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1945 : 55
A total of 55 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
07 Jan 45 Spitfire VIIIc LV663 Fg Offr Kuldip Singh Thandi(1876) 8 Sqdn IAFNidania, India hit by MD332 while taxying aft ...More
10 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC KZ851 Plt Offr G T McKie RAF(186186) 10 Sqdn IAFRamu, India Engine cut , FL at Nalik. Intr ...More
14 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC PJ716 Fg Offr M M Crishna(1857) 10 Sqdn IAFPaukpingwin strip, Burma Collided on runway with KZ919 ...More
16 Jan 45 Hurricane IV 593 F Sgt K BREEDS(1800708) 8 FU, Aircraft turned on its nose. P ...More
24 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC HW855 Plt Offr Bernard Oliver Eugene Read(184888) 113 SqdnOnbauk, India 1635-1715Hrs. Crashed on take ...More
29 Jan 45 Hurricane IIC BN877 Sgt Alfred John Vaughan CRANE*(1809343) 3 RFUPoona, India Spun into ground during aeroba ...More
06 Feb 45 Hurricane LD657 Sgt William Richard Shrubsole(1804440) 60 SqdnTaukkyan, Burma Took off at 1215 hours. At 122 ...More
10 Feb 45 Thunderbolt II KJ285 Plt Offr Desmond William Burt LANSDOWN*(184368) 258 SqdnRatnap, India Stalled on TO and Crashed Ratn ...More
11 Feb 45 Hurricane IIC LF167 Sgt Richard TAYLOR*(1802532) 34 SqdnOnbauk, Burma One sortie of the day was Jap ...More
14 Feb 45 Hurricane IIC LD986 A/Plt Offr R S Randhawa(2818) 151 OTUPeshawar, India ac turned over into culvert af ...More
17 Feb 45 Spitfire VIII F Sgt Jack Edward GARDNER(1318960) 17 SqdnYwadon, Burma Returning from the 1030 patrol ...More
19 Feb 45 Spitfire VIII WO Raymond NEWSAM*(1452618) 607 SqdnSadaung, Burma This morning four of oru aircr ...More
19 Feb 45 Hurricane IIC KZ670 Flt Lt Ralph Harvey HUNTER*(J13718) 28 SqdnSadaung, Burma Failed to return from dawn sor ...More
24 Feb 45 Thunderbolt II KJ128 Sgt Bernard Arthur Thomas RATTENBURY*(1804463) 30 SqdnJumchar, India 12 ac to fly to Cox Bazaar to ...More
13 Mar 45 Hurricane IIC LE462 Fg Offr E J Dhatigara(1899) 3 Sqdn IAFDabaing I, India Ran off the strip after a norm ...More
15 Mar 45 Hurricane IIC LE273 F Sgt D Killey(1671869) GATURanchi, India undercarriage Jammed, Belly la ...More
17 Mar 45 Thunderbolt II HD196 Plt Offr E G Matta(186739) 134 SqdnRatnap, India 0920 -1310 Cab rank under VCP ...More
20 Mar 45 Hurricane IV LD609 Fg Offr S S Jaspal(1808) 151 OTULahore, Burma landed at Lahore. after 200 ya ...More
25 Mar 45 Spitfire VIII MV417 WO Granville MYERS*(1439218) 67 SqdnDabaing 1, Burma Hit Hurricane on take-off and ...More
06 Apr 45 Hurricane IID LD862 Plt Offr Alan George IFE*(181510) 20 SqdnThedaw, Burma missing believed killed - hit ...More
06 Apr 45 Spitfire VIII? Fg Offr Eric Frank MITCHELL*(182250) 131 SqdnAmarda Road, India Killed Flying Accident ...More
11 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC LE138 Fg Offr W R Dani(1807) 4 Sqdn IAFKyaukpyu, Burma FL near Ramree town on return ...More
15 Apr 45 Spitfire VIII Fg Offr Kuldip Singh Thandi*(1876) 8 Sqdn IAFBaigachi, India GCI Crashed fewmiles from airf ...More
21 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC KZ444 Fg Offr John Ivor McKenzie(1806) 3 Sqdn IAFAmarda Road, India Squadron flight to St Thomas M ...More
22 Apr 45 Hurricane IIC KW751 Plt Offr David Charles Martin ELIAS(181247) 60 SqdnKalaywa, 1640 Hours. Sustained damage t ...More
23 Apr 45 Liberator VI KH217 Fg Offr Harold John Gibbs*(418529) 99 Sqdn, India Cox Bazar Lost power during fe ...More
01 May 45 Liberator V BZ868 Sqn Ldr Douglas Gordon Mackenzie Joy*(C1218) 160 Sqdn, (MPoole) Further loss info: Pe ...More
02 May 45 Liberator VI KH210 Sqn Ldr Gerald Anthony DeSouza*(118069)
Wg Cdr J B Nicholson*(39329)
355 SqdnSalbani, India Bay of Bengal Engine caught fi ...More
04 May 45 Hurricane IIC KZ619 Fg Offr M Sadiq*(1844) 1 SFTSAmbala, India 1405 Hrs Apparent engine failu ...More
10 May 45 Hurricane IV LD487 Sgt Edward James ELLIS*(1801105) 42 SqdnMagwe, Burma Dived into ground on landing b ...More
05 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC KZ352 Plt Offr Richard John LOWRY(181794) GATURanchi, India Lost power on take off and hit ...More
12 Jun 45 Harvard IIB FE298 Plt Offr David Charles Martin ELIAS*(181247)
FSgt Andrew John COLEMAN*(576820)
60 SqdnThedaw, Missing on flight from Thedaw ...More
23 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII MT704 Fg Offr W H Chowns(187364) 136 SqdnCocos Is, Cocos Cocos Is- MAC with Spit pilot ...More
25 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII LV734 Fg Offr James Richard ANDREW*(172188) 607 SqdnMingaladon, Burma 25/6: On the second section pa ...More
25 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC BN563 Fg Offr E S Khan(1826) 3 Sqdn IAFSt Thomas Mount, India Belly landed after tyre burst ...More
09 Jul 45 Thunderbolt II KJ252 F Sgt Robert Spencer NEATE*(1801115) 34 SqdnToungoo, Burma Killed result of flying accide ...More
13 Jul 45 Hurricane IV KW910 Plt Offr William Marshall Ross (181797) 3 RFUPoona, India Hit tree during exercise and b ...More
15 Jul 45 Harvard IIB FX478 Fg offr Michael Ralph ASHFORD(181571) GATUAllahabad, India Ac landed on runway, swung vio ...More
16 Jul 45 Hurricane IV LD791 Fg Offr Roy Alec CAMERON(181781) 3 RFUPoona, India MAC landed safely ac sightly d ...More
16 Jul 45 Hurricane IIC LB837 Fg Offr William Marshall Ross (181797) 3 RFUPoona, India Slight damaged - To 1344 Flt ...More
19 Jul 45 Spitfire XIV RN189? WO Jack Edward GARDNER*(1318960) 17 SqdnMadura, India Aircraft broke up in the air w ...More
25 Jul 45 Vengeance I EZ807 Fg Offr K PRAKASH(1809) 22 AACUDigri, India U/c failure on stbd. Accident ...More
26 Jul 45 Liberator VI EW247 P/O Alfred HERBERT*(191880) 205 SqdnAmarda Road, India MACW B-24 Orrisa 20 N of Conta ...More
27 Jul 45 Thunderbolt II KL255 Sgt Sidney NEWTON*(1802988) 9 FU, Chicacole Madras, ac stalled i ...More
03 Aug 45 Spitfire VIII Fg Offr R S Kalyaniwala(1869) 8 Sqdn IAFMingaladon, Burma 1030 Hours Crashed at end of E ...More
11 Aug 45 Liberator VI KG877 Fg Offr Arthur Herbert DUFF*(182369) 358 Sqdn, Burma ac hit hill at Rathedaung, Bur ...More
12 Aug 45 Thunderbolt II KL222 Plt Offr Frederick George KENT*(181419) 30 SqdnVizagapatam, India A program of practice bombing ...More
30 Aug 45 Thunderbolt II KJ356 WO George Edwin CHANEY*(1318357) 34 SqdnZayatkwin, Burma Chaney and Flt Lt Williamson h ...More
11 Sep 45 Spitfire VIII MT968 F Sgt Edward Albert WATTS(1802654) 155 SqdnPenang, Malaysia Ran into MT997 on runway Penan ...More
17 Sep 45 Spitfire VIIIc LV646 Plt Offr Gladstone Herbert Snell*(3018) 8 Sqdn IAFMingaladon, Burma No.2 in formation. Missing in ...More

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