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RAF and Commonwealth Air Forces Prisoners of War

This is a database of all commonwealth airforces POWS and Evaders in the Second World War. The primary PoW data is taken from the Ross McNeill's lists. This was first compiled by Ross McNeill from the AIR20/2336 Records file held at the Public Record Office, Kew, London. The PoW names are in alphabetical order and include RAF/RAAF/RCAF/RNZAF/SAAF and Occupied Countries aircrew. Camps and names are generally correct for March/April 1944 with some entries being correct upto February 1945. The old site is still available at POW Archive.

Subsequently the data was enriched from information in AIR81 DB, CWGC DB and WO392 Rosters. Member Pete Davies contributed to this effort.

A significant amount of updates were done by comparing with data provided by Rob Davis. The Evader Data was provided by Rob

Please Note that this list is limited to the European/Med theatre of Operations and does not cover the Far East. The Far East Prisoner of War lists can be procured from COFEPOW

There are a total of 14648 Prisoners of War records in this database. Your query returns 25 records.
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RankName, NumberDetailsDate CapturedUnitPOW NoCamp
SgtFrancis William BAUM (530379) Baltimore II AG699
1942-06-1569 Sqdn9179Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtNorman BLAIR (1052221) 0000-00-007770Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtRobert BLYTH (1020890) 0000-00-009345Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtHugh Royston CALLENDER (401722) 1942-10-068910Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtJoseph Marc Gerard CANTIN (R/55629) Wellington II Z8515
1943-07-15104 Sqdn9024Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
CplJoseph Allen CHARLTON (981256) 0000-00-0039095Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtWilliam Cecil CLARK (960839) Hurricane II Z2835
1942-01-28274 Sqdn9491Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtGeorge Alban DOWNTON (401206) 0000-00-009422Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
CplCharles William FARTHING (991574) 0000-00-009004Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtAlbert Edward GLOVER (581447) Beaufighter T4665 Crashed/Force Landed
0000-00-00272 Sqdn9361Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtAlbert Edward HALL (1388156) 0000-00-009278Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtTrevor Elwyn JONES (1251251) . Lubeck0000-00-008544Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
PrivateArmian Tibor KADAR (11931) 0000-00-00605 Sqdn4519Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtG LEATHER (745424) Wellington Ic R1388
1941-05-3138 Sqdn9437Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
AC2Alaric Reith Caygill LENNARD (931182) 0000-00-00153003Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
LACGordon LITTLER (339516) 0000-00-009441Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
CplRobert MARKS (13084934) 0000-00-009689Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
Flt SgtJohn Sidney MCORPSHAIL (414885) 0000-00-0039335Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtWilliam James MIDDLETON (968144) R4860 Ditched in Sea
a/c s/n wrong
1941-05-07139 Sqdn39Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtArthur Frederick MURRELL (1169687) Wellington Z8905 Ditched in Sea
1942-03-08162 Sqdn9436Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
LACJackie RAYNER (942187) 0000-00-009049Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtJohn ROBINSON (1100472) 0000-00-009244Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
AC2Menahem SLOR (775033) 0000-00-005361Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
AC2Alexander TARNOWSKI (774583) 0000-00-004702Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)
SgtCharles Godfrey WEIR (994579) Beaufighter T4784 Crashed/Force Landed
1941-12-0889 Sqdn9447Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton)

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