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A total of 83 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
13 Jun 30 Wapiti IIA J9712 Sgt HINDELANG, Edward Albert
LAC LANSDELL, William Henry
60 SqdnKohat, India LAC Douglas was 24 years old a ...More
16 Jan 40 Blenheim I L4918 Sgt H R Waterson
Cpl G Cann
60 SqdnKarachi, India Sergeant H R Waterson, Corpora ...More
24 Apr 40 Blenheim I L6629 Sgt C S Gill 60 SqdnDrigh Road, India bounced on landing at Drigh Ro ...More
06 Jul 40 Blenheim IV L8520 60 SqdnAmbala, India tyre burst on take-off at Amba ...More
22 Jul 40 Blenheim IV L8539 Flt Lt R B SMITH
Plt Offr R Johnson
60 SqdnJuhu, India engine cut on approach, unders ...More
18 Aug 40 Blenheim IV L8611 60 Sqdn, India became lost, ran out of fuel, ...More
31 Aug 40 Blenheim I L1545 Sgt Richard HESELTINE*(563144)
Sgt Reginald John TOMPKINS*(565827)
60 SqdnDum Dum, India Missing believed killed - Fail ...More
16 Nov 40 Blenheim IV L8380 60 Sqdn, India crashed and written off, no fu ...More
30 Nov 40 Blenheim I L4916 60 SqdnLahore, India stalled on approach at Lahore, ...More
24 Mar 41 Blenheim I L4914 Sgt C S GILL
60 SqdnMingaladon, Burma engine cut, lost height and be ...More
17 Sep 41 Blenheim I L4827 Fg Offr APPLETON
60 SqdnMingaladon, Burma ran into soft ground landing a ...More
12 May 42 Blenheim IV Z7990 60 SqdnAsansol, India hit bump on runway at Asansol, ...More
19 May 42 Blenheim IV Z7495 Plt Offr H B WATERSTONE 60 SqdnAsansol, India crashed on landing at Jessore, ...More
22 May 42 Blenheim IV Z9808 WO W M Huggard(519200)
Sgt J Howitt
60 SqdnAsansol, India damaged in action shooting dow ...More
16 Jun 42 Blenheim IV Z7903 Sgt William Alexander SHANNON*(405328) 60 SqdnAllahabad, India crashed near Allahabad, cause ...More
23 Jun 42 Blenheim IV Z9721 Lt L J Beasley*(1021681)
Plt offr EDWARDS L C *(45719)
60 SqdnAsansol, Burma Airraft set out at 1100 hours ...More
26 Jun 42 Blenheim IV V6181 60 SqdnAsansol, India crashed on take-off at Asansol ...More
04 Jul 42 Blenheim IV Z7881 60 SqdnAsansol, India ASI failed on take-off at Asan ...More
24 Jul 42 Blenhiem IV Z7647 Wg Cdr Charles Brian Berry WALLIS*(37236)
Plt Offr D PAGE*
60 SqdnDum Dum, India Cr Taking off from Dum Dum. fa ...More
21 Aug 42 Blenheim IV V5642 60 SqdnAsansol, India take-off abandoned at Asansol ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim Z9798 Plt Offr J A McMillan 60 SqdnChittagong, India Four ac on a shipping strike. ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim IV V5425 Plt Offr George Albert MOCKERIDGE*(45431)
Sgt D H BROWN*(754217)
60 SqdnAsansol, India crashed into sea off Akyab dur ...More
24 Oct 42 Blenheim IV R3689 Plt Offr Michael DUNCAN(102140)
60 SqdnDum Dum, India tyre burst on take-off at Dum ...More
28 Oct 42 Blenheim IV L7756 Sgt F K SYKENS(1378809)
Sgt David Clyde OLIPHANT(405101)
60 SqdnChittagong, India damaged by flak on recce to Bu ...More
29 Oct 42 Blenheim Z9745 Sgt K H Minchin(406488)
60 SqdnAgartala, India Damaged by Enemy ac , bl , bro ...More
28 Dec 42 Blenheim IV Z6372 Sgt SMYTH 60 SqdnFeni, India engine cut on take-off at Feni ...More
21 Feb 43 Blenheim IV Z9576 Sgt HARDMAN
60 SqdnDohazari, India Five aircraft on strike to att ...More
15 Mar 43 Blenheim IV V5587 Sgt H C Allsop (1179763) 60 SqdnDohazari, India 0825-1040 Hours damaged by ene ...More
15 Mar 43 Blenheim IV Z7293 Plt Offr A W Archer(407399)
Sgt Noel George WHITEHEAD(406273)
60 SqdnDohazari, India 0825-1000 Hours. Shot down ove ...More
15 Mar 43 Blenheim IV Z7710 Fg Offr J A McMillan 60 SqdnDohazari, India 0815-1305 Hours. damaged on op ...More
23 Mar 43 Blenheim IV 60 SqdnDohazari, India Cat B - BAdly damaged in enemy ...More
23 Mar 43 Blenheim IV 60 SqdnDohazari, India Cat B - BAdly damaged in enemy ...More
23 Mar 43 Blenheim IV 60 SqdnDohazari, India Cat B - BAdly damaged in enemy ...More
23 Mar 43 Blenheim IV 60 SqdnDohazari, India Cat B - BAdly damaged in enemy ...More
23 Mar 43 Blenheim IV 60 SqdnDohazari, India Cat B - BAdly damaged in enemy ...More
25 Mar 43 Blenheim IV 60 SqdnDohazari, India Destryoyed in raid at 1440 hor ...More
13 Apr 43 Blenheim IV V5445 Fg Offr Michael DUNCAN*(102140)
WO Ralph Percival WEST*(580705)
60 SqdnDohazari, Burma 1530-1730 Hours. hit by flak o ...More
06 Jul 43 Blenheim IV V6504 F Sgt Sydney SCHRAGGER*(791171)
F Sgt William Edward BRISTER*(1152420)
60 SqdnYelahanka, India lost propeller on air-test, co ...More
03 Aug 43 Blenheim IV Z7913 Wg Cdr D BANKS 60 SqdnChina Bay, Ceylon engine cut, lost height, ditch ...More
11 Oct 43 Hurricane HW780 Sgt E G Howard 60 SqdnCholavaram, India Approx 1600 Hours Hit bird and ...More
12 Jan 44 Hurricane LB717 F Sgt P J Badly 60 SqdnAgartala, India Called up at Tiddim to say boo ...More
13 Jan 44 Hurricane LB604 Sgt Eric Thomas Robinson MILLINGTON*(1391541) 60 SqdnAgartala, India Cr 15.20 hours near landing st ...More
02 Feb 44 Hurricane LB612 F Sgt Benjamin Thorpe SMYTH(1126209) 60 SqdnAgartala, India force landing after takeoff af ...More
08 Mar 44 Hurricane HW622 Flt Lt Frank HALL*(100566) 60 SqdnChittagong, India 20m N of Chittagong, Hall dive ...More
21 Apr 44 Hurricane LD347 60 Sqdn, India undercarriage damaged during r ...More
28 Apr 44 Hurricane LD303 WO Bernard Michael PRITCHARD*(413660) 60 Sqdn, Abandoned enroute to target, T ...More
31 May 44 Hurricane LD785 F Sgt Kenneth Charles Melville TAYLOR*(1339169) 60 Sqdn, India Crashed in Forced landing at K ...More
08 Jul 44 Hurricane IIC KX951 F Sgt Kenneth Albert WHITE*(1320549) 60 SqdnKumbhirgram, Missing in cloud during sweep ...More
08 Jul 44 Hurricane IIC LD998 F Sgt Robert Percy SWEET*(1384630) 60 SqdnKumbhirgram, Pulled up into icloud after at ...More
05 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC LD803 F Sgt Arthur CHALLENDER*(1219463) 60 SqdnKumbhirgram, Missing from sweep to Paungbyi ...More

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