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Date or Year Service Number Crew Name Aircraft Name Aircraft Number Unit / Squadron
1945 : 23
A total of 23 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
02 Jan 45 Vengeance III FB972 1583 Flt India Forced landing 10 mi S of Chit ...More
14 Jan 45 Vengeance I AN969 India Engine mismanaement during fer ...More
16 Jan 45 Vengeance II AN666 1331 CURisalpur, India Damaged ...More
16 Jan 45 Vengeance I AP129 Sqn Ldr Brian Frederick Crozier HOUSTON(40709) 22 AACUKarachi, India Forcelanded Mauripur due to br ...More
18 Jan 45 Vengeance II AN747 1331 CURisalpur, India Engine lost power, BL, Risalpu ...More
24 Jan 45 Vengeance IV FD259 Fg Offr G M Young(J19275) 320 MUDrigh Road, India belly landing at fair weather ...More
31 Jan 45 Vengeance III FB996 356 MURisalpur, India Crashed on airfield. Pilot and ...More
06 Feb 45 Vengeance III FB947 1580 FltCholavaram, India Force landed at Cholavarum, In ...More
31 Mar 45 Vengeance III FB995 1340 FltCoimbatore, India Crash landing at Coimbatore, I ...More
31 Mar 45 Vengeance I AP122 Sgt John WRIGHT*(1452337)
AC2 W M BHASKAR *(16526)
22 AACUChakulia, India Crashed near Chakulia, in a vi ...More
07 Apr 45 Vengeance I AN904 AFTUAmarda Road, India UC Jammed BL 7.4.45 ...More
12 Apr 45 Vengeance IV FD324 JTRURisalpur, India DBR when swung to avoid collis ...More
13 May 45 Vengeance III FB957 1340 FltRanchi, India UC Collapse Ranchi ...More
18 May 45 Vengeance III FB992 1340 FltMadura, India BL Madura - 1340 Flt ...More
25 May 45 Vengeance II AN631 319 MUJodhpur, India Jodhpur - belly landing done a ...More
31 May 45 Vengeance I AN921 WO BOOTH 22 AACUDrigh Road, India CR AT end of runway at drigh r ...More
06 Jun 45 Vengeance IV FD314 WO D N BOOTH 22 AACUDrigh Road, India Drigh Road, Premature Pull out ...More
06 Jul 45 Vengeance IV FD249 Fg Offr J H Langley 226 GpLahore, India Wrecked when bellylanded at La ...More
12 Jul 45 Vengeance I AN925 1579 Flt India Damaged by enemy fire ...More
21 Jul 45 Vengeance I AP127 WO G E HAYLE 22 AACUDigri, India Taxying accident Digri DAM TO ...More
25 Jul 45 Vengeance I EZ807 Fg Offr K PRAKASH(1809) 22 AACUDigri, India U/c failure on stbd. Accident ...More
27 Sep 45 Vengeance I AN884 1582 FltBakshi ka Talab, India Bakshi Ka Talab - u/c fail to ...More
22 Nov 45 Vengeance III FD115 227 GpDalbumgarh, India Dalbumgarh - hit cow on ldg an ...More

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