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1943 : 156
A total of 156 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
01 Jan 43 Hurricane BN783 F Sgt Donald Charles BROOKS*(655341) 17 SqdnCalcutta, India Hit water during gunnery pract ...More
04 Jan 43 Vengeance I AN907 Sgt HETHERINGTON(1325596)
Sgt HAGGER(929741)
319 MUJodhpur, India Overshot landing and overturne ...More
04 Jan 43 Hurricane AG214 Plt Offr Madhusudhan BELEKAR*(1738) 151 OTURisalpur, India First Indian Fatal - Cr 20 mil ...More
08 Jan 43 Hurricane WO H A Chandler(403944) 615 SqdnFeni, LL attack carried by W/O Chand ...More
09 Jan 43 Hurricane HV504 Fg Offr Keki Hormusji Motishaw*(1638) 2 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India Crashed 7m W of Ranchi. Stalle ...More
11 Jan 43 Hurricane II BG767 Plt Offr Frank James JESSOP(135258) 261 SqdnChina Bay, Ceylon 261Sqn Move to Calcutta, Crash ...More
13 Jan 43 Hurricane HV425 F Sgt William HIGGINS*(1183689) 136 SqdnChittagong, Burma Failed to return from sortie o ...More
15 Jan 43 Mohawk IV BK572 Fg Offr Peter Mortimer BELLINGER(108238) 5 SqdnImphal, India FO Bellinger, FSgt Bain Sgt Wo ...More
16 Jan 43 Hurricane HV496 Fg Offr Anthony Krause(403459) 607 SqdnFeni, Burma POW AA Fire while strafing a s ...More
17 Jan 43 Hurricane BN327 F Sgt Harry Lewis GILL*(R64935) 607 SqdnFeni, Burma Air Combat over Feni. 0900hrs ...More
17 Jan 43 Blenheim IV Z9664 Sgt Bruce McKenzie FERGUSON*(406103)
Sgt Derek John LOCK*(406132)
11 SqdnFeni, Burma Sgt DJ Lock and Stevensons Kil ...More
21 Jan 43 Hurricane IIB Z5436 F Sgt B J V YOUNG(1253392) 258 SqdnDum Dum, India 0805-0925 Crashed at Chittagon ...More
21 Jan 43 Hurricane II BG936 Sgt James BUBB(404326) 261 SqdnDum Dum, India Swung on landing and the under ...More
22 Jan 43 Hurricane IIB JS223 F Sgt John Robert HILTON*(139815) 28 SqdnMaungdaw, Burma 1155 Hrs F/Sgt Hilton and Flt ...More
23 Jan 43 Hurricane Sqn Ldr Herbert Selwyn GIDDINGS*(37283) 135 SqdnDohazari, Burma Last reported to be at Dohazar ...More
26 Jan 43 Hurricane BN331 Fg Offr Ralph H Jenkins(404378) 67 Sqdn, Overshot landing into wall Aco ...More
03 Feb 43 Hurricane BH132 F Sgt Frederick William Tillett DAVIS(1183499) 136 SqdnChittagong, Burma Damaged by Ki-43. FL near Augn ...More
06 Feb 43 Hurricane IIB Sqn Ldr Robert James WALKER(39915) 258 SqdnRamu, India Rhubarb to Padali,. Engine cut ...More
10 Feb 43 Blenheim V BA452 Wg Cdr Walter Lesley JONES(43118)
113 SqdnFeni, India Tyre Shot away and pranged at ...More
13 Feb 43 Hurricane II BH135 Sgt Alen Denis David GEE*(1283017) 261 SqdnReindeer, Burma Five Aircraft offensive patrol ...More
19 Feb 43 Mohawk IV BB977 Fg Offr Richard Strangeways TOVEY*(111323) 5 SqdnAgartala, India Fg Offr R S Tovey crashed nea ...More
20 Feb 43 Hurricane HM137 Plt Offr C H Fox(403958) 135 SqdnHove, Burma B Flight at Ritz airfield scra ...More
25 Feb 43 Hurricane II HL997 WO Jack Vincent WILLBEE*(R93429) 261 SqdnReindeer, India Missing from sweep near Ye-U. ...More
28 Feb 43 Hurricane BN168 Sgt Frank Ernest Wilding(1015523) 136 SqdnChittagong, 7 ac escorting 6 Blenheims to ...More
02 Mar 43 Hurricane HL867 F Sgt Jack Neville YATES(1164392) 607 SqdnChittagong, Burma Damaged Air Combat, hit in lef ...More
02 Mar 43 Hurricane IIB BN312 WO Ellis Arthur Gilbert COCHRANE*(403950) 146 SqdnReindeer, Burma Jumped by Enemy aircraft. Win ...More
05 Mar 43 Hurricane BN902 Sgt Fred Herbert DELEMARE*(1330961) 79 SqdnHay and Lyon, Burma 1049Hrs 11 aircraft took off ...More
05 Mar 43 Blenheim IV V6010 F Sgt J J O DONNELL
F Sgt Keith Charles BIRDSEY*(400523)
11 SqdnFeni, Burma 6 ac led by Wg Cdr Stumm took ...More
07 Mar 43 Hurricane HV907 Sgt William Henry McMASTER*(413098) 615 SqdnFeni, Burma McMasters taxied on and contin ...More
14 Mar 43 Hurricane HV416 Flt Lt Kenneth Athol PERKIN(84703) 135 SqdnHove, Burma Formation of 8 Huricanes was j ...More
14 Mar 43 Hurricane HV791 Sgt Robert Edward Windle(137906) 135 SqdnHove, Burma air combat Damaged Safe, Force ...More
14 Mar 43 Hurricane BN315 Sgt Edward George Picton(1330565) 135 SqdnHove, Burma air combat Damaged Inj ...More
14 Mar 43 Hurricane HV427 Sgt Roy William EDGE(1312872) 135 SqdnHove, Burma Formation of 8 Huricanes was j ...More
15 Mar 43 Blenheim IV V5587 Sgt H C Allsop (1179763) 60 SqdnDohazari, India 0825-1040 Hours damaged by ene ...More
15 Mar 43 Hurricane BN388 Plt Offr Frederick John PICKARD*(130323) 136 SqdnChittagong, Burma Air Combat Rathedaung - Shot d ...More
15 Mar 43 Blenheim V BA617 WO Gordon Roger JEFFREYS*(406358)
Sgt John HEARNE*(1153169)
34 SqdnKumbirgram, India 8 aircraft flew from Silchar t ...More
15 Mar 43 Blenheim IV Z7293 Plt Offr A W Archer(407399)
Sgt Noel George WHITEHEAD(406273)
60 SqdnDohazari, India 0825-1000 Hours. Shot down ove ...More
17 Mar 43 Hurricane BG814 Fg Offr Peter Harden Goyen BLIGHT(101036) 681 SqdnDumDum, India F/O Blight went to special are ...More
17 Mar 43 Hurricane HV903 Sgt Frederick Hugh ELDER*(1131162) 79 SqdnHay and Lyon, Burma air combat Destroyed KIA, near ...More
17 Mar 43 Hurricane HV653 Fg Offr Roderick Russell Herbert BOWES(407543) 79 SqdnHay and Lyon, Burma air combat Damaged Safe ...More
17 Mar 43 Hurricane BN879 Sgt Thomas Benjamin Oswyn Evans(1313747) 79 SqdnHay and Lyon, Burma air combat Damaged Safe. aircr ...More
18 Mar 43 Hurricane HV658 Sgt Eric Edward PEDERSEN*(403984) 67 SqdnAlipore, India Four aircraft practiced dogfig ...More
18 Mar 43 Hurricane BG905 Sgt Roy William EDGE(1312872) 135 SqdnHove, Burma an air battle on 18 March 1943 ...More
24 Mar 43 Lysander II P1675 Plt Offr S B Noronha(1735) 4 Sqdn IAFHyderabad , India Hyd Sind - Crashed at Khipro a ...More
25 Mar 43 Spitfire PR.IV BP911 Flt Lt Frederick Donald PROCTER(62334) 681 SqdnDohazari, India Proceeded to Toungo in Spitfir ...More
31 Mar 43 Hurricane HW273 Sgt Roy William EDGE*(1312872) 135 SqdnHove, Burma KIA. 10 hurricanes took off fr ...More
31 Mar 43 Hurricane BM935 Sgt Alwyn Thomas Charles BENSON(185351) 135 SqdnHove, Burma 10 hurricanes took off from Ge ...More
31 Mar 43 Hurricane IIC BP229 Fg Offr James Albert Sidney HARRIS(112309) 30 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon Cr 3 m S of Vairampatte Railwa ...More
01 Apr 43 Hurricane HV771 Fg Offr Christian Chas Andre ORTMANS*(100653) 615 SqdnFeni, Burma air combat Destroyed KIA 615 ...More
02 Apr 43 Hurricane IIB BH134 Fg Offr Edward Rowan Knyvet HUMPHRIES*(47304) 28 SqdnMaungdaw, Burma Took off on a Tac/R Sortie but ...More

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