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This is a database of all commonwealth airforces POWS and Evaders in the Second World War. The primary PoW data is taken from the Ross McNeill's lists. This was first compiled by Ross McNeill from the AIR20/2336 Records file held at the Public Record Office, Kew, London. The PoW names are in alphabetical order and include RAF/RAAF/RCAF/RNZAF/SAAF and Occupied Countries aircrew. Camps and names are generally correct for March/April 1944 with some entries being correct upto February 1945. The old site is still available at POW Archive.

Subsequently the data was enriched from information in AIR81 DB, CWGC DB and WO392 Rosters. Member Pete Davies contributed to this effort.

A significant amount of updates were done by comparing with data provided by Rob Davis. The Evader Data was provided by Rob

Please Note that this list is limited to the European/Med theatre of Operations and does not cover the Far East. The Far East Prisoner of War lists can be procured from COFEPOW

There are a total of 1503 Evaders records in this database. Your query returns 1503 records.

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Flt LtHenry George A'COURT (149875) EvaderMosquito ML985
1944-08-31109 Sqdn
Fg OffrLyman Carl ABBOTT (155130) EvaderHalifax BIII MZ313
1944-07-18466 Sqdn
SgtT H ADAMS () EvaderLancaster DV196
1943-08-07106 Sqdn
Flt SgtS ADAMS () EvaderLancaster I LM219
1944-07-07467 Sqdn
Fg OffrW ADAMS () EvaderLancaster PA992
1944-07-24630 Sqdn
Fg OffrP G AGUR () EvaderHalifax BIII MZ302
1944-06-28429 Sqdn
SgtStanley Robert John AINGER (1256129) EvaderHampden I AT156
1942-04-0549 Sqdn
Flt SgtL AITKEN () EvaderLancaster III ME814
1944-07-18207 Sqdn
SgtJ ALDERDICE () EvaderHalifax II DT690
1943-04-1651 Sqdn
Fg OffrMichael ALDERTON (172753) EvaderLancaster III ME805
1944-07-07207 Sqdn
SgtJ Mck ALEXANDER () EvaderLancaster DV288
1944-04-10101 Sqdn
Flt SgtWilliam George ALLEN (903697) EvaderHalifax II W7873
1943-04-1635 Sqdn
SgtF E P ALLEN () EvaderHalifax II JN974
1943-12-2078 Sqdn
Plt OffrWilliam ALLISTON (161623) EvaderHalifax BIII LV858
1944-04-1010 Sqdn
Fg OffrP AMAKA () EvaderLancaster I HK550
1944-06-15115 Sqdn
SgtEric James ANDERSON (423579) EvaderWellington III X3966
1943-09-2327 OTU
SgtKen G ANDREWS () EvaderLancaster III ME694
1944-07-2544 Sqdn
SgtJ A A A B ANGERS () EvaderWellington III X3359
1942-06-16419 Sqdn
Flt SgtD J ANNAT () EvaderLancaster III ND654
1944-07-20460 Sqdn
Fg OffrJ ARCHIBALD (42786) EvaderLancaster PB253
1944-07-28576 Sqdn
Fg OffrJ B ARMSTRONG () EvaderLancaster III ND910
1944-05-03582 Sqdn
SgtG G ARNOLD () EvaderHalifax II HR752
1943-07-15158 Sqdn
Fg OffrPeter Ernest ARNOLD (151369) EvaderLancaster III JA690
1944-07-079 Sqdn
Fg OffrR S ARNOLD () EvaderLancaster LM638
1944-07-1244 Sqdn
Fg OffrJohn Edward James ARSCOTT (131776) EvaderHalifax V LL243
1944-04-27434 Sqdn
SgtD R ARUNDEL () EvaderHalifax BIII LV790
1944-06-12158 Sqdn
Fg OffrR B ATKINSON () EvaderLancaster III JA690
1944-07-079 Sqdn
SgtA N AVERY () EvaderLancaster III ND987
1944-06-2461 Sqdn
SgtE BACKHOUSE () EvaderLancaster I HK579
1944-09-08115 Sqdn
SgtW G BAILEY () EvaderWellington HZ355
1943-06-11429 Sqdn
SgtH W BAILEY () EvaderLancaster DV308
1944-01-01101 Sqdn
SgtF C BAILEY () EvaderLancaster III ND344
1944-06-11405 Sqdn
Fg OffrG E J BAIN () EvaderLancaster III ME811
1944-06-06576 Sqdn
SgtD A BAKER () EvaderStirling I W7572
1942-08-24149 Sqdn
Plt OffrHugh Anthony Ballantine BAKER (116391) EvaderWellington X HE218
1943-05-1222 OTU
SgtG BAKER () EvaderHalifax II JD368
1943-08-2710 Sqdn
Fg OffrB C BAKER () EvaderLancaster I HK567
1944-08-0775 Sqdn
SgtA BALFOUR () EvaderLancaster PB265
1944-07-24576 Sqdn
SgtW T BANNER () EvaderHalifax LK739
1944-01-20428 Sqdn
Fg OffrRedmond T BANVILLE () EvaderLancaster I LL896
1944-07-12166 Sqdn
SgtW J BARBER () EvaderHalifax II HR779
1943-04-16158 Sqdn
CplD J BARBROOKE () EvaderBattle P2246
1940-05-14142 Sqdn
SgtP P BARCLAY () EvaderLancaster BX KB718
1944-07-04419 Sqdn
SgtF A BARKER () EvaderHalifax II R9528
1942-04-27102 Sqdn
Flt LtBrian Desmond BARKER (129452) EvaderHalifax II DT734
1943-03-0977 Sqdn
Fg OffrRichard Ronald Charles BARKER (137533) EvaderLancaster III ND680
1944-06-06106 Sqdn
SgtRarmond BARLOW (1330226) EvaderLancaster ED426
1943-10-0749 Sqdn
Sqn LdrDavid Beausire BARNARD (40352) EvaderWellington III DF550
1942-09-16142 Sqdn
Plt OffrLeonard Alfred BARNES (168998) EvaderLancaster III ND530
1944-03-15630 Sqdn
Flt SgtR BARNES () EvaderHalifax III HX320
1944-05-24158 Sqdn

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