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Date or Year Service Number Crew Name Aircraft Name Aircraft Number Unit / Squadron
1942 : 8
A total of 8 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
08 Sep 42 Vengeance I AN851 Wg Cdr John Hubert McMICHAEL(37759) 82 SqdnDrigh Road, India UC Jammed BL Drigh Road 8.9.4 ...More
27 Oct 42 Vengeance I AN944 Fg Offr Edward Loughrey REIS*(400291)
Sgt Charles MARKLEW*(946993)
82 SqdnBegumpet, India Reis was the fourth in the for ...More
03 Nov 42 Vengeance I Plt Offr W B BERRY 82 SqdnCholavaram, India Crash landed aircraft breaking ...More
16 Nov 42 Vengeance I Sgt William Melville TULLETT(1056675) 82 SqdnCholavaram, India Bellylanded successfully as un ...More
18 Nov 42 Vengeance I Sgt BETJEMANN
Sgt S J TURNER(1104360)
110 SqdnDrigh Road, India Aircraft swung on take off and ...More
22 Nov 42 Vengeance I AN942 Flt Lt Arthur STEPHENSON*(115316)
Fg Offr Colin James STOWER*(404369)
82 SqdnYelahanka, India Crashed in forced landing 28 m ...More
10 Dec 42 Vengeance I AP120 WO Billie CARMICHAEL*(R74335)
Sgt Thomas Hulme LAWTON*(1305442)
110 SqdnDrigh Road, India Missing, presume crashed into ...More
31 Dec 42 Vengeance I AN992 84 Sqdn India SOC on Arrival ...More

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