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Date or Year Service Number Crew Name Aircraft Name Aircraft Number Unit / Squadron
1946 : 6
A total of 6 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
25 Feb 46 Vengeance IV FD402 WO Henry Findley WATSON*(1567648)
Sqn Ldr William McKee BONNAR*(108613)
227 GpBilaspur, India Arrived 1200 took off at 1400 ...More
15 Mar 46 Vengeance IV FD399 225 Gp India Ac made a landing on a river b ...More
27 Apr 46 Vengeance IV FD310 WO CT Jenkins 307 MUYelahanka, India Yelahanka engine failure at 10 ...More
16 May 46 Vengeance III FB936 Not110 India pilot landed near Dhanari in p ...More
09 Jul 46 Vengeance IV FD264 22 AACU India pilot lost way and FL in bad w ...More
14 Sep 46 Vengeance IV FD382 F Sgt Royston MOORE*(1583911) 22 AACU India 10m S of Bhopal ac caught fire ...More

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