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1945 : 18
A total of 18 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
14 Feb 45 Hurricane IV LD412 Sgt Kenneth Raymond MARTIN*(1604805) GATURanchi, India Belly Landed while lost on nav ...More
14 Mar 45 Hurricane IIC LF261 Fg Offr R Campbell*(150134) GATURanchi, India Hit tree during practice dive ...More
15 Mar 45 Hurricane IIC LE273 F Sgt D Killey(1671869) GATURanchi, India undercarriage Jammed, Belly la ...More
17 Mar 45 Hurricane IIC KZ833 Sgt G O Lodge(1140246) GATURanchi, India Engine cut, belly landed in pa ...More
22 Mar 45 Hurricane IIC LD835 GATURanchi, India Engine cut, FL 5m SE of Sini, ...More
27 Mar 45 Hurricane IIC KZ844 Sgt G Heritage(1583748) GATURanchi, India undercarriage leg collapsed on ...More
28 Mar 45 Hurricane II Z3888 F Sgt P C Mastin(1622039) GATURanchi, India Failed to take off - prop cont ...More
06 Apr 45 Hurricane IV KZ558 Capt J G WHITE(152669) GATURanchi, India undercarriage damaged in Dive, ...More
20 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LE769 WO A D BROWN(423615) GATURanchi, India aircraft hit lorry with port i ...More
30 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LF290 Sgt David Mitchell BUCHANAN(1569082) GATURanchi, India Engine cut, undershot forced l ...More
01 May 45 Hurricane IIC LE646 Sgt David Mitchell BUCHANAN*(1569082) GATURanchi, India Hit ground during LL exercise ...More
15 May 45 Hurricane IIC LE815 Sgt Beddis(1588034) GATURanchi, India Stalled on approach. On circui ...More
28 May 45 Hurricane IIC LE993 Plt Offr Pulleyn GATURanchi, India undercarriage wrenched out in ...More
05 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC KZ352 Plt Offr Richard John LOWRY(181794) GATURanchi, India Lost power on take off and hit ...More
05 Jun 45 Hurricane IV LE398 Fg Offr Sam HINCHLIFFE(162161) GATURanchi, India Ran out of fuel and belly land ...More
06 Jul 45 Hurricane IIC BN673 F Sgt Eric HASTINGS*(1624513) GATURanchi, India Stalled and spun into ground 2 ...More
10 Jul 45 Hurricane IIC LF287 Sgt W R MANSFIELD(1606132) GATURanchi, India Engine cut, belly landed near ...More
15 Jul 45 Harvard IIB FX478 Fg offr Michael Ralph ASHFORD(181571) GATUAllahabad, India Ac landed on runway, swung vio ...More

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