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Date of Crash  22 Aug 44 Aircraft Name  Hurricane IIC Serial Number  459
Unit  3 RFU Operating Airfield  Poona Country  India
Aircrew details
Details FL 5m E of airfield . Pilot uninjured

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/262Sergeant J W Christie, Aircraftman 2nd Class R W Bence and Flying Officer A D Panton: prisoners of war; Blenheim L9459 failed to return from a photographic survey, 11 May 1940.C14142087
AIR81/381Sergeant K Alderson and Aircraftman 1st Class R T Ainsworth: report of deaths. Flight Lieutenant G D Clancy: prisoner on war; Battle L4592 crashed north east of Sedan, France, 14 May 1940. Note: With identity discC14502268
AIR81/626Sergeant G Busby and Leading Aircraftman A W Rutland: prisoners of war. Flying Officer J E Vernon: safe; Battle L5459 force landed north of Libramont, Belgium, 27 May 1940.C14502047
AIR81/1191Pilot Officer R C Sterling: report of death. Pilot Officer E B Panter, Pilot Officer C R Barrett, Sergeant L C V Gray, Sergeant F W Brindley and Pilot Officer A W Court: uninjured; Wellington T2459 in air operations, 23 July 1940.C14503130
AIR81/1442Flying Officer D H Grice: injured; Hurricane N2459 crashed at sea, east of Harwich, Essex, 15 August 1940.C14503027

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DFC awards - unpublished citationsThis is to draw attention to a thread on the old board, best explained by my remarks which prefaced the lists that followed: "For some time I have been compiling citations for awards where no text was found in the London Gazette. This task is incomplete and on-going, but I think it time to let others see the results to date and partake of any portion they need. "The following does not include awards to RCAF personnel, Canadians enrolled in the RAF, or RAF personnel serving in RCAF squadrons (all on line at Air Force Association of Canada website). "The list is not consistent; lately I have been noting earlier awards (BEM, GM, etc) before the DFC, but this is true of only a portion of the list. "Date is date ol London Gazette (sometimes with a notation, "wef" meaning it was effective from an earlier date. "DFC = Distinguished Flying Cross, DFC* = Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross, etc. "1/2 means I have only a partial citation owing to a missing document or indistinct microfilm. "Persons interested in a text can contact me at hughhall AT allstream DOT net." The thread is ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 14th November 2007 03:30:34
Blenheim L.8386Peter Hope this will help you. This is what I have on my system as the entry for our book "RAF Bomber losses in the Middle East and Mediterranean". 12 May 1940, Blenheim I, L8386, 55 Sqn RAF, 564591. Sgt R.H. Claxton, RAF. Pilot + 562869. Sgt N.F. Smith, RAF. Obs + 538896. LAC R.J. King, RAF. WOp/AG I 524001. LAC R.C. Jobling, RAF. AG + Took off 0730, Ismailia/Moascar, Egypt, 11th May 1940. Landed at Fuka Main (LG 17), Egypt, at 1100 hrs. Took off Fuka Main (LG 17), Egypt, at 2330 hrs. On an Air Defence of Egypt Exercise. Lost the formation approximately 40 km west of Alexandria on the return flight and flew into high ground at 0220 hrs, 90 km from Ismailia on the Ismailia-Palestine Road, whilst pilot was flying low in order to locate himself, 12th May 1940. Three of the crew are buried at Ismailia, War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt (1.D.2; 2.A.2; 2.B.2). Pel ....Read More.P.H.Temple on 22nd November 2007 05:36:01
P/O H. CapstickPossibly, the IWM (via google) identifies him as West Indian and BOB. I also found this that may help to identify his background.;article=3323;title=Profiles%20of%20the%20Few Howard ....Read More.Howdie on 7th December 2007 07:05:54
Spitfire BS458 (332 Sqn, 611 Sqn, 312 Sqn, 306 Sqn?)Hi Mikkel, I suppose it is a typo. In RAF serials from Air Britain is: BS458 IX R-R/332/North ............... Weald/611/312 BS459 IX 306 ............... So I suppose 306 Sq comes from BS459 Pavel P.S. Sorry I was trying to type it aexactly as it is in book but no luck with the exaxt format ....Read More.CZ_RAF on 20th January 2008 11:25:04
Spitfire BS458 (332 Sqn, 611 Sqn, 312 Sqn, 306 Sqn?)Thanks Pavel, Just checked Morgan & Shacklady again since I have BS459 as UZ-T. I suppose you are right about the type, but my guess is then BS456. Photos of both BS456 and BS459 are features on this refence: Mikkel ....Read More.Mikkel Plannthin on 20th January 2008 12:16:10
Sgt Arthur Longstaff #31OTU-19.4.1943From: LONGSTAFF, Arnold - Sgt - RAF - 645930 from Newcastle on Tyne, England, killed in action April 19, 1943 Age 23 31 Operational Training Unit, Debert, Nova Scotia Hudson aircraft AM773 lost during a patrol. P/O J. Howard-Bangs, Sgt J.A. Gillis (RCAF) and Sgt P.M. Burns (RAAF) were also killed. Sergeant A. Longstaff is buried in Sec1, Grave 8, in the Holy Trinity Old Cemetery, Middleton. And CWGC confirms that it was Arnold, not Arthur A ....Read More.Amrit on 22nd January 2008 11:15:51
Awards, 14 June 1945With considerable help from Steve Brew, I am able to provide citations for several hundred awards published in the Birthday Honours List, 14 June 1945 as listed below. Persons interested in citations should contact me. The list is VERY INCOMPLETE with respect to AFC and comparable awards, but is fairlly complete with respect to ARRC, RRC, BEM, MBE and OBE awards. The Mentions in Despatches are far from complete; those that follow are essentially recommendations that began as BEM, MBE and OBE submissions and were down-graded to MiDs before gazetting. ABBOTT, Ronald Harris, Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 75 Mech Trans Light RU - RAFVR ACKERMAN, John Darral, FL - MBE - 4506 14 - 1 Armament Practice Camp - RNZAF ADCOCK, John Henry, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 6197 Servicing Echelon - RAFVR ALDER, Cyril Francis Ralph, Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - Kemble - RAFVR ALDER, Edward Ernest, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 44 Base Breighton - RAF ALDRIDGE, Clifford, WC - OBE - 450614 - 159 Maintenance Unit, - RAF ALLEN, Anthony Kenway, WC - MiD - 450614 - Balkan Air Force Int* - RAFVR ALLEN, Eric Vernon, Acting Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 3 Sqn IAF - RAF ALLEN, Hervey Roland, FL - MiD - 450614 - MEIU Model Sect - RAFVR ALLEN, Donald Frederick, WC - OBE - 450614 - 222 Group ACSEA - RAF ALVEY, Desmond John, GC - OBE - 450614 - 38 Group HQ - RAF AMES, Douglas, FL - AFC - 450614 - 286 Sqn - RAFVR ANDREWS, Keith Sidney, FS - BEM - 450614 - 34 Wing - RAFVR ANN, John Ernest, SL - OBE - 450614 - * Alness - RAF APPLEBY, Alexander Agnew, FO - AFC - 450614 - 1680 (T) Flight - RNZAF APPS, Ralph William, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 601 Sqn - RAFVR ARCHER, James William, FL - MBE - 450614 - 148 Sqn - RAFVR ARCHIBALD, John Carruthers, SL - MBE - 450614 - 132 Wing - RAFVR ASHFORD, Reginald Wesson, SL - MBE - 450614 - 73 MTLRU - RAFVR ASKEW, John Alfred, Sgt - BEM - 450614 - India - RAFVR ASTON, Samuel James, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 169 Sqn - RAF ATHERTON, George Rutherford Damant, FL - MBE - 450614 - 8 Sqn - RAFVR AVIS, Cyril William, Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - Burnhan Police HQ - RAFVR BADGER, Kenton Victor, Sgt - BEM - 450614 - 4854 Quarrying Flt - RAFVR BAILEY, James Alfred, Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 105 (T) OTU - RAF BAINBRIDGE, Ronald, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 901 Wing - RAF BALKWILL, Edward, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 267 Sqn - RAF BANKS, Edward Huism FL - MiD - 450614 - 31 Base - RAFVR BARRIE, Elspeth, GC - OBE - 450614 - Fighter Command HQ - WAAF BARRY, Daniel, Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 4 Field Signals Unit - RAFVR BARTON, Robert Alexander, WC, DFC - OBE - 450614 - Skeabrae - RAF BATCHELOR, John Bedwell, SL - OBE ½ - 450614 - 422 AFAP - RAFVR BATEMAN, Glen L., Lieutenant-Colonel - MiD - 450614 - AHQ Greece - SAAF BATES, Eric, FL - AFC - 450614 - 1 Parachute Training School - RAFVR BAYLIS, Sidney Albert, Acting Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 27 Sqn - RAF BAYLISS, Mary, Sergeant - BEM ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 27th January 2008 09:26:47
400723 - Unaccounted airmen - 23-7-1940Henk, From Johnston and Carter's history of 149 Sqn, 'Strong by Night': 23 Jul 40 P.O. R C Sterling Wellington T2459 Operation in troop combat area, Europe. Aircraft attacked by fighter on outward journey. Observer killed. Aircraft returned. Errol ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 7th February 2008 03:27:28
400727 - Unaccounted airman - 27-7-1940What caused the death of AC2 Roy E. WIGGINS - 922179 - death tregistered at Deben, Suffolk, buried Ardington (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, Berkshire (UK4591). Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 9th February 2008 11:32:36
Sgt. I. Taylor-Walker 356 SquadronPeter, Just a bit more...The Australian War Memorial on-line photo archive has 10 aerial shots taken during the attack. Go to the advanced search form found here: In separate "Search Term" lines, enter Bangkok and canal to get the listings, with thumbnails of 9 of the 10. None of the captions mention a crashed Liberator, though. Here's one of the captions, which provide additional background info: ID Number: P02491.107 Physical description: Black & white Summary: Bangkok, Thailand. 18 April 1945. Bombs exploding on the west end of the lock gates on the Klong Phasi Charoen canal. Lock gates on the western canal system of Thailand between twenty five and fifty five miles from Bangkok were destroyed at three points in a low level daylight air attack by Liberator bomber aircraft of No. 356 Squadron RAF, Strategic Air Force, Eastern Air Command. The attacks were carried out on the fancifully-named 'Comfortable King's Way' (Klong Damneum Sadauk) and the 'Prosperous Revenues' (Klong Phasi Charoen) canals, which were being used by the Japanese as an alternative communications route owing to the destruction of railway bridges around Bangkok by Allied bombing. The wrecking of the lock gates has left the canals navigable only at high tides and has reduced their efficiency by approximately 80%. Turned into a military waterway by the Japanese the canals were filled with small craft and power barges. These were also attacked. The two canals run from Bangkok river to Banggondi, on the Meklong River, fifty miles south west of Bangkok, and are about 100 feet wide. The attack, in which several RAAF members took part, which was carried out at deck level height was a complete success and some of the bombers went in to the attack at 100 feet. The remainder attacked at not more than 500 feet. Cheers, Matt ....Read More.Matt Poole on 11th February 2008 12:32:25
Czech Awards[QUOTE=CZ_RAF;4596]Hi Paul, there are no English records about Czechoslovak awards. I can check it in Czech sources. Pavel[/QUOTE] Thanks Pavel. I would appreciate your help again. The article in the paper, and the fact that the family have the medal ribbon bar seem to confirm that Pavel was awarded the Gallantry Medal but what for? I have not been able to have your book translated yet. Do you mention any action or operation that Pavel was involved with just before he died. You can email me on my home email address. Regards Paul ....Read More.Paul Smith on 16th February 2008 11:25:27
fiskerton lanc crashSorry, but having checked Chorley, the date of the accident was the 2nd not the 5th. And again no WAAF casualties for the 2nd, but one for the 3rd: Name: COX, ROSEMARY ELIZABETH Initials: R E Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Leading Aircraftwoman Regiment/Service: Women's Auxiliary Air Force Age: 20 Date of Death: 03/04/1945 Service No: 2145916 Additional information: Daughter of Robert Duncan and Adelaide Dorothy Cox, of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Cemetery: DUNDALK (ST. PATRICK'S) CEMETERY Flight has her as Died on Active Service A ....Read More.Amrit on 24th February 2008 01:29:07
400818 - Unaccounted airmen - 18-8-1940Following airmen may all have been killed in an air raid on their aerodrome. Looking for the place of death registration. Luftwaffe attacked Biggin Hill, Kenley (12 dead), Ford and Thorney (6 dead). LAC Thomas H. LOVETT - 238427 AC2 George H. MALIVOIRE - 1255418 AC1 Sydney T. PHILBRICK - 628255 Cpl Henry D. STARK - 563787 (probably killed on Ford) AC1 Francis H. TURRELL - 950387 AC2 Claude M. YORKE - 963688 Already on file being killed in air raid on Ford: AC1 Jack G. MOVERLEY - 547322 Already on file being killed in air raid on Kenley: F/Lt Robert S. CROMIE - 90485 AC1 Leslie B. HARRIS - 976057 - 64 Sqn LAC Thomas HOLROYD - 617220 - 615 Sqn AC1 Roy TAPNER - 904596 - 64 Sqn. Have already info on six FAA-airmen killed in air raid on Ford (HMS Peregrine). Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 3rd March 2008 01:59:24
RAF Regiment QueryHi Dick, Thanks for you reply on 4 ADU. I came across this entry whilst searching the CWGC's database for a Sgt Jack Wright (W.Op/Air Gnr), No 1314592 - Died: 9/8/43, his grave is in Malta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery and his unit is described as 4 ADU. So not sure if he was delivering much needed aircraft to Malta or was just based there on detachement as you said. Also, thanks to everyone who replied to my previous thread, sorry the thanks is a little bit late coming but my grandson is not too well and it has occupied my mind as such but again thanks to everyone. Cheers. Steve ....Read More.Taff_S on 8th March 2008 07:14:54
Bomb load for Mosquito to Berlin?From Sharp/Bowyer's classic "Mosquito". Mk.IV: max operational radius with 4000lb bomb: 535 miles Mk.XVI: ditto, 550 miles Few Mk.IXs had the ability to carry the 4000lb bomb. In 1945, Light Night Striking Force Mosquitoes flew 3,900 sorties to Berlin, dropping 4,470 tons of bombs, of which 1,459 were the 4000 pounders. Presumably the other 2,441 sorties were predominantly target markers. I have a vague memory that the range to Berlin was quoted as 550 miles, not sure from where, so (if correct) it was close to the limit of penetration for this type/weapon combination. ....Read More.Graham Boak on 14th March 2008 10:59:40
1920s Meteorological Section photoResults of a day at Kew looking at background of Lance Browning and Herbert Broughall. AIR 23/457 War Diary Jan 1923 (Iraq) [series starts Jan 1923] Change of Sdn Met Officer. Flt Lt Oxland handed this duty on 10/01/23 to Flt Lt L H Browning MC DFC who in turn handed over to Flt Lt A E Gendle OBE on the latter’s arrival on 27/01/23 General Routine Orders No 4 24/01/23 (AM posting list 235 14/12/22) From HQ Iraq Command for temporary duty with effect 20/11/22 [[corrected GRO No 7 to 18/10/22]] F/O Lance Harold Browning MC DFC AM posting list 242 29/12/22. To HQ Iraq Command on ceasing to be attached to 8 Squadron, with effect 27/11/22 F/O Lance Harold Browning MC DFC AIR 23/458 War Diary Feb 1923 (Iraq) Kirkuk Met Station opening delayed by Flt Lt Browning’s absence on special reconnaissance work. Hoped to get station working in March AIR 23/459 War Diary Mar 1923 (Iraq) General Routine Orders No 4 From 70 squadron (Iraq Command) to 55 Squadron (Iraq Command) 18/11/22 for flying duties F/O Herbert Seton Broughall MC AIR 23/460 War Diary Apl 1923 (Iraq) Met report signed by Gendle, as usual AIR 23/461 War Diary May 1923 (Iraq) Flt Lt Browning proceeded by road from Baghdad en route Cairo 07/05/23. Arrived Ramadi 09/05/23. Left Ramadi 10/05/23 and struck off strength of RAF Iraq with Effect 10/05/23 Met stations are: Hinaidi Kirkuk Mosul Ramadi Shaibah AIR 27/32 3 Squadron ORB 04/01/26 Flt Lt Lance Harold Browning MC DFC posted to this Squadron from RAF Depot 01/03/26 With P/O Mackenzie to Farnborough in co-operation with 1st AA Searchlight Battery, Blackdown and returned Upavon 05/03/26 02/05/26 General Strike With P/O McMillan and Kellett plus 20 airmen, to Cardiff, attached Welch Regimental Depot. To keep open emergency landing ground. Returned 18/05/26 13/06/26 – 19/06/26 Aldershot Torchlight Tattoo. Based at Farnborough, Returned 20/06/26 07/02/27 Part of supporting party to funeral of P/O Lewis (flying accident J7736) Senny Bridge, Swansea 10/03/27 Single Seater Fighter Race (HQ Fighting Area) 100 miles in 2 laps 1st F/O Cranswick MC J8292 2nd Flt Lt Browning MC DFC J7732 3rd P/O Kellett J7725 24/04/28 Attended conference at Tidworth with Sdn Ldr Digby Johnson re army co-operation 22/05/28 Attended an Armoured Force staff exercise at Old Sarum with Sdn Ldr Digby Johnson 02/08/27 Flt Lt Lance Harold Browning was killed at Holbeach Ranges whilst carrying out air firing as a result of the failure of a wing of his Woodcock machine. The funeral took place at Whitchurch, Herefordshire on 05/08/28 03/08/28 Instructions from HQ Fighting Area that owing to the failure of the wing of the aircraft flown by Flt Lt Browning, and other similar failures, on no account should this type of machine be flown at a speed exceeding 130mph 21/08/28 Signal from HQ Fighting Area to the effect that flying of Woodcock aircraft should cease forthwith [August and September 1928 The squadron re-equipped with Gloster ....Read More.Flakdodger on 18th March 2008 05:52:24
LAC E.E. Wheeler, 53 Sqdn, 25/06/1940, missingUnlikely if he is listed as missing Bart, the date would have been that when the Lancastria went down, 17 June 1940. AIR2/4593 and AIR35/190 both deal with the loss of the Lancastria; AIR35/190 deals specifically with RAF casualties and also contains lists of survivors. Many of those initially posted as missing turned up later - it was a very confused time. Cpl Clifford (753581) was one of four metmen missing in the immediate aftermath; the other three eventually reported to their units, but Clifford's death is recorded as the date of the sinking. His body must have been washed ashore, as he is buried in Noirmoutier-en-L'ile Communal Cemetery. Brian ....Read More.Lyffe on 19th March 2008 04:17:13
LAC Erskine, 26 Sqdn, POW? 20/05/1940Could one of these two men, listed on 'Air Force PoWs' be LAC Erskine? J. Erskine, RAF 645953, Camp L6, POW-no. 23604 (exchanged identity with Marine A Hydes Pow No.23515) R.B. Erskine, RAF 581506 , Camp L6, POW-no. 20264 LAC Erskine was Air Gunner on this plane: Type: Westland Lysander Serial number: L4773, RM-? Operation: Reconnaissance, F Lost: 20/05/1940 P/O Pennington - believed captured LAC Erskine - believed captured Took off from Lympne. Forced-landed on beach during evening reconnaissance sortie over Calais, 19.00 hrs. Sources: Peter D. Cornwell, The Battle of France, Then and Now, 2008 and Ross McNeill, Air Force PoWs 1939 to 1945 - Regards, Bart ....Read More.Bart FM Droog on 6th April 2008 06:23:32
LAC Erskine, 26 Sqdn, POW? 20/05/1940"J. Erskine, RAF 645953, Camp L6, POW-no. 23604 (exchanged identity with Marine A Hydes Pow No.23515)" Sergeant Hampden AE265 144 Squadron 25/8/1941 From: Footprints On The Sands of Time The other isn't in the book for Bomber Command POWs A ....Read More.Amrit on 6th April 2008 06:34:22
Cpl G.E. Catmore, 564599, 57 Sqdn, 27/03/1940, FranceWhat caused the death of: Corporal George E. Catmore, RAF 564599, 57 Sqdn., age 25, 27/03/1940, Rennes Eastern Communal Cemetery, France Regards, Bart ....Read More.Bart FM Droog on 16th April 2008 10:02:16
Heart Hill, Tebay gorge?Hello Graham, Could it be this vaguely heart shaped wood, on Fairmile Road, to the south of Tebay?,1.680908&sspn=12.247015,29.882813&ie=UTF8&ll=54.3968,-2.589726&spn=0.005784,0.014591&t=h&z=16 Regards, Bart ....Read More.Bart FM Droog on 27th April 2008 07:58:25
26 EFTS ThealeDifficult...difficult For 19-5-1942 have unaccounted and no match Flight archives: AC1 Stuart J. GUTHRIE - 1236429 - age 41 ACW1 Freda M.A. ROBINSON - 2022625 F/Sgt Joseph SIMPSON - 844669 - age 41 (Aux AF) Sgt Leslie J. WHITTAKER - 534551 - age 35 AC1 Lawrence I. WOODFORD - 1459726 - age 32 - 150 Sqn (Snaith, Yorkshire) DE261 was "25" EFTS lost "23"-5-1944. (DBR in accident-NFD) For "22"-5-1944 however have FOURTEEN casualties of 5003 Airfield Construction Squadron; also an AC1 of 2847 Sqn. Don't know where these units were based then. Up to you ! Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 28th April 2008 11:49:18
26 EFTS ThealeHenk, Here is an extract from Turvey Bedfordshire memorial site, which accounts for your 14 casualties on the 22 May 1944. Leading Aircraftman, 1196674, 5003 Airfield Sqdn, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve who died on Monday, 22nd May 1944. Age 36. Husband of Lillie Truphet (nee Woolston), of Turvey. Buried in All Saints Cemetery, Turvey. Grave 720A. 1196674 Aircraftsman George Jennings Truphet, aged 36, was serving with the 5003 Airfield Construction Squadron when he died and the Operations Record Book (ORB) for this unit, now held at the Public Records Office at Kew, gives the following details for that day: "RAF Ashford, (Kent). Bomb Damage: On the night of 21-22 May 1944, at 0035 hours (12.35am), a 1,000lb HE bomb was dropped on the tented site, accommodating the reserve flights, M&E, MT, and Plant flights. Total casualties were 30, 14 proving fatal. 26 tents were damaged beyond repair, and a further 14 rendered unserviceable. The camp field kitchens were demolished and 2 water bowsers and 2 items of MT were damaged. Primary Conclusions: The vital necessity of a medical orderly and first aid staff complete with medical supplies, stretchers etc. on each site not covered by, or within reach of RAF Station or USAAF Station medical facilities." 2847 Squadron was an RAF Regiment light AA unit. Put the casualties name up and we can trace it from there. AC1 Stuart J. GUTHRIE - 1236429 - age 41 Bridgend ACW1 Freda M.A. ROBINSON – 2022625 Bucklow, Cheshire (South Manchester area, includes Ringway) F/Sgt Joseph SIMPSON - 844669 - age 41 (Aux AF) Oxford, perhaps Hector K9747 at Kidlington. Sgt Leslie J. WHITTAKER - 534551 - age 35 Darlington, Co Durham AC1 Lawrence I. WOODFORD - 1459726 - age 32 - 150 Sqn (Snaith, Yorkshire York Regards Davew ....Read More.davew on 28th April 2008 12:44:32
Sgt. G L H Steede RAFVRI would suggest Oxford AP459 which USL at Fulbeck on this date. Fulbeck is within Grantham's registration district. regards DaveW ....Read More.davew on 2nd May 2008 11:23:14
401207 - Unaccounted airman - 7-12-1940Henk, Babdown Farm (in deepest, darkest, Gloucestershire!!) was an Advanced Flying Unit within 23 Group (South Cerney), Flying Training Command. It was 14 miles south of Gloucester! UK OS NGR ST 845936. Or 51. 38.5 N, 02. 13.5 W. The natives in them parts have to be treated with some care! Henk, you will soon know more about UK airfield geography than many Brits!!!! Yrs Aye Peter Davies ....Read More.Resmoroh on 21st May 2008 11:17:13

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