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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/1890Flying Officer W J MacRae, Flight Lieutenant E R Berrill, Sergeant C T Murphy, Corporal R Jackson, Aircraftman L Mackenzie: killed; aircraft accident, Brooklands, Wellington N3017, 9 Squadron, 8 March 1940. Note: With photographsC16471138
AIR81/2027Sergeant A E Hall: injured; aircraft accident, Axminster, Anson N5301, 9 Service Flying Training School, 22 April 1940.C16471205
AIR81/2252Flying Officer R L Culley, Pilot Officer P E Hindmarsh, Pilot Officer L Swan, Pilot Officer W Gilmore, Sergeant A G Askham, Leading Aircraftman J C Somerville, Aircraftman L M W Griffin: injured; aircraft accident, Orrisdale Head, Wellington 3012, 11 Operational Training Unit, 13 June 1940.C16471654
AIR81/2459Flight Lieutenant N M Boffee: injured; aircraft accident, Cantley near Norwich, Wellington N3013, 214 Squadron, 26 July 1940.C16471717
AIR81/2560Flying Officer D Fengler (Polish): killed; aircraft accident, Bramcote, Battle L5597, 301 Squadron, 8 August 1940.C16471727

Casualities in the CWGC Register for

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Pupil PilotCedric Alan? HINTON (103247) 301  Forum Post 1940-12-09 South AfricaJohannesburg (West Park) Crema

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RAF/RAF OR Service NumbersRFC/RAF SERVICE NUMBERS (Courtesy of Air Force Deaths site) At least until the 1950s, the service numbers of RFC and RAF personnel indicated the date and manner of joining the service. The RFC numbering system began at 1 in 1912, the initial allocations being to men who had transferred in from the Royal Engineers and subsequent ones to civilian recruits. The RNAS commenced its own numbering system when it became a separate entity in July 1914 - again commencing with 1, but prefixed by the letter F. When the RAF was formed, RFC men kept their original service numbers. However, as the RNAS numbering system had also begun at 1, all RNAS men inherited by the RAF had 200000 added to their original numbers, and the prefix F was dropped. All RNAS personnel were renumbered in 1918, including the dead. (RNAS squadrons had 200 added to their numbers). NCOs who were commissioned received new service numbers. In most cases all the numbers in a block were allocated; figures given in brackets indicate the highest numbers actually issued if the allocation was not total. NUMBERS LAST NUMBER DATE OF TO WHOM ALLOCATED USED IF BLOCK ALLOCATION NOT EXHAUSTED 1 to 515 1912 RFC: transfers and civilians 516 to 1013 1913 RFC - transfers and civilians 1014 to 2690 1914 RFC - transfers and civilians 2691 to 17400 1915 RFC - transfers and civilians 17401 to 39639 1916 RFC - civilians 39640 to 40300 Jly-Oct 1916 RFC - transfers 40301 to 45300 Jly-Aug 1916 RFC - transfers 47301 to 49300 Aug-Nov 1916 RFC - civilians 49301 to 49800 Aug-Oct 1916 RFC - transfers 49801 to 50800 Nov-Dec 1916 RFC - civilians 50801 to 51800 Oct 1916-Jan 1917 RFC - transfers 51801 to 52800 Dec 1916 RFC - civilians 52801 to 52950 52949 Dec 1916-Jan 1917 AID Examiners 52951 to 56950 Jan 1917 RFC - civilians 56951 to 57950 Jan 1917 RFC - transfers 57951 to 60950 Feb 1917 RFC - civilians 60951 to 61950 Jan-Feb 1917 RFC - transfers 61951 to 64950 Feb-Mar 1917 RFC - civilians 64951 to 65950 Feb-Mar 1917 RFC - transfers 65951 to 68950 Mar 1917 RFC - civilians 68951 to 69000 68997 Jan-May 1917 RFC - cadets 69001 to 70000 Mar-Apr 1917 RFC - civilians 70001 to 75000 Feb-Sep 1917 RFC - Canadians 75001 to 77000 Apr 1917 RFC - civilians 77001 to 77100 Jan 1917 AID Examiners 77101 to 79100 Mar-May 1917 RFC - transfers 79101 to 80100 Apr- May 1917 RFC - civilians 80101 to 80200 Apr 1917 AID Examiners 80201 to 84200 May 1917 RFC - civilians 84201 to 84400 84202 May 1917 AID Examiners 84401 to 87400 Jun-Jly 1917 RFC - civilians 87401 to 88400 Jly 1917 RFC - transfers 88401 to 90400 Jly-Aug 1917 RFC - civilians 90401 to 90600 Jly 1917 AID Examiners 90601 to 93600 Aug-Sep 1917 RFC - civilians 93601 to 94600 Sep 1917 RFC - transfers 94601 to 95600 Sep 1917 RFC - civilians 95601 to 95700 Sep 1917 AID Examiners 95701 to 98700 Sep-Oct 1917 RFC - civilians 98701 to 99700 Oct 1917 RFC - transfers 99701 to 100700 Oct-Nov 1917 R ....Read More.Resmoroh on 14th November 2007 09:30:56
Individual letters PDU and PRU Spitfires and HudsonDear all, I'm looking for individual letters of the next PDU and PRU Spitfires and Hudson: PDU N3116 P9307 P9308 P9313 P9382 P9385 P9394 PRU K9787 L1055 P9310 P9384 P9550 P9551 R6598 R6804 R6894 R6898 R6902 R6903 X4493 Hudson N7301 After having consulted various sources it appears to me however, that no individual letters were used? Hope somebody can shed a light on this. Thanks in advance and best regards, Hans Nauta ....Read More.Hans Nauta on 20th November 2007 07:06:50
Escape packetA possible identity for the second man. Flight Sergeant RICHARD GRANVILLE DOUGLAS MATHEWS 1324301 Lost his life on the 6 Sep 1942. He is listed on The RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL. CWGC list him with 51Sqn. I cannot find hin in BCL by Chorley. Regards Andy ....Read More.Andy Ingham on 6th December 2007 09:16:54
Hudson AM788 'A' of 206 SqdnHi Robert From Air Britain Serials AA-AZ, AM788 was passed from 206 to 301 FTU and then to OADU and is recorded as Damaged by fire on 25/7/43 after stalling on t/o and hitting the ground with a wing at Ras-el-Ma.It seems to be the norm for the Air Britain series that the latest date is when the a/c is written off. they do not record the dates of intermediate transfer. FTU is Ferry Training Unit and OADU Overseas Aircraft Delivery Unit Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 11th December 2007 05:14:21
Americans in the RAFRe-Christmas Quiz: 81623 was Anthony Richard Henry BARTON. Granted a commision in RAFVR GD Branch for the duration of hostilities wef 6 July 1940. London Gazette 30 July 1940. Died 4 April 1943 as a S/L with 16 OTU. He has a different service number at CWGC (30104). ....Read More.Ken MacLean on 13th December 2007 01:03:25
Americans in the RAFMany thanks for the responses, but especially to Ken for the detail on Barton. The information on Barton prompts new thoughts re Regular, RAFO & RAFVR service, but I feel they digress from the title of this thread, as the evidence points to Barton being British. He was married (note wife's middle name! Surely an 'Army brat'?) and had a home in Hendon. He seems to have had prior military experience (PME) in the UK, to be recorded on CWGC as 30104 and his home address might suggest a pre-war association with Hendon Aerodrome? ....Read More.dodo on 14th December 2007 05:53:19
Bomber crashlanding on Ouessant (Ushant)Gildas, Have done some googling, but found no bomber crash somewhere in March 1942 on Ouessant (yet). Remarkably however, JG2 lost two Bf-109s on 26 March 1942, one of which (Wnr. 7203) was shot down by own Flak. Unknown pilot could bale out. The other one (Wnr. 13015) was lost due to enemy fighters/aircraft. Pilot Uffz. Heinz Jahnke was killed. But there's one big problem: above losses were near Le Havre, quite a distance from Ouessant..... That day 24 Bostons attacked Le Havre, one of which was shot down by Flak and two others crashed back in England due to Flak damages. Regards, Leendert ....Read More.Leendert on 14th December 2007 11:36:05
Aircraft crash 9 Nov 43 - ChippenhamHi John, This is probably your aircraft. Mosquito HK401 of 301 FTU. Suffered engine failure, then loss of control, and crashed at Rawlings Farm, Cocklebury, hitting a farmhouse. I understand that FTU stands for Ferry Training Unit. I do not have the crew names, but you now have something to go on. I assume you know the location of Rawlings Farm. If not, then let me know. Doug. ....Read More.Doug Cuthbertson on 22nd December 2007 08:00:54
10 Squadron F/O BastardHi Johnnie I have been looking at my copy of a book called Mellbourn Ten this is a book about 10 Squadron you are right about W Wickson he was not a Sq Ld he was a Sgt the following are the crew listed in the book 142581 Flt Lt Bastard L Capt 1802784 F S Tunncliff Nav NZ4214480 F O Bolton A/B 175551 F O Preston R W/O 3301103 Sgt Smith C M/U 3033167 Sgt Wickson W F/E 1591228 Sgt Speight R T/G Sorry I cannot find any more info regarding ops done by this crew Regards Harold ....Read More.HALIFAX on 23rd December 2007 01:57:50
Aircraft crash 9 Nov 43 - ChippenhamJohn, If you haven't yet found it 301 FTU ORB is held in the NA under file reference AIR 29/629. Brian ....Read More.Lyffe on 24th December 2007 12:31:10
Lord Mountbatten´s planeG'day Pavel Lord Louis Mounbatten used Avro York C. Mk. I s/n MW102 as a V.I.P transport. It was built at Manchester in 1944 to Specification C.1/42 under Contract No. 2429/C4A. While its first major overhaul was being carried out, the York's camouflage paint was stripped and a new coat of duck egg-green was applied over the entire aircraft. This helped lower the temperature inside. The aircraft was lost in 1950. Here is the accident report: Corgi Model - * Notice the white wall tires!!! Cheers...Chris ....Read More.Dakota on 4th January 2008 07:40:16
Seeking confirmation of Ju.88 lossThe Forms 540 and 541 for No.419 Squadron, under the date as 7/8 June 1944, re Lancaster KB732, crew as follows: F/O W.J. Anderson, pilot (later awarded DFC), J26323 F/O W.F. Behann, navigator, F/O J.W. Steels, air bomber (later awarded DFC), R77416 WO L.F. Bailey, wireless operator; 3030143 Sergeant R.J. Udem, flight engineer (RAF), Burton (mid-upper gunner) and Mann (rear gunner). The Form 540 said, in part, "Sergeant Mann, the rear gunner of aircraft ‘X' claimed a Ju.88 as destroyed. This is the first enemy aircraft claimed as destroyed by an air gunner of a Canadian-built Lancaster." The Combat Report gave the time as 0141 hours, height 8,000 feet; no cloud below, bright moon and attack from starboard quarter. Mann fired 200 rounds at 500 yards down to 350 yards; Burton fired 100 rounds from 500 yards down to 350 yards. Narrative as follows: "After leaving the target area of Acheres on the night of 7/8 June 1944, Lancaster X KB732 of 419 Squadron, at a position of 49.43 N 0131E, flying at a height of 8,000 feet, an airspeed of 210 mph at 1014 ½ hours, was attacked by enemy aircraft, positively identified as Ju.88. "The fighter was first sighted by both rear and mid-upper gunners on the starboard quarter up at a range of 1,200 yards. Enemy aircraft was right in the centre of the moon and well silhouetted. Enemy aircraft then came up to a range of 700 yards, banked and commenced attack at great speed. At 600 yards range rear gunner gave combat maneouvre corkscrew starboard. Both gunners opened fire at 500 yards and tracer was seen to enter port wing. Enemy aircraft continued to close in. Rear gunner gave another short burst at a range of 400 yards. Enemy aircraft still pushed his attack when at a range of 350 yards both gunners gave a long burst and enemy aircraft was seen to fall on the port quarter going down with sparks falling from it, then bursting into flame, fell on the ground where it was seen to explode. All members of the crew, excepting navigator, confirm that enemy aircraft was destroyed. "Visibility was exceptionally good. Full moon, 7/10 cliud below. No visible ground aim. No flak. No searchlights." Can this "kill" be confirmed ? Can enemy unit be identified ? ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 15th January 2008 06:23:00
SOURCES? - RAF & Commonwealth aircraft losses in Hungary and Austria, 1944Gentlemen, I am most grateful for the excellent and informative responses. I had a similar posting on Ruy Horta's Allied & Russian Discussion Board, and together responses from both sites have been most complimentary. Dick and Linzee, yes, I was aware of the fact that Gunby and Temples book only extended into 1942. Hopefully part 2 will be available to us soon. Dick, the NARA source for 205 Group sounds like a very useful source. Those kind of activities I believe match well with the types of penetrations and subsequent interceptions in that region in 1944. Pzulba, the books you so kindly list sound like a potential gold mine of information, especially detailed personal accounts of the losses I am interseted. The ISBN information will be most helpful in trying to track these down; in my case probably via interlibrary loan (my interests, expertise and personal resources are focused on the Luftwaffe). For all of you, I have copied below what is known of the pilot - Lt. Herbert Ludwig's - confirmed claims during the period of interest. Dr. Theo Boiten was most generous in sharing information with me and the information sought is noted with question marks (?). However, the list does not come out too well here regarding formatting, so if requested I can PM a WORD doc to any of you that is much easier to comprehend. In closing, appreciate any further information and commentary on my request to complete this pilot's abschüsse list. Many thanks, David Abschüsse List Lt. Herbert Ludwig 5./NJ Schule 1 & 6./NJG 101 No. Date Time Unit Location Type Unit(Sqn) Code Serial Comments 1 14 Sep.42 14:15 5./NJ Schule 1 10km. S. Orel Pe-3 ? ? ? Soviet 2 15 Dec. 42 13:10 5./NJ Schule 1 30km. N. Orel B-24 ? ? ? Soviet 3 02-03 Oct.43 23:54 6./NJG 101 Crashed between Holzkirchen and Mitterdarching, 32km SSE of München Lancaster BI 460 AR-H W4301 Shot down from 5200m altitude. 4 08-09 Oct.43 01:23 6./NJG 101 10-20km SSE of Bremen Stirling ? ? ? Flugbuch states “bei Bremen”. This was not BK687 of 218 Sqn. claimed by Augenstein (shot down at 01.42 hrs). 5 03-04 Apr.44 00:08 6./NJG 101 Dunapentele-Tiborszállás, S. Budapest Wellington 37 ? LN853 6 03-04 Apr.44 00.16 6./NJG 101 Hercegfalva, SW Budapest Wellington 104 ? LN925 7 29-30 May 44 00.55 6./NJG 101 Sankt Pölten/Pacsér, Yugoslavia Wellington 142 ? LN318 8 01-02 Sep.44 22.20 6./NJG 101 NNE Budapest, in Raum Keiler Halifax ? ? ? 9 10-11 Sep.44 22:44 6./NJG 101 S. Kecskemet (QB), in Raum Keiler Halifax ? ? ? 10 10-11 Sep.44 03:10 6./NJG 101 E. Budapest (LU), in Raum Keiler Halifax ? ? ? 11 16-17 Sep.44 21:41 6./NJG 101 50-60km N. Debrecen, Hungary DB-3F ? ? ? Soviet 12 16-17 Mar.45 21:35 6./NJG 101 Crashed near Grosshabersdorf, 21km WSW from the centre of Nürnberg. Lancaster BI 166170 AS-M? PA234ME307 Uncertain as to which aircraft was the one shot down from 5000m altitude. 13 16-17 Mar.45 21:40 6./NJG 101 Nürnberg-Fischbach Lancaster BI 100 CF-Z PB117 Shot down from 5 ....Read More.David E. Brown on 15th January 2008 09:26:52
SGT H.G POPPER 101 Sqn KIA 30/8/44Morning folks, Sgt. Popper was the SDO on F/Lt William McLeod Stewart's crew. His real name was Popper. Gerhard Heilig is Austrian and unlike some other German and Austrian Jews who changed their names upon joining 101 as Specials he refused to do so. I saw him recently at 101's annual reunion in Lincoln and Ludford Magna. Stewart's daughter was also there. Joachim Herzog, a German Jew from Berlin, did change his name to "John Hereford" during his RAF service. He passed away just last month: Carin Olofsson, here in Sweden, has a webpage on Commonwealth casualties buried in southern Sweden: If memory serves me correctly P/O Pocock was flying his 2nd Dickey trip with the Stewart crew hence the nine casualties. Perhaps Greg can verify this from the 101 ORB? Dave ....Read More.alieneyes on 20th January 2008 02:29:51
October 1942Hello Bruce, 2/10 1942 Twenty-two RAF trained American Spitfire pilots from 4th FG on their first combat mission of the 8th AF, are taking part in escort of six 97th BG B-17s on a diversionary bombing mission against St.-Omer/Loguenesse Aerodrome. Claimed four FW-190s around Dunkirk, Nieuport and Calais. 15th Light BS in A-20s, attacks a ship in the Le Havre port at 1420 hours. Thirty-two 97th and 301st BG B-17s, under escort by thirty-one 1st FG P-38s and approximately 350 RAF fighters, attack Albert/Meaulte Aerodrome. Source: Air War Europa Chronology 1942-45 by Eric Hammel. 4th FG had no Spitfire losses. I will suppose the American pilots came from the disbanded RAF Eagle Squadrons. Regards Finn Buch ....Read More.Argus on 25th January 2008 05:01:31
32 OtuG'day Chaps The following might help answer some questions. It was extracted from the O.R.B.'s, crash cards and aircraft record cards. Cheers...Chris No. 32 (RAF) Operational Training Unit Known Codes: HA, HM, RD, DK, LB, OP No. 32 (RAF) Operational Training Unit was located at Patricia Bay, British Columbia and had formed at West Kirby, Cheshire, England on 7 August 1941. The OTU moved to Patricia Bay as of 22 August 1941 and became operational as of 10 December 1941. No. 32 (RAF) OTU was formed to train torpedo bombing crews. Immediately after the Pearl Harbour attack by the Japanese, the OTU was temporarily designated as No. 32 (Torpedo-Bomber) Squadron RCAF. No. 32 (RAF) OTU was part of No. 4 Training Command. The Squadron reverted back to OTU status within a very short period of time. The OTU was later reactivated as No. 32 (TB) Squadron for a short time when the Japanese invaded the Aleutians. On 10 December 1943 the OTU converted to training Dakota crews and on 25 May 1944 moved to RCAF Station Comox, British Columbia. No. 32 (RAF) OTU was part of No. 4 Training Command. No. 32 (RAF) OTU was turned over to the RCAF and redesignated as No. 6 (RCAF) Operational Training Unit on 1 June 1944. As No. 6 (RCAF) OTU they moved to RCAF Station Greenwood, Nova Scotia on 15 January 1946 and were then disbanded on 31 March of that year. Beaufort Mk. I - L9967 RD*K later OP*K, L9968 RD*L later OP*L (Swung off the runway on landing at Patricia Bay on 4 February 1942 and ran into a three foot trench. The aircraft was repaired), N1005 RD*A later OP*A also DK*R (Swung to first to port then to starboard while taxing at Patricia Bay on 31 December 1941, went off the runway into a bank of earth and collapsed the starboard landing gear damaging the starboard wing, engine and propeller. The aircraft was repaired), N1006 RD*B (Glided to a landing at sea 8 miles south-east of Patricia Bay on 16 February 1942 after the starboard engine failed. The aircraft was written off), N1007 RD*C later OP*C, N1021 RD*D later OP*D, N1026 RD*O (Nosed over and struck the water after the port engine caught fire shortly after take-off from Patricia Bay on 29 May 1942. The aircraft was destroyed), N1027 RD*P later OP*N (Was struck by taxying Hampden AN107, same Unit, while parked at Patricia Bay on 26 October 1943. The aircraft was repaired), N1029 RD*E later OP*E, N1030 RD*F later OP*F, N1045 RD*G later OP*G, N1078 RD*H later OP*H (Jumped the chocks and the propellers struck wooden trestles while on an engine run-up at Patricia Bay on 7 November 1941. The aircraft was repaired), N1107 RD*J (The starboard landing gear struck an open drainage ditch after swinging to starboard on landing at Patricia Bay on 14 January 1942. The aircraft was repaired), W6473 RD*M (Made a force landing on rough ground Rodeo, New Mexico on 27 March 1942 after the port engine failed then fell from the aircraft. The aircraft was written off), W6484 RD*N later OP ....Read More.Dakota on 4th February 2008 02:50:16
Non-operational lossesRAF personnel who died 12 December, 1940, who could (only could) be linked with Longbridge crash. BALDRY, KENNETH ALDRED, Sergeant, 741301, 12/12/1940, 23, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, United Kingdom, Sec. O. Grave 1. BURNHAM CEMETERY, BURNHAM-ON-SEA, Somerset. (AUSTRALIAN) CLATWORTHY, EDWARD ROBERT JOHN, Leading Aircraftman, 923468, 12/12/1940, 21, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, United Kingdom, OLD CLEEVE (ST. ANDREW) CHURCHYARD, near Minehead, Somerset. COLLINS, GILBERT ALAN, Sergeant, 742684, 12/12/1940, 23, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve United Kingdom, Northern half of cemetery, WEST END (ST. JAMES) CHURCH CEMETERY, Southampton. MACKENZIE, RODERICK GEORGE LYALL, Leading Aircraftman, 1104259, 12/12/1940, 17, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, United Kingdom, ULLAPOOL PARISH CHURCHYARD, Scotland. MARSTON, KENNETH JOHN, Pilot Officer, 83715, 12/12/1940, 22, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, United Kingdom, Row G. Grave 19, STIVICHALL (OR STYVECHALE) (ST. JAMES) CHURCHYARD, Coventry. (56 SQUADRON) PHILLIPS, STANLEY RICHARD, Leading Aircraftman, 1161590, 12/12/1940, Unknown, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, United Kingdom, Grave 4156, STRATFORD-ON-AVON CEMETERY, Warks. (LAC CADET) Stewart ....Read More.Stewart McLoughlin on 14th February 2008 07:04:13
Captain HNE Salmon KoAS 6/12/43Another slight query. HAROLD NIGEL EGERTON SALMON KoAS 6/12/43 while Ferrying Mitchell FW159 from Dorval (aircraft disappeared without a trace) is listed as resigning from RAF and joining ATA in Wynn's Men of Battle of Britain - But the CWGC has him in Ferrying Comand (which would actually make more sence) than ATA in light of what he was doing when he died. But I would like confirmation he was not in ATA if possible ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 26th February 2008 04:59:02
400812 - Unaccounted airmen - 12-8-1940What caused the death of following airmen, killed on active service (Flight Global), probably most of them - if not all - killed in an air raid: Cpl Arthur R.O. BARRELL - 864073 - 933 (Balloon) Sqn, buried Gosport (Ann's Hill) Cem., Hampshire (UK4826); LAC Charles H. CHILCOTT - 654152 - 930 (Balloon) Sqn, same cemetery as BARRELL; Cpl Sydney A. CROKER - 864272 - 933 Sqn, same cemetery as BARRELL; AC1 Albert E. GRANT - 861990 - 930 Sqn, same cemetery as BARRELL; AC2 Harold W. HALE - 954410 - 930 Sqn, same cemetery as BARRELL (not listed Flight archives); AC2 Ronald F. HILL - 956396 - 930 Sqn, same cemetery as BARRELL; Cpl Reginald W. HOLLISTER - 511553 - 912 (Balloon) Sqn, same cemetery as BARRELL; LAC Gerald McELREA - 548268 - 930 Sqn, same cemetery as BARRELL; AC1 Harry REED - 630523 - 930 Sqn, same cemetery as BARRELL, AC1 Alex J. SMITH - 743465 - 930 Sqn, buried Woodston Cem., Old Fletton, Huntingdonshire (UK2396), and LAC Sydney H. BELL - 342519 - not listed Flight archives, buried Lympne (St.Stephan) Churchyard, Kent (UK4011); AC1 Eric S. GINNS - 540014 - not listed Flight archives, buried Higham Ferrers Cem., Northamptonshire (UK2286); AC1 Arthur M. LANGDON - 630191 - died of wounds or injuries received on active service (Flight archives), buried Manchestern Southern Cem., Lancashire (UK717); Cpl Edward B. McCOLL - 523177 - killed on active service (Flight archives), buried Glasgow (Eastwood) Cem. (UK7492), and finally AC2 Norman H.M. SYME - 574864 - killed on active service (Flight archives), buried Highweek (All Saints) Churchyard Ext., Newton, Abbot, Devonshire (UK5686). Just one proposed aircraft loss for this day: Blenheim I - L1406 - 25 Sqn - overshot landing at night, Martlesham Heath. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 26th February 2008 11:10:53
Flt Lt Willie McCarrollYou probably have what is on the CWGC register, but if not here is the entry. Name: McCARROLL, WILLIAM Initials: W Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Flight Lieutenant Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Age: 25 Date of Death: 21/11/1943 Service No: 103019 Additional information: Son of William John and Minnie McCarroll; husband of Gwendoline Mary McCarroll, of Belfast. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 120. Memorial: RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL I can't find anything in the ORB copies that I have but someone will come in with more info. ....Read More.alclark on 27th February 2008 01:43:43
Awards, 2 June 1943The following is a list of some 320 citations which did not appear in the London Gazette but were associated with the Birthday Honours List of 2 June 1943. They include 54 AFC awards, three Bars to the AFC, 12 AFMs, nine ARRCs, 54 BEMs, six CBEs, 17 Commendations, 64 MBEs, 64 Mentions in Despatches, 41 OBEs and two awards of the RRC. While far from complete (the CBE and MiD awards are fragmentary) these may interest some readers who may get the texts from me at My public thanks to Steve Brew and Erroll Martyn who have contributed greatly to this lcompilation. ABBOTT, Harry Percy, Warrant Officer - MBE - 430602 - 3 Sqn - RAF ADAMS, Harold, SL - OBE - 430602 - Bomber Command HQ - RAFVR AFFLECK, John Robert Clark, FS - AFM - 430602 - 24 OTU - RAF AGUTTER, James Francis, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 430602 - 8 AGS - RAF ANNAN, Stewart Hutchinson, SL - MiD - 430602 - 20 OTU - RAFVR APPLETON, James Ronald, SL - AFC - 430602 - TFU Defford - RAF Can ARCHER, Ernest Leonard, SL - AFC - 430602 - 1526 BAT Flight - RAF ARMSTRONG, Rodney Irvine, FL - MiD - 430602 - 1482 Flight - RAF BADCOCK, Edgar Clifford Graham, SL - OBE - 430602 - 211 Group, Mid East - RAFVR BAKER, Francis George, Flight Sergeant - Comm - 430602 - 3 (O) AFU - RAFVR BAKER, Raymond Alfred, FS - AFM - 430602 - 15 OTU - RAF BAKER, George Robert Charles, WC - OBE - 430602 - Air Ministry - RAF BALLETT, Wm Alfred, FL - MBE - 430602 - Stn Swanton M - RAF BANNON, Patrick Mathew, Sergeant - BEM - 430602 - 3201 Servicing Echelon - RAFAux BARTLETT, Geoffrey Cecil Clements, WC - AFC - 430602 - 59 Sqn - RAF BATTY, Reginald Henry, GC - MiD - 430602 - Middle East Met - RAF BAX, Alfred Victor, WC, AFM - Comm - 430602 - AOS - RAF BENNETT, Alan Wilfred, FL - MBE - 430602 - 1 Overseas Aircraft DU - RAFVR BIRCH, Francis Leslie, FL - MBE - 430602 - Staff Pilots Training Unit - RAFVR BIRD, Dennis, Corporal - BEM - 430602 - 106 Sqn - RAF BISHOP, Herbert Frank, SL, AFC - OBE - 430602 - 2 EFTS India - RAF BLACKBURN, Joseph Carlyle, AC2 - BEM - 430602 - Luqa - RAF BLAKE, Gilbert Lawrence, SL - Comm - 430602 - Western Zoyland - RAF BLENNERHASSETT, Richard Markby, FL, AFC - Comm - 430602 - 24 Sqn - RAF BONNAR, Norman John, FO - AFC - 430602 - Benson - RAFVR BOTTOMS, Francis, FL - MBE - 430602 - Sea Rescue Mid-East - RAF BOYER, James, FL - MBE - 430602 - Bodorgan, Stn - RAF BRADSHAW, Norman William, FL - MiD - 430602 - 101 Met Unit - RAFVR BREACH, Frank Harold, FO - MBE - 430602 - 272 Sqn - RAF BRECKON, Ivan Oswald, FL - MiD - 430602 - 23 OTU - RNZAF BRERETON, William, SL, MBE - AFC - 430602 - Air Landing School India - RAF BROWNE, Jessie Katharine Annie, Acting Senior Sister - ARRC - 430602 - Henlow Hospital - RAF BROWNE, Stanley Frank, FL - MBE - 430602 - 13 Maintenance Unit - RAF BROWNING, Norman Edgar, FL - MBE - 430602 - Air Training Corps - RAFVR BUCKINGHAM, CW, FL - MBE - 430602 - 103 Sqn - RAF BUCKLEY, Ethel Maude, Acting Matron - A ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 1st March 2008 09:41:07
Pilot detailsHi, Does anyone know when the following pilots were posted in/out of 263 Squadron please. F/Sgt Robert Cahrles Beaumont, 1301714, out 15/05/44 P/O C Bell, in 28/01/42 F/L D P M Bell, 115406, out 21/05/44 Sgt S G Brannigan, in 20/01/42 Sgt C I Lawson, in 19/02/41 P/O Arthur Henry Lee-White, 121791 P/O Donald William Lintern, 60079, out 25/01/41 F/O John James Lilleystone, 128644, in 09/43 Sgt MacFagden, out 10/05/42 Sgt J Maddocks, out 08/10/41 Thank, Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 2nd March 2008 04:45:51
War Deaths Indices, Genes ReunitedHi Ann, i decided to try it out to see if it was any good. What it seems to be is a list of overseas deaths. I have tried searching at least 20 names i have for RAF casualties in this country and have come back with no results. I tried out the names of two men killed overseas and both came up! I have also tried this with Army personnel that were killed in Shropshire and get no hits (yet i get hits for soldiers buried in France) So if your casualties are in this country, don't bother with it! If your casualties are overseas then it does give training units and non operational units. For example: LAC Glyndwr Arthur Williams (412301), buried in Tel El Kibir Cemetery. CWGC gives no unit. The death indices on GR gives his unit as HQ 205 Group. Hope that helps you! Tom Ps the other thing is that £5 buys you 50 credits. This does not mean you get to view fifty records. Instead each time you view a record it eats up three credits. A bit naughty i think! ....Read More.thorne83 on 5th March 2008 01:12:58
Wellingtons "L", "N" and "R" SerialsFrom RAF Serials L1000-N9999: L4212-L4391 Mk.I L7770-L7899 Mk. IC N2735-N3019 Mk.IC Pavel ....Read More.CZ_RAF on 13th March 2008 12:50:59
Wellingtons "L", "N" and "R" SerialsSorry Ian, my mistake, now in full detail. L4212-L4391 - 175 Mk.I L7770-L7789 - 20 Mk.I and Ia (Ia from L7773) L7790-L7899 - 80 Mk. IC N2735-N2859 - 100 k. IC N2865 - N3019 - 120 Mk.Ia Pavel ....Read More.CZ_RAF on 14th March 2008 06:20:44

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