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1944 : 16 1945 : 14 1946 : 5 1947 : 4
A total of 39 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
12 Feb 44 Hurricane IIC LD256 Plt Offr Harbhajan Singh(2355) 9 Sqdn IAFBairagarh, India Dived into ground after roll T ...More
07 Mar 44 Hurricane IIC Plt Offr L S Grewal 9 Sqdn IAFBairagarh, India Formation flight with Fg Offr ...More
29 Apr 44 Hurricane IIC LD829 Plt Offr Harold Mervyn BROWN*(2367) 9 Sqdn IAFKulaura, India Engine cut in circuit, BL Path ...More
04 May 44 Hurricane IIC JS449 Fg Offr Mahavir Singh Rathi*(1965) 9 Sqdn IAFKulaura, India Stalled on Approach to Kalaura ...More
14 May 44 Hurricane IIC Plt Offr K N Bulsara(2334) 9 Sqdn IAFKumbhirgram, India Belly landed hurricane on runw ...More
28 May 44 Hurricane IIC LB617 9 Sqdn IAFKumbhirgram, India Tyre burst on landing, swung a ...More
27 Jun 44 Hurricane IIC LD345 Flt Sgt Wood 9 Sqdn IAFComilla, India UC Collapse while taxying . Bu ...More
17 Jul 44 Hurricane IIC LD401 Fg Offr C A Starr*(1859) 9 Sqdn IAFSingerbil, India Engine cut, stalled in FL near ...More
29 Jul 44 Hurricane IIC Fg Offr Billimoria* 9 Sqdn IAF, Attempted to FL in open countr ...More
30 Jul 44 Hurricane IIC LE700 Flt Lt L A Thorgood 9 Sqdn IAF, Abandoned in spin in cloud on ...More
30 Jul 44 Hurricane IIC LE208 F Sgt James Cutler 9 Sqdn IAFSingerbil, India Landed wheels up due to carele ...More
02 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC LD117 Fg Offr Z A Shah 9 Sqdn IAF, Engine caught fire escorting D ...More
04 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC LD956 Fg Offr Sundaram Jayaram*(2371) 9 Sqdn IAF, Last reported position, betwee ...More
15 Aug 44 Hurricane IIC LD736 - 9 Sqdn IAFSingarbil, India Caught fire during refuelling. ...More
21 Nov 44 Harvard IIB FS786 Fg Offr Harold Mervyn BROWN*(2367)
Plt Offr Sudhir Kanti GUHA*(2515)
9 Sqdn IAFFeni, Cr during LL roll, at Feni. ...More
09 Dec 44 Hurricane IIC Fg Offr K N Bulsara* 9 Sqdn IAFRamu One, India Left the target in Buthidaung ...More
18 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC LE791 9 Sqdn IAF, UC leg collapsed on Landing at ...More
31 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC LE980 - 9 Sqdn IAF, DBR when JS423 blew up at Ramu ...More
31 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC LF171 - 9 Sqdn IAF, DBR when JS423 blew up at Ramu ...More
31 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC JS423 - 9 Sqdn IAF, blew up at Ramu while being se ...More
11 Feb 45 Hurricane IIC LD492 9 Sqdn IAFDabaing, India Swung on landing and UC Collap ...More
25 Mar 45 Hurricane IIC KZ632 Plt Offr Tejpal Raj Kumar *(2850) 9 Sqdn IAFDabaing, India 10 aircraft mission to bomb en ...More
04 Apr 45 Harvard IIB FE666 Fg Offr M K Khan 9 Sqdn IAFCox Bazar, Swung on landing, uc collapse ...More
18 May 45 Spitfire VIII MT725 Plt Offr J SELESKI(J90286) 9 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India Got lost on local flying pract ...More
19 May 45 Hurricane IIC LE994 - 9 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India Ranchi - Roof of hangar collap ...More
24 May 45 Spitfire VIII NH620 Plt Offr S Biswas(2883) 9 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India Starboard tyre burst on landin ...More
04 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII NH623 Fg Offr K G Raman(1767) 9 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India Port tyre burt on TO, became a ...More
11 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII MT840 Fg Offr Janmast Afridi(2879) 9 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India Engine fialure, force landed C ...More
05 Oct 45 Spitfire VIIIc MV231 Fg Offr J S Ingle(2370) 9 Sqdn IAF, India BL at Jhagpani, Bihar ...More
08 Oct 45 Spitfire VIII MT837 Fg Offr A K S Ahmed(2716) 9 Sqdn IAF, India LLflying at 50 feet 75m W of R ...More
19 Mar 46 Spitfire XIVe NH846 Plt Offr P K Ghosh(3081) 9 Sqdn IAF, India BL in error, ac caught fire at ...More
28 May 46 Spitfire XIVe NH865 Fg Offr J R Bearcroft(2855) 9 Sqdn IAF, India engine cut at 200 feet, bl 12 ...More
04 Jun 46 Spitfire VIIIc MV236 Fg Offr C K Singha(2361) 9 Sqdn IAF, India engine cut on TO, hit ditch ov ...More
16 Aug 46 Spitfire XIVe TX974 Fg Offr R K B Singh(3180) 9 Sqdn IAF, India Engine blew up on starting, ac ...More
02 Dec 46 Hurricane II LE704 Fg Offr D G King-Lee(3040) 9 Sqdn IAF, India Peshawar u/c dam in initial ld ...More
19 Feb 47 Spitfire XIVe TX988 Fg Offr S Srinivasan(1900) 9 Sqdn IAF, India engine cut on cross country fl ...More
20 Feb 47 Spitfire XIVe NH803 Fg Offr Jafar Zaheer(3173) 9 Sqdn IAF, India BL at Nagpur ...More
15 Mar 47 Spitfire XIVe TX991 Fg Offr A K Sehgal*(2830) 9 Sqdn IAF, India ferry to No.9, engine cut, FL, ...More
27 Apr 47 Spitfire XIVe RN192 Fg Offr J Zaheer(3173) 9 Sqdn IAF, India engine cut on ferryflt BL in f ...More

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