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A total of 102 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraftTail No Pilot/CrewUnit LocationRemarks
21 Oct 40 Wapiti IIA K2294 Plt Offr Rupchand(21) 6 CD Flt IAFDrigh Road, India 1s crashed at Drigh Rd, 21 Oct ...More
24 Jan 42 Blenheim IV L7582 Sgt Percy Norman KEELEY*(785003)
Sgt Alvin Messines DINGLE*(402125)
113 SqdnMingaladon, Thailand 1916-01400 Failed to return fo ...More
04 Mar 42 Blenheim Z7783 Flt Lt Sidney Francis LEE*(407177)
Sgt Kenneth William BRETT*(402123)
113 SqdnZayatkwin, Burma SD by Jap Fighters Cr L 60m E ...More
20 Mar 42 Lysander II N1256 Plt Offr Shankar Chakravarthy*(210) 4 Sqdn IAFKohat, India Taken off for Practice Flying ...More
23 Mar 42 Hurricane Z4650 Plt Offr Eric BROWN(102143) 17 SqdnAkyab, Burma baled out into sea, badly inju ...More
05 Apr 42 Hurricane II Z5385 Sgt Raymond Norman Ray THAIN*(1291218) 258 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon FTR Missing ...More
09 Apr 42 Blenheim IV V5992 Sqn Ldr Kenneth AULT*(33214)
F Sgt Stanley Dennis WHILES*(776023)
11 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon shot down by Zeros. S/Ldr K. A ...More
21 Apr 42 Lysander II P9121 Plt Offr Dharamraj Goordeen*(215) 4 Sqdn IAFKohat, India Lost Power on TO cr on approac ...More
04 May 42 Blenheim IV Z6281 Lt John Ferguson McGLASHAN(21589) 113 SqdnDum Dum, India engine cut, crashed in forced- ...More
28 May 42 Wapiti IIA K1291 Plt Offr G E Sequira(218) 5 CD Flt IAFCochin, India ran into soft ground and tippe ...More
31 May 42 Blenheim IV V6029 Lt John Ferguson McGLASHAN(21589) 113 Sqdn, India collided with Wellington BB510 ...More
06 Jun 42 Blenheim IV Z9801? Lt John Ferguson McGLASHAN*(21589) 113 SqdnAsansol, India On way to target to akyab, Plt ...More
18 Jun 42 Blenhiem IV Z7892 Sqn Ldr Clifton Watt HARPER*(42221)
Plt offr Leonard Anthony Lassetter BEAUCHAMP*(401266)
113 SqdnMyitkina, Burma Ninglaw, Burma; FTR Myitkina. ...More
23 Jun 42 Blenheim IV Z9721 Lt L J Beasley*(1021681)
Plt offr EDWARDS L C *(45719)
60 SqdnAsansol, Burma Airraft set out at 1100 hours ...More
25 Jul 42 Wapiti IIA K1290 Plt Offr G E Sequira*(218)
Plt Offr Nasir-Ud-Din*(285)
5 CD Flt IAFCochin, India Crashed in Bay of Bengal P/O N ...More
30 Aug 42 Blenheim IV Z7943 Sgt John Phillip Reginald JULIAN*(1018129)
Plt Offr John Henry THWAITS*(80219)
34 SqdnAsansol, India Crashed in river near Ruhiar v ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim IV V5938 Fg OFfr Owen Lawrence LOANE*(402514)
Sgt Thomas BELL*(402184)
113 SqdnAsansol, India lost on same raid on Akyab; BA ...More
09 Sep 42 Blenheim IV V5425 Plt Offr George Albert MOCKERIDGE*(45431)
Sgt D H BROWN*(754217)
60 SqdnAsansol, India crashed into sea off Akyab dur ...More
06 Oct 42 Hurricane F Sgt William Logan Seitz(J16219) 607 SqdnFeni, Crashed on landing due to a st ...More
24 Oct 42 Blenheim IV R3689 Plt Offr Michael DUNCAN(102140)
60 SqdnDum Dum, India tyre burst on take-off at Dum ...More
24 Nov 42 Blenheim IV Flt Lt Reginald Arthur BURROWS(106213)
34 SqdnDum Dum, India 4 aircraft went out on bombing ...More
20 Dec 42 Blenheim V BA622 Lt Noel Thomas WILKIN*(102147V)
Flt Sgt Francis James O'NEILL*(406033)
113 SqdnAgartala, India Shot down by ground fire at Ma ...More
21 Dec 42 Hurricane IIB Z5587 Plt Offr Alexander Desmond Michael NASH(102131) 258 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon Force landed at Ratmalana, Und ...More
02 Jan 43 Hurricane HV849 Plt Offr Robert Cyril FINN*(80212) 615 SqdnFeni, Burma AA Fire over Akyab Airfield. 4 ...More
19 Feb 43 Battle L5726 Plt Offr R S Shipurkar(2177) 22 AACUDrigh Road, India Crashed RAF Drigh Road ...More
08 Mar 43 Hurricane IIB BG812 Lt Cecil ROWE*(102195V) 146 SqdnAlipore, India Spun into ground at Barasat. A ...More
15 Mar 43 Hurricane HV497 Plt Offr Lam Shain MAIN*(BVAF1021) 607 SqdnChittagong, Burma Five ac led by Sqdn Ldr Mowat ...More
13 Apr 43 Blenheim IV V5445 Fg Offr Michael DUNCAN*(102140)
WO Ralph Percival WEST*(580705)
60 SqdnDohazari, Burma 1530-1730 Hours. hit by flak o ...More
02 Jul 43 Hurricane IIB WO Francis ZAYEZIERSKI(P2186) 273 SqdnChina Bay, Ceylon In the evening, a squadron bal ...More
03 Jul 43 Wapiti K1403 Plt Offr Ram Saran SHARMA*(1884)
AC1 Gordon William Charles HUTCHINGS*(1299321)
22 AACUJuhu, India Cr Bandra 4 m S of Juhu. Bandr ...More
13 Aug 43 Harvard IIB FE678 Fg Offr R D ANGUS*(BVAF1017)
Sgt Edwin John SARRA*(1385621)
ATPPoona, India Cr 16m N of Poona. Flew into h ...More
21 Aug 43 Hurricane IIC KW973 F Sgt Ronald Sydney POCOCK*(1312148) ATPPoona, India Stalled during low aerobatics ...More
22 Sep 43 Hurricane Z4487 Plt Offr R M Engineer(2120) 151 OTURisalpur, India 3 Sqdn Batch, Swung on landing ...More
29 Oct 43 Hurricane IIB BG827 WO Francis ZAYEZIERSKI*(P2186) 273 SqdnRatmalana, Ceylon Hit a tree during dummy airfie ...More
03 Nov 43 Hurricane V7318 Plt Offr Jamal Ud Din(2121) 151 OTURisalpur, India 3 Sqdn Batch Taxied into Hurri ...More
05 Dec 43 Spitfire Vc LZ939 Flt Lt Eric BROWN (102143) 136 SqdnLyons, India Ran out of fuel and crashed at ...More
19 Dec 43 Hurricane BG688 Flt Lt Alexander Desmond Michael NASH*(102131) 258 SqdnDohazari, India 1445-1620 6 ac were airborne ...More
22 Dec 43 Hurricane Z4041 Plt Offr Jitendra Narayan Punnaiah Kotamraj*(2126) 151 OTURisalpur, India Crashed and burnt out ...More
31 Dec 43 Spitfire Vc Flt Lt Eric BROWN (102143) 136 SqdnHaye, India 10.55 Squadron scrambled to in ...More
10 Jan 44 Spitfire PR.XI T MB904 Fg Offr Vance Everett CROSS(J21019) 681 SqdnChandina, India Failed to return from Magwe-To ...More
23 Jan 44 Hurricane IIC KZ424 F Sgt Harold Frederick Edwards(1215640) 11 SqdnRamu, India Crashed end of runway - due to ...More
04 Feb 44 Hurricane IIc BE291 Fg Offr M F Gracious*(2131) 6 Sqdn IAFCox Bazar, India SD by Oscars 0915 Hours. No.2 ...More
08 Feb 44 Hurricane IIC PJ751 Fg Offr Terence Prendergast(121362) 134 SqdnHay, Air Combat over Bawli Bazar Sh ...More
11 Feb 44 Spitfire VIII Fg Offr Raymond Jack CROSSFIELD(J21577) 136 SqdnRumkhapalong, India 1630 Fg Offr Crossfield when c ...More
12 Feb 44 Hurricane IIC KX939 Sgt Allan MacLaine Gibb(1121885) 11 SqdnLyons, 15:15 Hours Part of 12 aircraf ...More
15 Feb 44 Spitfire VIII Flt Lt Eric BROWN *(102143) 136 SqdnRumkhapalong, India 8 aircraft scrambled at 1040 h ...More
17 Feb 44 Vengeance II AN629 Fg Offr Victor John HILLMAN*(J20621)
W/O Thomas BARLOW*
152 OTUPeshawar, India Killed at approx 1415 after fl ...More
19 Feb 44 Vengeance II AN612 Fg Offr Keki Nadirshaw Gocal(1764)
Plt Offr P A Kapadia(2150)
7 Sqdn IAFMaharajpur, India Cr enroute to Gwalior / Lahore ...More
16 Mar 44 Spitfire VIII JF808 Fg Offr George Dunlop BROWN*(J21132) 155 SqdnBaigachi, India Missing from practice scrambl ...More
17 Mar 44 Spitfire VIII JF711 Sqn Ldr William Michael WHITAMORE*(102107) 81 SqdnBroadway, Burma Took off along with Fg Offr Pe ...More

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