Hurricane IIC KZ904 Fg Offr Ronald Oakley SMITH(80375) 42 SqdnPalel, Engine cut, hit cable and nose ...More
16 Feb 44 Hurricane IV KZ324 WO J H Glover 42 SqdnOnbauk, Burma 1345Hrs. Flt Lt R J Ryley esco ...More
30 May 44 Hurricane IV KZ323 F Sgt Arthur Russell HOGWOOD*(1337629) 42 SqdnPalel, Stalled on approach and hit gr ...More
30 May 44 Hurricane IV LD290 WO Gerard Francis McMillan*(1371004) 42 SqdnPalel, 1125Hrs Hit hill while attacki ...More
06 Jun 44 Hurricane IV Fg Offr W F Burke 42 SqdnPalel, Aircraft D crashed on landing ...More
05 Jul 44 Hurricane IV KZ244 F Sgt J Lomax 42 SqdnPalel, Hit tree during attack and lat ...More
18 Jul 44 Hurricane IV LD468 Flt Lt Alwyne Robert Peirce SHIELDS*(124416) 42 SqdnPalel, Missing on ground attack missi ...More
21 Jul 44 Hurricane IV LD446 F Sgt Harold Oliver WILLIAMS*(657362) 42 SqdnPalel, Missing from attack on Bridge. ...More
14 Aug 44 Hurricane IV LD488 Plt Offr Michael Patrick Owen BLAKE(IND/2630) 42 SqdnPalel, India 1356-1514hrs. 6ac sortie for R ...More
27 Aug 44 Hurricane IV LD451 WO R A G King 42 SqdnTulihal, Engine cut on sweep. Belly lan ...More
27 Aug 44 Hurricane IV LD235 Sgt O Wardlow 42 SqdnTulihal, 6ac mission to hit RU862651 KO ...More
19 Oct 44 Hurricane IV KW897 Sgt Robin Ardern Taylor(1803995) 42 SqdnTulihal, Engine cut, belly landed near ...More
21 Oct 44 Hurricane IV LD467 Sgt Fred WHITAKER*(1673071) 42 SqdnTulihal, Crashed after attack on bridge ...More
25 Oct 44 Hurricane IV LD450 F Sgt Roy Vivian HALL*(1450285) 42 SqdnTulihal, Collided with LD675 on approac ...More
25 Oct 44 Hurricane IV LD675 Sgt R G T Shaw 42 SqdnTulihal, Collided with LD450 on approac ...More
23 Nov 44 Hurricane IV LB998 WO H J Spiller 42 SqdnTulihal, Lost power on sweep and belly ...More
23 Dec 44 Hurricane IV LD164 F Sgt J R T Rees 42 SqdnTamu, Burma Bombs hung up, Pilot BO near T ...More
14 Feb 45 Harvard IIB KF106 Fg Offr R B Jackson
Plt Offr Ashley
42 SqdnOnbauk, Photograph sortie for smoke la ...More
04 Mar 45 Hurricane IV LD218 - 42 SqdnOnbauk, Burma Damaged by Anti personal bomb ...More
11 Mar 45 Hurricane IV LD166 FS Taylor 42 SqdnOnbauk, Burma On returning from operation, u ...More
18 Mar 45 Hurricane IV LD102 42 Sqdn, Ran into hole taxying and unde ...More
20 Apr 45 Hurricane IV KX802 42 Sqdn, India Failed to Return - Missing. Ai ...More
10 May 45 Hurricane IV LD487 Sgt Edward James ELLIS*(1801105) 42 SqdnMagwe, Burma Dived into ground on landing b ...More
11 Oct 45 Thunderbolt II KJ245 Sgt Adkins 42 Sqdn, India Meiktila - port tyre burst on ...More

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