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1946 : 57
A total of 57 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
08 Jan 46 Spitfire XIVe TZ156 Plt Offr T O Wynne(3066) 6 Sqdn IAF, India became lost during Sqdn move f ...More
09 Jan 46 Spitfire Fg Offr S K Mukerjee DFC*(2359) IAFDF, India No, not quite forgotten by D. ...More
21 Jan 46 Spitfire XIVe SM897 Plt Offr D G King-Lee(3040) 8 Sqdn IAFMingaladon, Burma swung on TO from Mingaladon, h ...More
30 Jan 46 Spitfire VIII MV232 Plt Offr Surinder Singh(3009) 3 Sqdn IAFNagpur, India Collision between MV232 and JC ...More
31 Jan 46 Spitfire VIIIc MD333 Plt Offr R D Law(3069) 10 Sqdn IAFHmwabi, Burma U/c fail Hmwabi BUrma ...More
07 Feb 46 Spitfire VIIIc JG654 Plt Offr G C Walker*(3213) 151 OTUPeshawar, India Fatal accident over Nowshera. ...More
14 Feb 46 Spitfire VIII NH651 Plt Offr G E Wilkes(3284) 7 Sqdn IAF, India A/C overran runway and tipped ...More
25 Feb 46 Vengeance IV FD402 WO Henry Findley WATSON*(1567648)
Sqn Ldr William McKee BONNAR*(108613)
227 GpBilaspur, India Arrived 1200 took off at 1400 ...More
09 Mar 46 Spitfire VIIIc MT615 Plt Offr A F E Fernandez(3039) 6 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India engine cut after TO BL in feil ...More
13 Mar 46 Spitfire XIV RM982 Flt Lt William Terence RICE*(153103) 4 CMUDum Dum, India Dum Dum- Calcutta - Eng failur ...More
14 Mar 46 Spitfire XIV TZ191 Fg Offr Gerald ASTLEY*(131315) 20 SqdnHmwabi, Burma hit Thunderbolts in over-shoot ...More
19 Mar 46 Spitfire XIVe NH793 Plt Offr C T Muthayah*(3044) 8 Sqdn IAF, India Engine cut, BL near level cros ...More
19 Mar 46 Spitfire XIVe NH846 Plt Offr P K Ghosh(3081) 9 Sqdn IAF, India BL in error, ac caught fire at ...More
23 Mar 46 Spitfire XIV Fg Offr R Ferguson(163308) 20 SqdnMingaladon, Burma Took off from Hmwabi in XIVs t ...More
28 Mar 46 Spitfire VIIIc MV436 Fg Offr P B Pawar(2123) 3 Sqdn IAFKolar, India AC belonged to Boss OP Mehra, ...More
29 Mar 46 Hurricane IV KZ676 A/Plt Offr Zafar Ali Syed*(3285) 1 SFTSAmbala, India Ambala - eng fail onTO pilot t ...More
09 Apr 46 Spitfire XIVe TZ152 Fg Offr C A Hall*(2933) 6 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India unauthorised aircombat practic ...More
11 Apr 46 Spitfire VIIIc LV732 Plt Offr S R Powar(3100) 1 Sqdn IAF, India tyre burst on take off, tippue ...More
12 Apr 46 Spitfire XIVe RN149 Flt Lt P K Sarkar(2443) 7 Sqdn IAF, India Overshot into rough ground, uc ...More
23 Apr 46 Spitfire VIIIc JF782 Plt Offr A M Palamkote(3120) 2 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India Ferrying from Kohat, landed at ...More
23 Apr 46 Harvard IIB FE603 Flt Lt Kelvington(150322)
A/P/O G D Clarke(3295)
1 SFTSAmbala, India Abandoned after engine failure ...More
01 May 46 Liberator III BZ955 Sqn Ldr Joseph Morphett(407533)
Fg Offr John McCredie(418236)
355 Sqdn, All engines cut; forcelanded 2 ...More
04 May 46 Spitfire XIVe TX976 Plt Offr S Jena(3157) 1 SFTSAmbala, India stalled on landing, uc collaps ...More
06 May 46 Spitfire VIIIc MD347 Plt Offr W H Walmsley(3208) 1 SFTS, India heavylanding in low cloud, BL ...More
12 May 46 Spitfire VIIIc MT744 Fg Offr Randhir Singh(2135) 3 Sqdn IAFSanta Cruz, India Sntacruz UC failed to lock dow ...More
13 May 46 Harvard IIB FE471 Fg Offr Frank Anthony Micetech*(3112) 1 SFTSAmbala, India Crashed on overshoot during pr ...More
18 May 46 Spitfire VIIIc MT728 Plt Offr G Haider(3156) 1 SFTS, India forgot to lower U/C at Bhopal ...More
30 May 46 Harvard IIB FE424 A/P/O J C Plomer(3299)
A/P/O M D Rathan(3300)
1 SFTSAmbala, India Ambala pilot hit FE 712 during ...More
04 Jun 46 Spitfire VIIIc MV236 Fg Offr C K Singha(2361) 9 Sqdn IAF, India engine cut on TO, hit ditch ov ...More
09 Jun 46 Spitfire XIVe TZ186 Fg Offr V J Clowsley(2934) 8 Sqdn IAF, India engine cut in circuit, BL 4 m ...More
13 Jun 46 Spitfire VIIIc MB971 Fg Offr W V A Lloyd(2623) 2 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India ferry from Kohat to Miranshah. ...More
17 Jun 46 Spitfire XIV RM994 WO Robert Christopher PHILLIPS*(1336497) 28 Sqdn, Malaysia Missing on ferry flight en rou ...More
19 Jun 46 Harvard IIB FE719 Plt Offr Sarwan Singh*(3301) 1 SFTSAmbala, India AC hit ground 15 M NE of Jalan ...More
03 Jul 46 Spitfire VIIIc MV208 Plt Offr Jyotir Moy Bose*(3055) 3 Sqdn IAFKolar, India hit palm tree on rising ground ...More
03 Jul 46 Spitfire XIVe NH806 Fg Offr R B S Karki*(3005) 7 Sqdn IAF, India bird hit during cross country ...More
10 Jul 46 Spitfire VIIIc MD329 Plt Offr Lakshman Mohan Katre(3117) 1 Sqdn IAF, India sqn move to Hakmpet frm Nagpur ...More
24 Jul 46 Spitfire XIVe TX978 Plt Offr G S Dhillon(2638) 7 Sqdn IAF, India Kohat FL after eng fail during ...More
03 Aug 46 Spitfire XIVe TZ110 Plt Offr B J G Cazlett(2923) 6 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India Engine failed to pick up on la ...More
10 Aug 46 Spitfire VIIIc MT611 Plt Offr A M Palamkote(3120) 2 Sqdn IAFKohat, India heavy landed, tyre burst,BL Ko ...More
16 Aug 46 Spitfire XIVe TX974 Fg Offr R K B Singh(3180) 9 Sqdn IAF, India Engine blew up on starting, ac ...More
16 Aug 46 Harvard IIB FS802 Flt Lt Richard Ernest RUSHMORE*(164409)
LAC Wilfred SHORT*(1545937)
322 MUChakeri, India Spun in during unauthorised Lo ...More
21 Aug 46 Spitfire XIVe TZ195 Fg Offr P J Oomen*(3014) 7 Sqdn IAF, India hit ground during dive bomb pr ...More
22 Aug 46 Spitfire VIIIc JF789 Plt Offr A B Patil(3242) 151 OTUPeshawar, India engine failed, belly landed pe ...More
06 Sep 46 Spitfire VIIIc MD316 Plt Offr R W B Bharadwaj(3079) 1 Sqdn IAF, India Forgot to lower U/C. Controlle ...More
08 Sep 46 Spitfire XIVe MV301 Fg Offr R C Dhawan*(3046) 7 Sqdn IAFMiranshah, India engine cut TO on Offensive Rec ...More
12 Sep 46 Spitfire XIV MT848 Fg Offr T B Chowdary(3087) 6 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India eng fail during LL Flying at R ...More
14 Sep 46 Vengeance IV FD382 F Sgt Royston MOORE*(1583911) 22 AACU, India 10m S of Bhopal ac caught fire ...More
18 Sep 46 Spitfire VIIIc MD387 Plt Offr J R Peters(3063) 6 Sqdn IAFRanchi, India tyreburst on TO from Ranchi, B ...More
25 Sep 46 Spitfire XIVe TZ118 Plt Offr S R Bose(3152) AFS(I)Ambala, India stalled whiel landing, bounced ...More
12 Oct 46 Spitfire XIX PM552 P II Ali Leheta(1813331) 34 SqdnAlwar, India ac broke up in air near Alwar ...More

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