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A total of 27 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
17 Mar 43 Hurricane BG814 Fg Offr Peter Harden Goyen BLIGHT(101036) 681 SqdnDumDum, India F/O Blight went to special are ...More
25 Mar 43 Spitfire PR.IV BP911 Flt Lt Frederick Donald PROCTER(62334) 681 SqdnDohazari, India Proceeded to Toungo in Spitfir ...More
28 Apr 43 Hurricane Sgt Sabourin 681 SqdnChittagong, Went on PR sortie to Kyaukpyu, ...More
08 Jun 43 Spitfire PR.IV AB318 WO Francis David Colin Brown(404330) 681 SqdnDumDum, India Warrant Officer F.D.C. "Chota" ...More
13 Jun 43 Hurricane AP891 Sgt Sabourin 681 SqdnDumDum, India Engine cut, FL in sugarcane fi ...More
30 Jul 43 Spitfire PR.IV AB319 Sgt P S Marman 681 SqdnChittagong, India Forcelanded near Alethangwin w ...More
20 Aug 43 Hurricane BH125 WO Carpenter 681 SqdnChittagong, Undercarraige failure led to t ...More
03 Sep 43 Hurricane BN224 681 SqdnAlipore, India undercarriage Collapsed on lan ...More
28 Sep 43 Spitfire PR.IV AA793 F Sgt Alan Wesley HAIN*(406847) 681 SqdnCox Bazaar, India Lost on sortie to Indaw. Crash ...More
13 Dec 43 Spitfire PR.IV AB316 Fg Offr Lynden Kingsley GORDON-WHITE*(128566) 681 SqdnDumDum, India SD on Sortie to Mandalay - Plt ...More
10 Jan 44 Spitfire PR.XI T MB904 Fg Offr Vance Everett CROSS(J21019) 681 SqdnChandina, India Failed to return from Magwe-To ...More
01 Feb 44 Spitfire PR.IV AB315 Sgt R K Brown 681 SqdnDumDum, India Photo recce of Special areas A ...More
05 Mar 44 Spitfire PR.IV BP880 Flt Lt Cecil Brian Powell DAVIES*(111244) 681 SqdnDumDum, India BO over BoBengal but not found ...More
23 Mar 44 Spitfire PR.XI T PA853 Fg Offr Vance Everett CROSS*(J21019) 681 SqdnDumDum, India FTR from operational sortie - ...More
01 Apr 44 SPitfire PR.IV MB893 F Sgt L G Weber(J92515) 681 SqdnSilchar West, India [615 ORB] A PRU Spitfire crash ...More
02 Jul 44 Spitfire PR.XI T PA848 F Sgt William John COOPER*(412908) 681 SqdnAlipore, India Spitfire 'P' lost on Alipore t ...More
30 Aug 44 Spitfire PR.XI T MB891 Fg Offr John Denis Mahoney(411356) 681 SqdnAlipore, India Baled outEftP : baled out retu ...More
02 Jan 45 Spitfire PR.XI T PL858 WO Frank Victor Entwistle(409100) 681 SqdnAlipore, India BO 40m E of Chindwin River.mad ...More
03 Mar 45 Spitfire PR.XI T PA860 681 SqdnAkyab, Burma Taxied into Hurri at Akyab of ...More
12 Mar 45 Spitfire PR.XI T Flt Lt Kenneth LOCK*(127230) 681 SqdnAlipore, Burma The Squadron sustained a heavy ...More
28 Mar 45 Spitfire PR.XI T PL776 Fg Offr C E PAPPS(405523) 681 SqdnAlipore, Burma Bellylanded in paddy at head o ...More
07 Jun 45 Spitfire PR.XI T PL841 Flt Lt Thomas WOODHOUSE*(55003) 681 SqdnAlipore, Burma Failed to Return from sortie n ...More
19 Jun 45 Spitfire PR.XI T WO Mervyn Harold HARRIS*(656354) 681 SqdnMingaladon, Burma TO 0800 . Aircraft airbornne f ...More
29 Aug 45 Spitfire PR.XI T Flt Lt Douglas Stewart PARK*(130676) 681 SqdnMingaladon, Burma A reasonably successful month ...More
16 Oct 45 Spitfire PR.XI T PL779 --- ----- 681 SqdnMingaladon, Burma Mingaladon - Dakota swung onto ...More
16 Oct 45 Spitfire PR.XI T PL783 --- ----- 681 SqdnMingaladon, Burma Mingaladon - Dakota swung onto ...More
16 Oct 45 Spitfire PR.XI T PA959 --- ----- 681 SqdnMingaladon, Burma Mingaladon - Dakota swung onto ...More

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