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A total of 243 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
21 Aug 42 Blenheim IV V5642 60 SqdnAsansol, India take-off abandoned at Asansol ...More
30 Aug 42 Blenheim IV Z7943 Sgt John Phillip Reginald JULIAN*(1018129)
Plt Offr John Henry THWAITS*(80219)
34 SqdnAsansol, India Crashed in river near Ruhiar v ...More
02 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Sqn Ldr Harley Charles STUMM(70656) 11 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon S/L Stumm took off from Ratmal ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim IV V5938 Fg OFfr Owen Lawrence LOANE*(402514)
Sgt Thomas BELL*(402184)
113 SqdnAsansol, India lost on same raid on Akyab; BA ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim IV V6507 Flt Sgt John Phibbs Ferguson REID(404362) 113 SqdnAsansol, India shot down in same raid on Akya ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim Fg Offr G W N Bassingthwaitte(404619) 113 SqdnAsansol, India Fg offr Bassingthwaite of 113 ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim Z9798 Plt Offr J A McMillan 60 SqdnChittagong, India Four ac on a shipping strike. ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim IV V5425 Plt Offr George Albert MOCKERIDGE*(45431)
Sgt D H BROWN*(754217)
60 SqdnAsansol, India crashed into sea off Akyab dur ...More
12 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Z7985 Flt Sgt M FOSTER
F Sgt Lawrence Charles TATTON*(960120)
113 SqdnAgartala, India two light bombs fell off on ta ...More
28 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Z7369 Sgt TAYLOR 113 SqdnAsansol, India collided with Z9749 (below) ha ...More
28 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Z9749 Sgt Walter Scott MCLELLAN (402246)
Sgt James Reginald VERNON (407143)
113 SqdnAsansol, India collided with Z7369 (above) ha ...More
30 Sep 42 Blenheim IV Z7596 308 MUAllahabad, India swung on take-off at Bamrauli, ...More
11 Oct 42 Blenhiem V Z9598 Sgt Harold Edward PETERS*(R56236)
WO Bowyer Frederick PEARCE*(406168)
113 SqdnAsansol, India Crashed into tree shooting up ...More
12 Oct 42 Blenheim IV Z7421 Sqn Ldr Peter Langley KEEBLE*(76585)
Flt Lt Charles Laurence Norton JOHNSON*(80559)
34 SqdnOndal, India Three aircraft on operations t ...More
24 Oct 42 Blenheim IV R3689 Plt Offr Michael DUNCAN(102140)
60 SqdnDum Dum, India tyre burst on take-off at Dum ...More
25 Oct 42 Blenheim IV Z9752 SGt TAYLOR
113 SqdnChittagong, India Sgt Taylor landed at Chittagon ...More
28 Oct 42 Blenheim IV L7756 Sgt F K SYKENS(1378809)
Sgt David Clyde OLIPHANT(405101)
60 SqdnChittagong, India damaged by flak on recce to Bu ...More
29 Oct 42 Blenheim Z9745 Sgt K H Minchin(406488)
60 SqdnAgartala, India Damaged by Enemy ac , bl , bro ...More
31 Oct 42 Blenheim IV Z9590 Sgt Walter Scott MCLELLAN (402246)
Sgt James Reginald VERNON (407143)
113 SqdnAsansol, India Sgt McCLELLLAN were to proceed ...More
10 Nov 42 Blenheim IV V6491 Sgt Conan Thompson ALLEN*(R73249)
F Sgt James Daniel Laurence WILLIAM*(1375160)
113 SqdnAsansol, Burma [F541] Offensive Recce. Failed ...More
10 Nov 42 Blenheim V5925 Fg Offr Alexander Maxwell HOWE*(406249)
Fg Offr John Douglas HAY*(408066)
34 SqdnOndal, Burma Three ac took off from home ba ...More
10 Nov 42 Blenheim IV Z7705 Sgt Harold Alexander ELLIOT*(R68262)
Flt Sgt Edward HYLAND*(966813)
34 SqdnOndal, Burma Three ac took off from home ba ...More
10 Nov 42 Blenheim V BA578 Wg Cdr Ernest Luis Acton WALTER(32237) 113 SqdnDum Dum, India ...More
16 Nov 42 Blenheim V AZ864 Not113Asansol, India sank back on attempted oversho ...More
18 Nov 42 Blenheim V BA396 Not113Dum Dum, India tyre burst on landing at Dum D ...More
24 Nov 42 Blenheim IV Flt Lt Reginald Arthur BURROWS(106213)
34 SqdnDum Dum, India 4 aircraft went out on bombing ...More
27 Nov 42 Blenheim IV Fg Offr P S VOSS
34 SqdnDum Dum, India 7 ac took off to attack PAKOKU ...More
16 Dec 42 Blenheim IV Z7984 Sgt J O CARTLEDGE 11 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon engine caught fire on take-off ...More
20 Dec 42 Blenheim V BA622 Lt Noel Thomas WILKIN*(102147V)
Flt Sgt Francis James O'NEILL*(406033)
113 SqdnAgartala, India Shot down by ground fire at Ma ...More
28 Dec 42 Blenheim IV Z6372 Sgt SMYTH 60 SqdnFeni, India engine cut on take-off at Feni ...More
30 Dec 42 Blenheim V BA592 Sgt SMITH
113 Sqdn, India Crash landed after returning f ...More
07 Jan 43 Blenheim IV Z5883 Not60Cuttack, India overshot landing at Cuttack, u ...More
10 Jan 43 Blenheim IV V5644 Not11Ratmalana, Ceylon lost en route Colombo/Biagachi ...More
17 Jan 43 Blenheim IV Z9664 Sgt Bruce McKenzie FERGUSON*(406103)
Sgt Derek John LOCK*(406132)
11 SqdnFeni, Burma Sgt DJ Lock and Stevensons Kil ...More
18 Jan 43 Blenheim V BA289 Sgt R BLAIR 308 MUDrigh Road, India crashed during emergency appro ...More
21 Jan 43 Blenheim V AZ392 308 MUDrigh Road, India crashed when tyre burst on tak ...More
10 Feb 43 Blenheim V BA452 Wg Cdr Walter Lesley JONES(43118)
113 SqdnFeni, India Tyre Shot away and pranged at ...More
21 Feb 43 Blenheim IV Z9576 Sgt HARDMAN
60 SqdnDohazari, India Five aircraft on strike to att ...More
22 Feb 43 Blenheim V BA662 42 SqdnYelahanka, India Tyre burst on take-off at Yela ...More
05 Mar 43 Blenheim IV V6010 F Sgt J J O DONNELL
F Sgt Keith Charles BIRDSEY*(400523)
11 SqdnFeni, Burma 6 ac led by Wg Cdr Stumm took ...More
08 Mar 43 Blenheim IV V6229 ARCKarachi, India tyre burst on take-off at Drig ...More
08 Mar 43 Blenheim V BA453 152 OTUPeshawar, India Cr on Runway , burst into flam ...More
14 Mar 43 Blenheim IV Z7927 Plt Offr Frank Howard RICHARDSON*(406409)
Fg Offr Malcolm Gordon WILLIAMS*(401018)
11 SqdnFeni, Burma shot down by Ki.43 over Burma; ...More
15 Mar 43 Blenheim IV V5587 Sgt H C Allsop (1179763) 60 SqdnDohazari, India 0825-1040 Hours damaged by ene ...More
15 Mar 43 Blenheim V BA617 WO Gordon Roger JEFFREYS*(406358)
Sgt John HEARNE*(1153169)
34 SqdnKumbirgram, India 8 aircraft flew from Silchar t ...More
15 Mar 43 Blenheim IV Z7293 Plt Offr A W Archer(407399)
Sgt Noel George WHITEHEAD(406273)
60 SqdnDohazari, India 0825-1000 Hours. Shot down ove ...More
15 Mar 43 Blenheim IV Z7710 Fg Offr J A McMillan 60 SqdnDohazari, India 0815-1305 Hours. damaged on op ...More
18 Mar 43 Blenheim V BA657 152 OTUPeshawar, India BL on Runway ...More
19 Mar 43 Blenheim V BA655 Fg Offr De SOUZA
42 SqdnRajeswarpur, India tyre burst by bomb splinters d ...More
19 Mar 43 Blenheim V BA684 Fg Offr Grant KERR(61629)
42 SqdnRajeswarpur, India crashed in flames during raid ...More

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