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1942 : 15 1943 : 18 1944 : 18 1945 : 10
A total of 61 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
18 Jan 42 Mohawk IV BJ438 Flt Lt Edward Creighton FYSON(40103) 5 SqdnDum Dum, India Landed with partilally lowered ...More
02 Apr 42 Mohawk III AR678 Sgt Charles T Kronk 5 SqdnDum Dum, India Undershot runway due to lack o ...More
25 Apr 42 Mohawk III AR644 Wg Cdr Stephen 5 SqdnDum Dum, India Baled out at 5000ft over Ksapu ...More
18 May 42 Mohawk IV BJ542 F Sgt Robert Dyce CAMERON*(776154) 5 Sqdn, India Lost control while flying in c ...More
24 May 42 Mohawk III AR676 F Sgt Christopher G Campbell 5 Sqdn, India Missing, presumed crashed in J ...More
24 May 42 Mohawk IV BJ546 Sgt Alan T Wood 5 Sqdn, India Missing on TacR Mission ...More
19 Jun 42 Mohawk III AR641 Plt Offr Christopher John TRIMBLE(151541) 5 SqdnDinjan, India Collided in air with Mohawk. B ...More
19 Jun 42 Mohawk IV BJ534 Sgt Errol Walter Joseph BLAKE*(785051) 5 SqdnDinjan, India Collided with Mohawk. No trace ...More
26 Aug 42 Mohawk IV AX896 5 SqdnDinjan, India Undercarriage collapsed on lan ...More
30 Sep 42 Mohawk IV AX895 Sgt William Geoffrey THOMAS*(655563) 5 Sqdn, Burma 12 ac took off from Feni to at ...More
03 Oct 42 Mohawk IV BS735 Sgt P Cutfield 5 SqdnAgartala, India Crashed in forced landing near ...More
07 Oct 42 Mohawk Sgt E R Worts 5 Sqdn, India Pranged? ...More
08 Oct 42 Mohawk IV BB974 5 SqdnDinjan, India Undercarriage collapsed on lan ...More
24 Nov 42 Mohawk IV BJ446 Sgt Thomas G Smith(629168) 5 SqdnDinjan, India After practice flying, made a ...More
25 Nov 42 Mohawk IV BK585 Plt Offr Nicholas MacDonald BEYTS(110028) 5 SqdnDinjan, India Having completed a scramble ov ...More
01 Jan 43 Mohawk IV BK584 Plt Offr Allan Henry HALEY*(402054) 5 Sqdn, Burma AA Fire over Chindwin River [h ...More
04 Jan 43 Mohawk III AR672 Sgt B A Ferguson 5 SqdnAgartala, India Crashed on landing - Nose down ...More
05 Jan 43 Mohawk IV BK580 Fg Offr Robert Nevin CHANCELLOR(411859) 5 SqdnDum Dum, India Two ac proceeded to Dum Dum fr ...More
15 Jan 43 Mohawk IV BK572 Fg Offr Peter Mortimer BELLINGER(108238) 5 SqdnImphal, India FO Bellinger, FSgt Bain Sgt Wo ...More
19 Jan 43 Mohawk IV Fg Offr Arthur Singleton BOYES(119706) 5 SqdnImphal, Escort mission for Blenheims t ...More
01 Feb 43 Mohawk IV Fg Offr William McDonald SOUTER(68755) 5 SqdnAgartala, Eight aircraft detailed to esc ...More
18 Feb 43 Mohawk III AR650 F Sgt Morgan 5 SqdnAgartala, India FL in Lushai Hills,Pilot walke ...More
19 Feb 43 Mohawk IV BB977 Fg Offr Richard Strangeways TOVEY*(111323) 5 SqdnAgartala, India Fg Offr R S Tovey crashed nea ...More
29 Mar 43 Mohawk Fg Offr Rodolfo MENDIZABAL(J15049) 5 SqdnReindeer, India Windscreen oiled up after a he ...More
30 Mar 43 Mohawk Flt Lt Jonathan RASHLEIGH(41095) 5 SqdnAgartala, Burma Air/Cbt Write off Safe. Ac dam ...More
03 Apr 43 Mohawk Plt Offr Harold Oskar SEIFERT(J16852) 5 SqdnChittagong, India Returning from a Fightersweep ...More
18 Apr 43 Mohawk IV BS790 Fg Offr Robert Nevin CHANCELLOR*(411859) 5 Sqdn, Burma Part of for ac mission at 0755 ...More
24 Apr 43 Mohawk IV BS744 5 SqdnAgartala, India Crashed on take off. No Mentio ...More
10 May 43 Mohawk III AR690 Sgt Sweeting 5 SqdnAgartala, India Undercarriage collapsed on lan ...More
20 May 43 Mohawk IV BB925 5 Sqdn, India Crashed in forced landing chit ...More
01 Jul 43 Hurricane II KX228 Fg Offr Lloyd Duncan Thomas(J5473) 5 Sqdn, India Hit ground on LL navex. Engine ...More
10 Aug 43 Hurricane II KW859 Fg Offr Rodolfo MENDIZABAL*(J15049) 5 SqdnAmarda Road, India Killed while carrying practice ...More
08 Nov 43 Hurricane II HV700 Plt Offr Harold Oskar SEIFERT*(J16852) 5 SqdnKharagpur, India Crashed and killed 2m NW of ae ...More
16 Feb 44 Hurricane II HV959 5 SqdnSapam, Ran into HW752 on runway in du ...More
16 Feb 44 Hurricane II HW752 5 SqdnSapam, Ran into HV959 on runway in du ...More
23 Mar 44 Hurricane II LB546 WO Kenneth Arnold NEVILLE*(J90361) 5 Sqdn, Lost in a storm - never found ...More
27 Mar 44 Hurricane II BN671 Flt Lt William John Newton LEE*(112434) 5 SqdnPatharkandi, Died in a Flying accident doin ...More
18 Apr 44 Hurricane II LD580 Flt Lt Lloyd Duncan THOMAS*( J5473) 5 SqdnLanka, India ac hit by LMG Fire, dived stra ...More
25 Apr 44 Hurricane II LB953 Fg Offr Arthur Singleton BOYES*(119706) 5 SqdnLanka, India Rolled over after strafing a s ...More
20 May 44 Hurricane II ??683 Flt Lt Edward Gray THURSTON*( J4920) 5 SqdnLanka, India 0925 Rhubarb Pinlebu, Wingtho. ...More
20 May 44 Hurricane II LD388 F Sgt Joseph Willie Yvon BIBEAU*( R135134) 5 SqdnLanka, India 0925 Rhubarb Pinlebu, Wingtho. ...More
18 Jun 44 Hurricane II LD342 F Sgt William Douglas Williams(422058) 5 Sqdn, India Stalled on approach in heavy r ...More
26 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC LD860 WO George Frazer KINGSBURY(R135940) 5 Sqdn, Hit trees in bad weather on fe ...More
05 Aug 44 Hurricane II LE352 Fg Offr W S S Garnett 5 SqdnVizagapatam, India Hit sea during practice attack ...More
05 Aug 44 Hurricane II LE919 Sgt John Kenneth CROSS(1322591) 5 SqdnVizagapatam, India Flew into sea when caught in s ...More
26 Sep 44 Thunderbolt I FL819 Sgt N M Hart 5 SqdnYelahanka, India Abandoned TO and hit fence Yel ...More
18 Oct 44 Thunderbolt I HD180 5 SqdnYelahanka, India BL in error at Yelahanka. No m ...More
20 Oct 44 Thunderbolt I HB983 5 SqdnYelahanka, India Belly landed short of fuel, Mi ...More
20 Oct 44 Thunderbolt I HD140 5 SqdnYelahanka, India Ran short of fuel and belly la ...More
31 Dec 44 Thunderbolt I FL809 5 SqdnNazir, India Ran into FL825 while landing a ...More

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